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Screw TVD! Check Out A Real Vampire Show! From Dusk Till Dawn.

For all of those who hate TVD, and those who were pissed off at the shitshow called a finale, and those who were tired of watching characters get mistreated constantly (Bonnie, Stefan, Tyler, and even Enzo (he had such great potential)) go on Netflix and/or, and check out a real vampire show called “From Dusk Till Dawn.”

They have 2 badass very sexy handsome brothers that are truly ride or die for each other:

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Seriously, ya’ll can keep gawking at Ian Somerhalder who’s not even that handsome he looks like a creep. Ya’ll don’t know what ya’ll missing out on with this sexy beast.

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Look at the sad puppy. :(

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They have the true myth, legend, the baddest bitch of them all Kisa/Santanico Pandemonium:

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I’m so gay for her.

They have a true compassionate, caring person who’s selfless and it is shown not said (I’m talking about you Elena “You’re compassion is a gift” bullshit ass crybaby Gilbert):

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And she cares about her brother (Not that I can say the same for you Elena):

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Speaking of you have her badass handsome brother who’s not a major crybaby, and did I mention he kicks ass!:

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Jeremy Gilbert did deserve better, but…he annoyed the shit out of me.

They have a cool, awesome, diabolical, actually funny, sexy villain:

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Si papi ;)

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They have intimidating, scary, and cool villains:

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At least they kept the villains as villains, and didn’t give them cheesy ass sob stories to make us sympathize with them. 

They have a badass hunter called “The Peacekeeper”:

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Take that Alaric.

Not to mention they did an awesome Hell storyline that was actually done right,(And you got a chance to learn about the whole “end of the world” prediction in another culture) and we had a badass awesome demon that will truly bring Hell on Earth:

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So Cade, Sybil, and Seline can all kiss Amaru’s ass and bow down to her the true Queen of Hell because she was da bomb!

Last but not least, the Culbera’s (basically Mexican vampires) can kick the “vampires” (if that’s what they are anymore. I mean seriously the show doesn’t even treat them like vampires anymore they treat them like people who happen to drink blood. They literally stop acting like vampires!) from Vampire Diaries ass any fucking day of the week:

Oh, and by the way….

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I had to do it. But seriously guys check this show out you won’t be disappointed. This show is amazing and has kickass vampires (well culberas), and has awesome characters and villains that are not hyped up just so they can be a let down. Check it out!

Let me tell you a little story...

once upon a time there lived a prince named Damon and a princess named Elena

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they were in love and cared about each other very much

and brought each other nothing but happiness

they also cared about each other’s families and friends very much

and they never, ever abused each other

damon and elena lived happily for the rest of their days

Delena is Cliche.

Warning: This is Anti-Delena. Don’t say I didn’t warn you so leave

I’ve noticed that Delena stans called Stelena “cliche”, and honestly I laugh. Yes they have their cliche moments, but are they cliche overall? Hell no! Delena is just full of cliches and if you wanna know how here’s why…

Good Girl Falls For Bad Boy:

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Elena Gilbert described as “compassionate, caring, empathetic, kind, intelligent, beautiful, friendly”. She’s the star student and is the most selfless person ever (note the sarcasm)

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Damon Salvatore described as “a sociopath, narcissist, vicious, and remorseless” ladies man

Through Elena’s good grace and purity she changes Damon into a “better” man, and they fall in love. (Again note the sarcasm) Yeah, so that’s one cliche but boy oh boy are we just getting started.

Over dramatic Love Declarations (Which are just empty words with no meaning behind them, they’re only said to be dramatic):

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Christ how many do they have?!

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They’re like those romantic comedy cliches. I mean do I have to pull out the receipts:

Even those romantic comedies are more heartwarming and sweet than Dullena is.

Over The Top Cliche Sex Scenes:

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Ripping their clothes off ✔️

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Check out this website ( and look at #1-3 which talks about cliche sex scenes. Delena fits them perfectly. (God it was hard to look at these)

Side note can we talk about how Nina’s sex scenes with Ian looks like she’s just acting. That she’s trying to make it look like it’s pleasurable and oh so orgasmic, but it’s just acting. With her sex scenes with Stefan her face looked like she was in pure, bliss pleasure. Receipts:

Anyways, Over The Top Kisses:

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Rain kiss ✔️

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Slamming into each others faces ✔️

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Jumping into each others arms ✔️

For some reason whenever they kiss it’s almost as if they are never in sync with each other. It’s always messy and sloppy.

Hell They Even Went Through Their Own Amnesia Plot Line:

When in fresh hell did The Vampire Diaries become a goddamn soap opera?! Elena loses her memories so Damon does everything he can to get her to remember their “amazing” love story! Hilarious! This was nothing but lazy writing, and the writers trying to show that Delena can overcome any obstacle such as fate and amnesia, but they can’t overcome Damon not resisting compulsion, Damon infected with the ripper virus and almost killing Katherine in Elena’s body, Damon and Elena breaking up 5 million times because “Oh, we’re bad for each other.”, and Elena wanting to be just friends with Damon but they can’t because if she ain’t offering him up any sex even while they’re broken up then he doesn’t want her around him. WOW! 

Last but not least the whole enemies to lovers cliche:

Delena is honestly a ship that is not only delusional, dull, abusive, but it is full of big fat cliches. Enemies to lovers, Good Girl Falls for Bad Boy, Over The Top Cliche Sex Scenes, Over The Top Cliche Kisses, Over Dramatic Love Declarations. Delena is just a joke and it makes me pity those out there who want a relationship like this, cause if you do then God bless you. You will not make it far in life especially with pieces of shits like Damon Salvatore, and dumb girls like Elena Gilbert for even allowing Damon to be in her life knowing what he’s done and that he doesn’t care. It seems that even with the show over logic still has to be pried into Delena stans heads about this abusive, toxic, dull, cliche ship that was written by a 40 year old fangirl trapped in a 16 year old’s body is horrible. Nuff said.

I love Steroline and will always love Steroline

But I cannot take this much pain.

The fact that Julie tricked the entire fandom like this is just fucking disrespectful.

This show has a million problems but the creator’s obsession with Elena is the worst of them.

She hasn’t been in the show for 2 years and she is still at the center of it all. 

Since Plec loves Dullena and Kevin loves Stelena, I’m pretty sure we’re going to get a Delena endgame and an acknowledgement of Elena being Stefan’s love of his life and then a Stefan death. Which is bullshit. And such bad writing.

There’s pretty much nothing they could do this last four episodes to fix the pain they have caused the Bonnie (Bonenzo and Bamon) fandom and the Stefan (Steroline) fandom. 

How The Vampire Diaries Ruins Everything They Create

- Compelling lead female role-

Turns her into a selfish, disgraceful person to make it believable she would be in a relationship with Damon. Instead of having Damon work on himself, and redeeming his character. 


Turns from Elena changing Damon into a better person, to Elena a worse one. Doesn’t give Elena realistic time single before moving on to Damon. The sire bond. Damon almost killing Jeremy AGAIN because Elena (Katherine) left him. Damon killing Elena’s friend Aaron. Elena not caring. Saying they are toxic for each other every episode then banging.  Breaking up, then going on a death mission suddenly so in love with each other. Elena forgets her ‘good’ memories of damon, gets together with him within a few episodes. 


Having Elena have sex with Damon the day after (or the day of? I do not even care to remember) her and his brother Stefan break up. Stefan leaving his own home because Elena moves on in with Damon. Elena banging Damon all sumer while Stefan suffered. Elena not caring when Stefan died. 

-Klaus/ The Original Family-

Best thing to happen to TVD. Diverse characters with complicated relationships. Best villain/villains to date. Kills Kol, takes other originals off show. Gives Klaus his own show with a horrible baby plot, Hayley and Camille. Hayley, introduced as a complete idiot who lets her friends be murdered (by Klaus, her furture baby daddy!) just to get a fucking USB drive with jack shit on it. Camille, the most irrelevant carbon copy wannabe Caroline brought in for a love interest. Reduces Klaus’s character to a whiney baby who annoys everyone and cries every episode.  


Interesting new character introduced through flashback. Great back story, accent, and hair. Joins the show with a bad dye job and over gelled hair. Relevance on show goes from Damon’s friend, with a blooming friendship with Caroline, to being obsessed with Stefan, torturing Matt, and pursuing to hurt Sarah Salvatore for no legitimate reason. Goes from having a boner for Stefan and Damon, to having an even bigger one for their mother Lily Salvatore. I’m not surprised. 


See above.


One of the most popular ships TVD has ever created. Ends up having the characters on different shows. But do not fear, Julie Plague is here! She gave you a one night stand in the forest as respect to the ship. 


Has Caroline sleep with Klaus not because she fell in love with him, but because why not. Klaus, who killed Tylers mother. Although I never shipped forwood, there is no argument that this did not ruin the ship for anyone who did. 


Cute romance starts up. Cuddling in a car. Being there for each other. Damon dies, Stefan gets a different girlfriend. They fight.  Caroline cries. They make up. Caroline’s mom begins her battle with cancer. Suddenly now Stefan falls for Caroline after dwelling for too long. Caroline decides she can not fall for him because she needs control. But you already fell for him??? At your moms funeral you were down to date Stefan but then he did not express his feelings so you turned off your emotions??? So what is the difference???? Why did it take so long for Stefan to realize Caroline is a million times better than Elena??? Why did the writers ruin steroline for me??? 

-Kai Parker-

Best villain since Klaus. Played by an amazing actor. Chemistry with the characters on the show. Redemption arc begins. Complete 180. Kai stabs his pregnant sister to death. Gets killed by Damon with little to no effort. I thought these witch vampire hybrids were supposed to be strong??? 


Amazing character. Saddest death scene. Brought back to life. Complete twat the whole season. Kills his bride and babies in front of him. Rather he stayed dead. 


Heres to waiting for season 7 to see how they can ruin it like they ruin everything. :)

Characters I loved who died or left the show 








Characters who are completely useless but continue to live





-Sarah Salvatore

-April Young


Why I Have Never Liked Elena Gilbert

So for the past few years I’ve seen a lot of Anti-Elena anons explain why they hate Elena and when they started to hate her. The majority have said that they have hated the Elena from Season 4-6, and miss the old Elena from Season 1-3. Looking at some new Anti-Elena posts on why they have always hated Elena has really woken me up, and convinced me to re-watch Season 1-3 Elena. Boy oh boy how much of a bad character she was from the get go. I wanted to make this post to show my beloved Anti-Elena community how much of a problematic character Elena was ever since Season 1.

She was never a good, kind, compassionate person:

This is how Elena has been described as…

…but yet plenty of her actions contradict this statement. For example, in episode 1x16 when Caroline, Matt, Stefan, and Elena had a double date all Elena did along with Matt during the whole entire date was reminisce about the times they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Caroline was clearly uncomfortable and upset during the whole thing, but it wasn’t Elena (you know warm, compassionate, kind Elena) nor was it Matt (Caroline’s boyfriend) who noticed her discomfort. It was Stefan who noticed and asked her if she was okay. Elena was too busy going down memory lane with her ex-boyfriend who’s dating her best friend to see that her best friend was clearly upset and uncomfortable at what they were doing. Then later on when Caroline brings up the fact about she’s essentially second choice and Matt’s Elena back up, all Elena does is dismiss her insecurity and claim she’s being ridiculous. Wow, what a nice way to talk to your friend who already feel that she’s never first choice when it comes to you, and is heavily insecure about that. Also, during this same episode when all 4 of them go to the Salvatore Boarding House Caroline states that she feels like she’s been there before. And what does Elena do? She says “Why don’t we watch a movie?” So she’s going to bring her “best friend” back to the residence of the same guy (Damon) who almost killed her? Who lured her to that same house and tried to kill her? Who she (Elena) saw bruises and bite marks that he put on her? Who compelled her best friend to be his sex toy blood bag? Wow! Is that what you call kind, compassionate, and selfless? A kind person doesn’t take their bff back to the home of the person that tried to kill them. A compassionate person doesn’t say that her friend is being ridiculous, and not see that her friend clearly is insecure for a reason. A selfless person does not sit here and act like her going down memory lane with her ex-boyfriend in front of his new girlfriend who is her bff is “just trying to make conversation”. If you don’t believe me check out the clip:

Another example is 3x17 when Alaric is going through his crazy murder phase, Elena calls Bonnie for guess what a favor! And this is after Bonnie’s mom had to be turned into a vampire in order to save damsel-in-distress Elena.

^ (Katherine basically said it) And of course Bonnie is upset and wants nothing to do with Elena because she has to suffer in order for Elena to survive. But even when Bonnie needs time by herself and space from Elena what does Elena do? Call her for a favor even though she was indirectly responsible for her suffering. Instead of consoling her friend or checking in on her, even though she didn’t want to see her, she needs a favor from her. And then has the nerve to give some sappy ass half assed apology. But yeah Elena is oh so selfless right?

She’s a hypocrite:

In this clip from 1x15, Elena finds out that Damon killed Isobel and is upset when Stefan keeps making excuses for him and protecting him. Now I find this really hypocritical on her part when she in 1x11 protected Damon from Lexi’s boyfriend killing him.

She made up some bullshit that he shouldn’t kill him because he needs to be better than Damon. So, she allows the guy who killed her boyfriend’s best friend on his birthday to live and not allow her (Lexi) boyfriend to kill him because he can be better than Damon? What kind of sense does that make? None. None at all. And for her to get mad at Stefan for protecting his brother especially when she protected him from getting killed for his actions is just baffling. Another situation is during 1x07 when Vicki becomes a vampire, and Jeremy is trying to find Vicki. Elena tells him that he should stop seeing her and that it’s for the best. Now that is also hypocritical on her part because it isn’t until a couple of episodes later she’s all buddy buddy with Damon, and is defending and sympathizing with his psychotic self. You can’t tell someone to not hang out with someone else because they’re dangerous when you are doing the same thing yourself.

She’s not a good sister nor a good friend:

The first statements above pretty much explain Elena being a shitty friend and sister. But honey Season 2 just showed how much of a bad friend she is. 

Now before anyone yells at me asking why is Season 2 Elena a bad friend, let me explain. So, during the whole sacrifice ritual thing going on Elena found out from Katherine that she was not the only one involved in the ritual. Look at this clip:

She learns that Klaus needs to kill her (a doppelganger), a werewolf (Tyler), a vampire (Caroline), and a witch to perform the spell (Bonnie). During this whole season Elena was trying to be a martyr and a “hero” and sacrifice herself so her family and friends wouldn’t die. But here’s the problem, Katherine already told Elena that she was not the only one involved in the ritual. Elena knows this already, hell she even listed off the people Klaus would need for his ritual. So why the hell was Elena so busy trying to give herself up to Klaus? Why the hell did she think that giving herself over to Klaus was gonna keep her loved one’s safe? Like I said she already knows that she isn’t the only person involved in the ritual, so what sense does it make to try to give yourself up to the enemy when all you’re doing is putting your loved ones in even more danger? None. None at all. The problem is this Elena wasn’t really being selfless or trying to protect her friends she was being selfish. She was spending too much time trying to make herself look like a hero and like a good person because she’s risking her life for her loved ones when she wasn’t. All she was doing was be selfish and was being too busy on looking like some type of hero martyr when all she did was put more people in danger. Just because a person claims that their actions are for intentionally good doesn’t mean that they are being selfless. They’re not they’re being selfish, and that is exactly what Elena did during this season. She put everyone in danger with her suicidal actions thinking that she was protecting and saving everyone when all she did was put them in more danger. She wanted to be a hero so badly and prove that her actions were for a selfless good reason when they weren’t. 

Another moment is during 2x02 when Stefan, Elena, and Damon find out that Caroline is a vampire and figure out what to do. And this clip pisses me off.

At 3:17 Elena says “She’s doing this to me isn’t she?” in response to Caroline becoming a vampire. All I can say is: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MAKING THIS ABOUT YOU?! What does Caroline becoming a vampire have to do with Katherine trying to hurt you?! If anything Katherine turned vampire Caroline into a vampire to use her to her advantage and manipulate her. Caroline is the victim in the circumstances not you! Not everything that happens in Mystic Falls has to do with you Elena. It’s not always about hurting you or trying to get even with you. Sometimes the villains just do things because they are villains. Not because they want to hurt precious Elena Gilbert. Which brings me to my next point is when Elena found out that Caroline was spying for Katherine and she said this to Bonnie in 2x06: “It’s a lot, I know. Katherine’s doing everything that she can to drive me and Stefan apart and Caroline just got trapped in the middle.” and this to Caroline in 2x05: “I know and I’ve been so mad at you. But then, I tried to put myself in your position so that I could understand why you would do this to me and to Stefan because he’s been such a friend to you. Who did she threaten?” Now the 2x05 quote really pisses me off because why the hell is Elena assuming that Caroline, who got sucked into the supernatural world with no knowledge of it and almost died just to die and become a vampire, just all of the sudden wanted to spy for Katherine on her and Stefan?! Why is does she not understand that Caroline was a victim in this, and that she didn’t just decide to wake up one day and do something like this? Why is she making this about her, and not realizing that her is in danger as well? Oh wait, cause Elena’s love life is more important and god forbid that her friend is a victim of the circumstances that she was forced into all because she was associated with Elena. But no how dare Caroline spy on me and Stefan for Katherine? How could she do this to is? Why is she working with the enemy who wants to tear me and my love apart? Why is this all happening to me?! 

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^ Basically Elena in a nutshell.

She was just like Katherine:

Season 3 was pretty evident that Katherine and Elena were no different from each other.

What pissed me off was that Katherine got called a manipulative, nasty, little slut and an evil slut vampire who only loved herself. All because of what she did to the Salvatore brothers, meanwhile in this ^ clip Elena is sitting here making excuses as to why she won’t chose between either brothers. So it was wrong for Katherine to do it, and therefore she’s an evil slut? But when Elena does the exact same thing it’s okay because she just needs to figure out who she wants to be with? Horeshit! It’s not okay for either one of them. It wasn’t okay for Katherine to be with both Damon and Stefan, and to compel Stefan to keep her secret. It wasn’t okay for her to string them both along and ruin their relationship. But it was not okay for Elena to do it as well. I don’t care what the circumstances were if it was wrong for Katherine to do it then why does Elena get a free pass? What cause she’s worth? (This was said by the brothers in this same episode 3X21) And what Katherine wasn’t? Neither Elena nor Katherine were worth the brothers fighting over. Elena was always jealous when one brother was off with someone else even though she was supposed to be in love with the other brother.

And Katherine wanted to have Stefan for herself, but still flirted with Damon.

You see what I’m saying? What both of them did was wrong, and shouldn’t be excused for. But for Elena to say stuff like this..

…she just needs 10 hot cups of STFU. She is no different from Katherine when it came to her actions. 

Overall, Elena was a terrible excuse of a protagonist. She was not interesting at all, she didn’t really do anything that was memorable or wowing, she did nothing throughout the whole entire show but get kidnapped or cry and whine and make everything about her, she was not a good friend nor sister, and did I mention she liked to make everything about her.

Am I the only one who’s pissed right now ?

Elena and Jeremy Kill Kol

………………………NO BIG DEAL ………………………

Matt Kills Finn FOR NO F***ING REASON

………………………NO BIG DEAL ………………………

Aya Daggers Rebekah and burns the resurection spell

………………………NO BIG DEAL ………………………

Elena Daggers Rebekah

………………………NO BIG DEAL ………………………

Agnes curses hayley

Elijah : No one hurts my family and lives and kills agnes

Aurora kills cami

Klaus: Our retribution must be swift, and it must be brutal and  Spoiler Alert may bury aurora alive

and our dearest Elijah comes and says “Family above all” Yeah sure if : Family = Hot girls seriously they are ridiculous :p

Moments, where i wanted to strangle Elena. My personal choice.

Ok, most of them involves Damon.

  1. When she slut-shammed Caroline for being raped by Damon.
  2. When she blamed Luke for Damon’s death. Like, hello, he committed suicide by blew up his car, burned alive and Liv would be dead, if she wouldn’t stop. No one wants to lost his twin sibling for your rapist boyfriend, sis.
  3. When she judged Stefan for being with Katherine - after she broke his heart, fucked with his brother, who tried to kill her brother, killed for fun Stefan’s best friend and etc. 
  4. When she slept with Damon after he killed her friend Aaron. That boy was innocent, had a lot in common with Elena and really liked her as a person. But her stockholm sydrom started to work on higher level. And also forgave abusing her friends and Damon’s trying to murder Jeremy again.
  5. Liz almost died in Elena’s arms, Caroline is broken - Elena goes to fuck with Damon with words “Life is too short, i do not want to waste another minute”, even though she was a fucking immortal vampire. 
  6. Her playing on a big doctor Gilbert.
  7. Everytime for being a shit sister, when she is with someone, who tried to kill her little brother multiple times - and with that person she left him alone - you can see, what kind of nanny Damon is. 
  8. When she tried to make Bonnie’s rescue from 1994 about her.
  9. When she fucked with Damon few hours after she broke up with Stefan in his house. Like, didn’t she have friends, you know, Bonnie, Caroline, where she could be for a time until Jeremy will be ok? No, she had to kick Stefan out of his house, because she has nowhere else to go. She rather stretch her legs after one bourbon gulp during perhaps the silly make out dance because why not.
  10. When she refused to apologize to Caroline after she tried to murder her, in times she was without humanity. How dare you, Caroline. Btw, Caroline first thing, what she did after she had her emotions back, was apologize to Elena(and she only said she’s egocentric and her relationship with Damon is toxic trash, which is true). 
  11. She was crying, whinning,  that she did not want to be a vampire that she can not, and so on. Stefan tried to help her to control it - he suddenly “constrained” her and saw her as a problem (which was never true). Then she chose Damon, was with him “free”… and she ended up with emotions off, she tried to kill her two best friends, killed an innocent waitress, and nearly let Damon kill her best friend and conspired against her loved ones. Wise life choices, Elena.
  12. When she judged Jeremy for kissing Anna behind Bonnie’s back, but she did the same behind Stefan’s.  Both are bad in this case, i have to say. But Jeremy never judged her for her relationships, even though she was in relationship with someone, who killed him - yeah, i will repeat it forever.
  13. When she thought she can defeat Bonnie “I’ll kick your ass with magic” Bennett. But i love how she failed and Bonnie beated her mean, emotionless ass.

Ok, that’s probably all. Do not be mistaken, i loved Elena until season four happened, then i can not stand her. 

I actually really don’t want Elena to return. TVD got so much better when the whole damn show stopped revolving around her. I like Belvafore as the core four, it’s been so good to focus on them, instead of the entire show being about Elena.

LMAOOOooooOOOooO ready for the hate to roll in…