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We should start taking bets on whether Feytrash will be pregnant or already given birth! in the next book! And whether she’ll have a boy or girl. Not only will it be a boy but I feel like if it was a girl SJM would be her own misogynistic self to a daughter :/ just the way her characters act to almost all other girls. OH excuse me FEMALES.

Picture this: AC0TAR 4 opens in the final weeks of Faerug’s pregnancy. Although she realistically would have gained a lot of weight, she is as thin as ever and constantly throwing up from extreme fae morning sickness. Don’t worry, Rice still gives her the most fantastic daily peen. She gives birth, setting off an avalanche with her magical bodily processes. Faerug says, “Rice, look at our beautiful baby  m a l e!”

They’ll either name it after a culturally appropriated legend, after one of their close friends/family, something really random and sPeCiAl, or keep it nameless just like half the supposedly important characters in AC0TAR. M0r asks, “What’s his name?” Faerug smiles. “We named him after my father, [CENSORED]. <3” Nothing else happens. N/esta and Cassiass are mates. E/lain and Assriel fall in lust. The end!

y'all would rather read a half baked smut scene about feyre and rhys fucking against a wall than read about nesta’s journey to self love and getting her revenge on the queens? or elain coping with being fae and learning about her abilities? or mor accepting herself entirely and maybe even finding a woman? absolutely cannot relate

A few things need to be said:

A character with an ambiguous skin tone and/ or racial identity is not good representation, even if you headcanon them as a POC. The likelihood is that the writer also perceives this character as white. Stating white skin tone/ race is often unknowingly perceived as unnecessary, due to our (society’s) gross, internalised bias that the ‘default’ is white.

Do not give credit to an author for allowing their characters to be headcanoned as POC. A headcanon is something you or a group of people believe, but not necessarily the author. If the author wanted true representation, they would have downright and concretely stated their character’s skin colour/ race in the texts of their work. By all means, headcanon race, but just be wary about giving credit where credit is not due. No one deserves brownie points for doing a sloppy job.

Stating a character is “tanned” or “olive-toned” is also not good representation. These are often considered ambiguous terms because, first and foremost, white people can be tanned. Olive can work, but there is dispute over whether it is similar to using tan, so it’s generally not recommended to use it.

Please just plainly state your characters’ races every time, even if they’re white. If your character has brown skin, or is black, or Caucasian, just say it. When you do this for POC characters, their race becomes visible, which is good for representation. When you do this for a white character, it helps to remove the awful implication that “white is the default” for both yourself and the reader.

this recurring trend of writing fae societies and making them all lilywhite cishets is soooo stupid bc these are beings who are wayy smarter than humans and also fucking immortal. there is absolutely no reason why they should follow/enforce arbitrary human concepts n norms (i.e.: gender, sexuality, fucking time) because they would’ve learned that none of this matters nor is it beneficial to their society!!! also genetic variation exists!!! unless you can give me a legitimate reason as to why having darker skin would actually be detrimental to fae, you should be writing brown fae!!!!

i dont understand how in ac0maf its a huge theme that ‘theres no such thing as a high lady’ and the night court challenging the idea that women can’t be in positions of power, meanwhile the human queens, the only female characters that have power in their own right, are the biggest fucking bitches because they didnt want to team up with the people who have consistently screwed them over

The relationship between misogyny and romance: a SJM study

Why female desire* isn’t problematic, but A Court of Thorns and Roses is.

In which I wade into an issue in depth, praying that the flame war gods do not strike me down.

**Please note that this essay discusses only the misogynist elements of SJM’s writing in the ACOTAR series. There are obviously other problematic elements that require acknowledgement, but this is the one I feel confident in addressing. I haven’t read any of ACOWAR yet.** 

*also, female desire in this instance refers to the desire of the presumed female reader of romance. The reading of romance and YA is obviously not exclusive to women, although a lot of the assumptions of SJM’s work ascribe to the concept of a binary gender.

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The fact that in illyrian culture women don’t fight and are reduced to do the chores is so absurd it’s almost funny. I get that the worlds sjm writes are always bassed on gender roles as we know them (men above women) but in this case we are talking about a civilication whose only purpose is being an army. Like, that’s their point in the story. Are you seriously telling me this warrior people hate women so much (for no reason) they would rather renounce to half of their military power?

You know what’s also boring in SJM’s work?

How everyone is special. 


And they never feel the weight of that power and responsibility, not in any meaningful way. All these SUPAH POWAFUL characters do is have tepid “banter”, fuck each other, or shoot magic outta their asses at people who don’t agree with them.

When everyone’s special and completely OP, there’s no tension. When the villains are replaceable, nameless cardboard cutouts that never pose a threat, there’s no tension.

Because everyone’s such a speshul speshulness, SJM has to up the ante every time someone “levels up” and make her obvious favorites EVEN MORE SPESHAL. THEY’RE THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. THE HEIR TO EVERY THRONE. THE DAUGHTER OF ALL THE FAE AND THE DESCENDANT OF EVERY GOD. 

And when she hands out these undeserved gifts to her weak protagonists while making her villains one-dimensional and non-threatening placeholders, the tension dissipates. 

What’s even the point? It’s not like she’ll kill her faves. And if she does, it won’t change anything, because they’ll die heroically sacrificing themselves to save the world or some shit. 


I’ve seen many blogs hating Sarah J. Maas. Ok, I do understand why someone would ever dislike her books. People are free to discuss about it, but please be respectful. Many of you are hating her and making fun of her work. Are you better than Sarah while you write and post shit about somebody you barely know? Because people aren’t just hating her books. No, of course not. They are spitting hate on her. They are creating blogs and tags against her, offending Sarah’s characters, fans, ships and shippers. Honestly, how childish. How can you ask for respect without being respectful? Grow up!
She is human just like you, my dear hater. And if she is human, she is imperfect and so are her books.
I’m tired of seeing hate on my dash. It’s disgusting and it bothers me so much. And I know I’m not the only one.
Use your time for the greater good. And if you can’t, just be respectful and we’ll be okay. But if you aren’t capable of arguing without being an asshole, please… just don’t.

favourite salty videos

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happy watching!

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I'm curious, why are you anti Sarah J. Maas? If you don't want to answer, feel free to ignore. I'm genuinely curious since I like to see where readers from each side come from. (Also, I read through her Court of (insert thing here) series, and I personally do like it, but I found the latest book was a bit repetitive, anti-climactic and lazily written, maybe rushed?)

Her books are the epitome of white feminism. She glorifies toxic masculinity with the way she’s written her Fae “cultures”. She’s killed off characters of color (indeed, entire countries coded as predominanty non-white) for the sake of her white characters’ angst. She writes possessive, disgusting, abusive men but paints them as attractive and desirable. 

She creates misogynistic societies just so she can call male characters “feminist” when they descend from their thrones and put women on equal ground (*ahem* Rhysand *ahem*). 

Her queer rep, whenever she manages to shoehorn some in, is restricted to “whore bisexual” or “sad closted gay” or “soulless asexual”. She wrote a homophobic society and made a lesbian character suffer for hundreds of years because she can’t come out of the closet and another male character wants her but she can’t tell him to fuck off in fear of hurting his feelings. (And the fandom thinks it’s super tragic. FOR HIM. Poor thing, he’ll be so heartbroken when he finds out she’s a Gay!)

She portrays abusive men as redeemable while every female villain is portrayed as irredeemable slutty whores. Every woman in power who didn’t get that power from men is a villain.

And frankly, she’s just a terrible writer. Her prose is repetitive and boring, she constantly tries to be deep and dramatic like she wants every other sentence to fit a glittery Tumblr aesthetic post. And someone needs to take the em dash away from her, seriously.

She also writes terrible, laughable porn and sells it to children and tweens. Her characters constantly make gross, unecessary references to sex because she thinks it makes them more edgy and mature.  She seems to think that the only way couples can express love is to have hilariously overdramatic sex whenever they get the chance.

She tries to be GRRM with her LE EPIC FANTASY WORLDS and SEXY DRAMA but can’t be assed to actually worldbuild beyond whatever shit she thinks would be cool for her characters. 

So yeah. 

I wrote a dissection of Throne of Glass on my book blog and am working on Crown of Midnight right now. A friend is also writing an ACOTRASH snark.