Terence McKenna: “What the psychedelic experience can be seen as is a return to Gaia and an immersion in the feminine. I’ve always felt that Buddhism, ecological thinking, psychedelic thinking, and feminism are the four parts of a social solution. An honoring of the feminine, the planet, and a stress on compassion and dematerialism. So you know what we have to do is stop looking for leadership from the top, because the least among us make their way into those positions of power. Capitalism is a moloch that demands human sacrifice, and its alienation is killing us.”

jORDAN bEE pETERSONNY bOY: “The West and the masculine spirit are under assault. Order is masculine, chaos is feminine — so we need to suppress the feminine in a competence-based patriarchy in order to maintain civilization. The cure for shooting rampages is enforced monogamy. Attempts to equalize society are pathological or evil. Hierarchy is natural and we should trust the people at the top. Clean your room and be like the hierarchical capitalist lobster boy.”

Neoliberal psychedelic guy: *lists McKenna and Peterson as his two major philosophical influences on his tinder profile/flow instagram*

Some facts about capitalism:

  • Artificial scarcity drives profits up
  • It is not profitable for everyone to live comfortably
  • The system demands unceasing growth and resource extraction for its own survival, in turn putting the survival of humanity and ecosystems in peril
  • The growth that arises from capital accumulation makes a select few obscenely wealthy, while most of the world lives in poverty 
  • It can be transcended