To all the men on tumblr

If your girlfriend tells you that you’re inherently misogynistic, she is not good for you.

If your girlfriend makes you insecure of your appearance, she is not good for you.

If your girlfriend hits you or slaps you out of anger, she is not good for you.

If your girlfriend makes you feel like you are beneath her, she is not good for you.

If your girlfriend pressures you to perform sex acts even tho you tell her you don’t want to, she is not good for you.

If your girlfriend make sexist jokes about men but takes offense to jokes about women, she is a hypocrite. She is not good for you.

If your girlfriend makes you afraid of making her mad, she is not good for you.

This has been a PSA. Girls you are worth it but men are worth it too.

the absence of a gay character in a work of fiction is not homophobic. the absence of a non-white character is not racist. the absence of a transgender character is not transphobic. the absence of a disabled character is not ableist. the absence of a female character is not sexist.

the absence of a character belonging to a minority group in a text does not make said text inherently opposed to a minority group.

a text is homophobic if it promotes violence towards homosexual people. a text is racist if it promotes violence towards people of the same race. a text is transphobic if it promotes violence towards transgender people. a text is ableist if it promotes violence towards disabled people. a text is sexist if it promotes violence towards people of the same gender.

A few problems that need to be looked at.
  • The suicide rate of men being roughly 6 times higher than women.
  • The drop out rate in schools and education being significantly higher for men than for women.
  • Men not being able to see their own children due to biased custody courts being against them.
  • Men accounting for over 75 percent of the homeless populations yet still having far fewer shelters for them compared to women and children.
  • Men receiving longer prison sentences for committing the same crime as a women, in addition to court biases against men.
  • Prostate cancer receiving 1/5 of the funding breast cancer receives, despite affecting men at a similar rate and killing many more.
  • Male victims of domestic violence, abuse, rape and sexual assault not being taken seriously due to societal bias and feminist bias against them.

Unpopular Opinions

• There are only 2 genders - Male and Female

• Pansexuality is just a fancier name for Bisexuality. Even if you believe that there are more than two genders, there are only two sexes. Bisexuality is the attraction to both the sexes.

• You need dysphoria to be transgender. Being trans is not a choice. It’s a very difficult thing to deal with and by saying it’s a choice you are demeaning the struggles that actual trans people face.

• The Fat Acceptance / Health at Every Size movement is bullshit. It’s absolutely okay to be fat. It’s absolutely not okay to spread misinformation that being fat is healthy or that losing weight is impossible.

• The feminist movement is more of a leftist movement than a movement for women right now.

• Reverse racism isn’t a thing because it’s just called racism. If you dislike or are prejudiced against a person simply due to their skin tone, that’s being racist.

• MOGAI identities and neopronouns are not only silly, they are genuinely harmful to the LGBT community.

• Your race, gender and sexuality are only a minor part of you. They do not make you special. They are not your personality.

• Men face struggles too. Men are more likely to be victims of violent assault and almost never win child custody battles. There are hardly any male only centres for victims of sexual assault. Men do get sexually assaulted a significant amount more than people consider as the definition rape only includes penetration, skewing the statistics. Forced oral sex and the like is not counted, which is why male rape statistics seem so low at first glance.

• Women are not inherently goddesses. Men are not inherently evil.

• There is nothing wrong with being cis, white and male. Not being these things also doesn’t make you a better person.

• Words only have the power you assign to them. It’s silly to be afraid of them, irrespective of their usage in the past. All words have a history. By being afraid of them, you only give them more power and continue to dwell in the past.

• It’s absolutely okay to eat the food of and wear the clothes of other cultures as a means to immerse yourself and learn more. Segregation does no good, it never has.

• Your mental illness doesn’t cure you of your sins. It’s not a get out of jail free card if you were present, aware and in control of what you were doing.

• Your political leaning does not automatically make you a good/bad person. Your actions do.