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hey! i just discovered your blog and found out that you really don't like lucas or peyton (neither do i) and i wanted to know your reasons for not liking them (i wanted to see if they were the same as mine :))

I feel like when you asked this you maybe didn’t know that questions like these are things that I feel I have spent my whole life preparing to answer.  I hope you are prepared for a somewhat in depth explanation of my feelings on the subject. Also, there will be spoilers for late seasons so that’s my “spoiler” warning.

First of all, let me start by saying that I don’t always hate Peyton.  And by that I mean that there are a few moments that I don’t hate her, but I’m not here to talk about those.  I think my #1 reason for absolutely hating Peyton is that she broke Jake’s heart and, honestly, I will NEVER forgive her for that.  Mark Schwann even said that Jake and Peyton would have been perfectly happy together, but no she had to be with Lucas. Honestly, Peyton.  Jake is 100x better than Lucas and he has proven that he is responsible and committed.  Fuck you for breaking his heart.  Then, we can talk about how she was consistently a terrible friend to Brooke. I will admit that Peyton did like Lucas first and yes, maybe Brooke shouldn’t have gone after him before Peyton had a chance to.  But if I’m going to argue that point, I also need to bring up the fact that Peyton never said flat out to Brooke that she was in to Lucas.  Peyton was too busy being all wannabe loner I’m going to hide my feelings for this boy and hope my friend notices and maybe if I’m lucky he will like me back too.  Which he did.  But we will get to that a bit later.  Then Brooke starts dating this boy, and Peyton goes after him anyway.  Now that would be bad enough by itself, but NO.  She does this again.  Multiple times.  How could you fuck over your best friend like that consistently?  Remember that time you both burned the letter together because fuck boys we shouldn’t let a boy come between our friendship?  Remember, “He was on the door Peyton, he was on the damn door under me.”  Maybe treat your best friend with a little more respect?  Especially because Brooke deserves the world but she chose to have you and that boy in her life when she could have done SO MUCH BETTER.  THEN, you finally get the boy of your dreams, with the baby your best friend will probably never have.  Remember the time she said, and I quote, “You are going to have a huge role in this baby’s life.” Except the minute she gets home with the baby, her and her now-husband ride off into the sunset with said baby never to be heard from again.  Does Sawyer even know the girl she was named after (middle name, but still)?  Does Sawyer have a relationship with her Aunt Brooke like Jamie does? NO.  You literally just got the guy and the baby and fucking left.  Brooke CAME BACK TO TREE HILL FOR YOU AND YOU JUST LEFT WHEN YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED?  Selfish bitch.  AND THEN YOU DON’T EVEN COME BACK FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING? WHAT THE FUCK PEYTON?  People always go on and on about Peyton and Brooke’s friendship, but honestly?  Haley proved to be a MUCH better best friend to Brooke than Peyton ever was.

Lucas time.  Oh Lucas.  Before I get into the good stuff, let me just say that I think the way he treated Haley in the beginning was awful.  I mean, I know the guy your best friend is into is currently treating you like crap, but get over it.  She’s doing this for you and she doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap.  I mean, when she got the tattoo, it was long past the time he was allowed to hold a grudge.  Get over it already and just accept that your best friend found a man that is a thousand times better than you and stop being jealous and just be a good friend.  Now… The thing with Lucas is that he literally just cannot make up his fucking mind and decides to destroy a friendship in the process.  I mean, who does that?  Selfish assholes that’s who.  He knows he wants to be with Peyton.  You know he knows that.  He knows that the whole time.  When he’s with Brooke.  When he’s with Lindsey.  Youkeep going back to Peyton so why the fuck aren’t you just with fucking Peyton? Why do you have to hurt other people in the process?  He gives Brooke all these speeches.  “You’re the girl for me Brooke Davis.”  “The difference is I love you, Brooke.  I wanna be with you, not Peyton.”  blah blah blah.  And then when Peyton asks him who he wants standing next to him when all his dreams come true, he says Brooke.  But he knows its Peyton.  And then when the moment comes, who does he go to? Oh, that’s right, Peyton.  Don’t worry about Brooke though.  She doesn’t care that you just fucked her over again.  Helped destroy her friendship with her “best friend” and then just leave her for her best friend.  I repeat, selfish asshole.  Okay, so then he proposes to Peyton when they’re 19, and gets all offended when she doesn’t say yes.  NEWSFLASH LUCAS:  You’re not Nathan and Peyton is not Haley.  There is only one Naley on this show and you certainly are not it. So he moves on and gets together with his editor and then starts fucking around with Peyton some more.  Like that time he said to her, “He’s not good enough for you.”  Excuse the fuck out of me Lucas, but who the fuck do you think you are?  What gives you the right to say that?  AND HE PROPOSED TO LINDSEY WITH KEITH’S RING! Does he not understand the meaning of that ring?  That was Peyton’s ring and he’s lucky as hell that she still wanted it in the end. Okay, and THEN he writes The Comet while he’s with Lindsey as if it’s just some book about a comet when he knows The Comet is about Peyton because she drives a comet and seriously Lucas are you still trying to pretend that you don’t want to be with Peyton.  Lucas literally spent 5 seasons playing the longest, most destructive, and most painful game of “hard-to-get” that I have EVER witnessed.  Finally, let’s not forget that he leaves with Peyton and his baby. As if he doesn’t have a nephew/godson looking up to him.  As if he doesn’t have a “best friend” (*cough*Haley*cough*) he’s leaving behind. He, too, just drives off into the sunset with his now-wife and his baby and forgets about everyone.  Where was he when Haley was going through her depression? Why weren’t you at Brooke’s wedding? Why did you disappear, and then, when Nathan gets kidnapped, you show up in an airport (with awful hair to match your awful insides), take the kids, and run.  At this point even Chris Keller is a better friend to Haley than you are.  (side note: in case you didn’t know, I love Chris Keller)

In conclusion:

  1. Brooke deserved better, and got it with Haley and Julian.
  2. Haley deserved better, and got it with Nathan and Brooke.
  3. Even Nathan deserved better, and got it with Clay and Julian.
  4. Jamie is lucky to have Uncle Skillz and Mouth and Aunt Brooke.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the world of Tree Hill without Lucas and Peyton.
  6. The selfish asshole and the selfish bitch were fucking perfect for each other.

Moving on to my favorite female character of the show…

Brooke Davis.

Sorry, Brooke Penelope Davis.

Now, since the show was created by a slimeball, Brooke’s sex life is seen as a joke and people treat her like a slut, but honestly I look at her and I see a girl that’s not ashamed of her sex life. And that’s amazing. It also doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want a serious relationship. She fights like hell for Lucas (even when she shouldn’t but we’ll get to that later) and treats him amazingly.

She’s a sister to Peyton and loves her so much. To the level where I used to wonder if they would’ve ended up together had this not been the WB/CW. (And that would’ve been beautiful.)

Like Nathan, she has awesome character development because she becomes a better friend, with people she never imagined. Mouth and Haley become her best friends. 

Just because Brooke is beautiful, doesn’t mean she’ll put up with being treated like crap. Every time Lucas does, it’s over between them. She breaks up with him because she actually stops missing him and that’s one of the most powerful scenes of the show. (I also can’t imagine how hard it was for Sophia to film, considering her and Chad had just divorced.)

Brooke goes on to build a fashion empire with the help of her mom. Oh and just because she does, doesn’t mean she adheres to the Abrocrombie and Fitches of the world.

 She decides to become a single mom by choice and is willing to adopt any child. She doesn’t want anyone to feel how she did. During this time, she’s an amazing friend to Peyton, Lucas, Haley and Nathan. She cares for two children that come into her life despite having no biological tie to them and she wants to adopt them.

When she thinks Julian is portraying her as some floozie in the movie, she gets pissed. Because she isn’t the same girl that she was before. She’s an amazing friend, role model and business woman. Brooke Davis doesn’t need a man to define her life.

It doesn’t mean that she won’t find one, though.

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Oh, and not only does she get the boy, she gets two other little ones that she loves more than life itself.

Brooke is an amazing character that knows how to stand up for herself and has overcome so much…

And come out of all of it, smiling and a survivor.

(P.S: Her actress is also an amazing activist and brings new meaning to this scene, because it’s not just Brooke Davis that changed the world, it was Sophia Bush.)

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oooo please share your thoughts on lucas! it's been like literally almost ten years since i watched oth religiously. like at one point it was my fave show but then it get weird(er?) and that's when i stopped. so all my opinions of oth are from when i was like 16-17 and i liked lucas then but i have a feeling, were i able to stomach a rewatch, i would not feel the same at all lmao. i recently rewatched dawson's creek and that show is not as out there and, imo, still mostly holds up.

my hatred for lucas has been a thing of recent years now that i’m no longer a teenager and now that i no longer think that chad michael murray is good looking lmaoo, i have opened my eyes. however basically my annoyance with him stems from a few things which i’ll list as best i can. 

first of all his annoying butting in when haley and nathan started to date. that entire line about how she was “ this original, and totally unique haley and how she was morphing into one of ‘ them ‘ “ like what them? YOU DATED TWO CHEERLEADERS AND HALEY’S LINE IS FOREVER ICONIC LIKE CHOKE ON IT YOU EMO NERD. also did lucas not almost kill himself to join the freaking basketball team? like he’s such a hypocrite, there was nothing wrong with haley deciding she wanted to spend time with her boyfriend, who she was falling in love with. nor was there anything wrong with haley trying new things and experiencing something different and it’s also like she was a sub in a cheer meet, chill out pasty wonder bread it’s not the end of the world. 

second he led two girls on all throughout high school, hopping back and forth between peyton and brooke like he changed his underwear. he had no respect for either of them? like i know people like to go off about how awful he was to brooke but he was just as awful to peyton as well lmao. if he really did see himself with no one but her, what were all those times he was like brooke is the one, i love brooke, i see brooke. like idK don’t get me wrong l3yton had their nice moments and some of them are iconic but like he was a trash can? he honestly deserved to die alone. 

the fact that the fandom still pins the girls against each other, instead of focusing their rage on the emo white dude who reads books and thinks quoting obscure literary things… is hip. LIKE STFU, he was actually the ‘ bad scott brother ‘ people love to throw nathan’s bs in his face all the time, but that was YEARS before he met haley? like nathan actually developed and actually became a stand up guy and a good father? lucas stayed the fucking same. i mean just look at the whole lindsay fiasco and how that went down. he led yet another woman on because why? because peyton rejected him again like grow up you whiny ass loser. 

everything in his rl’s were always about what he wanted, when he wanted it and how. like his only saving grace is his friendship with haley but even THEN… he messed up there too. 

i just idk he’s overrated in my opinion, and fandom doesn’t hold him accountable for his bs… whatsoever.

RULES: Choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions, then tag 10 people you want to know better. I was tagged by @henryclervals thanks love!!!

three fandoms:

  • asoiaf
  • pretty little liars
  • one tree hill

this is sad how long it took for me to come up with 3 whole choices. i have no fandoms these days.

the first character you loved:

  • arya stark crawled into my heart with a single “i have to go shoe a horse” and she’s still my best girl
  • probably aria montgomery tbh. i was young when i first started watching but i distinctly remember her being my fave. oh how times have changed.
  • haley james scott was my #1 from the jump and that hasn’t changed

the character you never expected to love this much:

  • daenerys targaryen. i did not see that one coming tbh. i felt bad for her in the beginning and then i just didn’t connect to her at all on the first read. and then probably on my third reread (after seeing a bunch of posts on this hellsite trashing her) she jumped way up on the list and made it to my top 5 asoiaf characters tbh.
  • well i did not like alison dilaurentis at first and now she’s one of my faves. she was a well crafted anti-villain with the potential for a great redemption. and the show kind of ruined her after bringing her back because the writers idea of a redemption arc was declawing her and then making us feel really, really bad for her. but i still saw shades of the ali i love in her, so she remains a fave.
  • nathan scott. remember when he was a douchenozzle in a toxic, unhealthy relationship with peyton and when he like … outright bullied kidnapped lucas. and then he developed and grew to be the best man on the show, the most supportive husband, an amazing father and a good friend. character development was nothing but a friend to him.

the character you most relate to: 

  • i only barely relate to most asoiaf characters. i see shades of myself in arya and sansa and jon. maybe i’d go with jon snow, the broody, meloncholy bastard. the #1 arya stark stan who would literally die for her. that sums me up pretty well.
  • splice spencer hastings and toby cavanaugh together and there. you have me. those my people. 
  • peyton sawyer tbh. which is why i have a weird love/hate relationship with her. we just have so much in common in terms of personality.

the character you would slap:

  • tyrion already killed tywin lannister for me. so my slaps would go to ramsay bolton
  • ezra fitz. ezra fitz. then ezra fitz again.
  • dan scott and his ugly son lucas

three favourite characters in order of preference:

  • arya stark, jon snow, sansa stark* (sometimes it’s dany, they alternate)
  • spencer hastings, alison dilaurentis, hanna marin
  • haley james scott = brooke davis > nathan scott

a character you liked at first but don’t anymore:

  • i truly can’t think of any. my hates haven’t changed. maybe the shine of jaime lannister has dulled upon further rereads but i still like him.
  • believe it or not i used to like ezra when i first watched. yikes
  • lucas scott was the ross geller of tree hill he only had moments of likeability

three otps:

  • jon/arya, jaime/cersei, sansa/sandor (less in terms of romance and more in terms of “these dynamics intrigue me the most.” i don’t actually have any “i really want them to end up together” ships in asoiaf)
  • emily/alison, spencer/toby, my spencer/alison/mona crackship
  • nathan/haley, brooke/peyton, brooke/rachel (other than naley im not actually into canon oth shipping)

im tagging: @insomniarama, @gendrie, @draganchitsa, @sulietsexual, @responsibleforthiswaterbottle, @lesbianelsas, @nocakesformissedith@jonbernhthal, @iriswestallenhuh, @ultimatemj

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: it really bothers me the way peyton is demonized in the beginning of season 5 of one tree hill because of lucas' proposal. like especially by lucas, all because she said she wasn't ready to marry him yet but that someday she wanted to marry him but lucas got mad & took that as a no??? like they were clearly young and she hadn't established her life & career so it made sense why she wouldn't be ready to marry him yet and lucas got pissy and blamed her for it and so did haley to a degree and that's not fair to her. she clearly stated when he proposed that she did love but now was not the time for her and for her to be so harshly criticized and told that she messed up by turning him down is bad writing and a disservice to the show.

Ships that make me wanna kill myself

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rewatching oth with my mom and the older i get the more i hate luc@s scott and realize brooke and peyton deserved better 

he was a mediocre boyfriend. he did the bare minimun as a boyfriend and i will never get why tthey fought so hard for him 

nathan i get. he was always good to haley (yes he was mean after she left but tbh he was still nice at times through that) 

lucas was always a dick. 

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“@justwannakeepcallinyourname replied to your post “guildedparadox: …”

1. its not like the dates are posted clearly on anyones posts 2. ive never been to your blog, I saw the original on my dash and scrolled through the replies, saw yours, was appalled, and replied. 3. if you hate lucas you weren’t really watch oth. every character on the show has depth and was important. dedicated tree hill fans know that.

lucas scott:

  • cheated on both brooke and lindsey
  • proposed to someone with a ring meant for someone else wtf
  • i mean he literally walked all over brooke and treated her like shit then complained about it but whatever
  • manipulative
  • selfish
  • truly believes he’s in love with a new girl every week and whines about it by using dead pretentious poet quotes
  • the KING of saying deep dramatic bullshit then just walking off
  • led lindsey on until her wedding day wtf??
  • never owns up to what he did wrong
  • was a dick to haley because she was ‘changing’ or whatever pls grow up
  • he’s that typical ‘im a nice guy!!’ person who pretends to have such a good heart but his actions never match that up tbh
  • and GOD when peyton rejects his proposal that first time cos she’s only 19 and she wants to LIVE he just fucks off and whines about it again and he goes to BROOKE and tries to drag her back in 

Sorry im not done Why the fuck she so fucking dramatic all the time with her painting and her people always leave and fucking emotive shit. She’s like “Im above the drama” but she is the fucking drama she’s a terrible friend and I hate her so so so much. like now I remember why i stopped watching this show i can’t stand her or lucas what season do they leave can i fucking last that long like jfc

I will never understand why people don’t believe wholeheartedly that Leyton were always endgame.

I’m sorry, but Brooke was never meant for Lucas. Hell, Lucas didn’t even LIKE Brooke in the beginning. He had a crush on Peyton for YEARS before they even met. “Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott, that was like 8th grade.” “You know, I used to watch you.” Lucas ALWAYS had his eye on Peyton. And he STILL had a thing for Peyton when he met Brooke, or rather, when Brooke hid in the backseat minus her clothes because she wanted to sleep with Lucas. Brooke’s intentions starting out were never pure. Her only goal was to sleep with Lucas because he was hot and on the basketball team. But Peyton….. it wasn’t about looks or popularity to her.

Peyton found her inspiration in Lucas. When she thought she wasn’t good enough, that her art wasn’t good enough, he was there to let her know that she was, and that her art matters. And Peyton helped Lucas without saying a word. “Your art matters, it’s what got me here.”

Everything between the moment she almost hit him with her car and the moment she became Peyton Sawyer Scott happened because they both were afraid of their feelings. The only reason Lucas was with Brooke or even Lindsey is because the timing was always off with Peyton. They both wanted different things at different times. They both were afraid of being hurt. But there’s a reason that he was always saving Peyton. There’s a reason why Brooke was always insecure in their relationship when it came to Peyton. There’s a reason why Lindsey left Lucas. It’s because of Peyton. It’s because Lucas always loved Peyton. And everyone knew it. He knew it. She knew it. It was just a matter of admitting it and taking action. “The boy I love protected the girl I love and it’s the girl he loves too.”

Lucas and Peyton understood each other more than anyone else ever did. Brooke never understood Peyton on a deeper level. Peyton was into art and music with a meaning and finding a purpose and all Brooke cared about was boys and popularity, in the first few seasons at least. But Lucas understood. Lucas was also searching for a purpose. And he found it. It was Peyton.

I guess I’m partial to Leyton because I relate to Peyton in so many ways and I’ve lived my own version of Leyton’s story, aka lonely girl meets big shot basketball player. But their story is so special and it inspires me every day.

“I’m gonna love you forever, Lucas Scott.”

I’m so glad they got their happy ending.

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I want fifty ok. my precious little Brooke. I’m honestly so bitter stILL. I mean, like you said, she got the happy ending BUT FUCK LUCAS AND PEYTON FOR TREATING HER LIKE GARBAGE. I love Isaac sfm he my lil wee bab but hi !!!! I’m Megan !!!!


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I completely agree with you, Lucas was huge dick most of the time.

As a son, friend, brother, uncle. Lucas was great. But he was shit at relationships. Peyton, Brooke, Anna, Lindsay. They all deserved better, which is why I was more than happy to see him go. 

Not because I didn’t love Peyton, but because I was sick of Lucas.