Toronto councillor stops short of calling for Beyoncé ban in Canada
Beyoncé's recently announced concert appearance in Toronto this May might not happen if at least one Toronto councillor has his way.

Beyoncé’s recently announced concert appearance in Toronto this May might not happen if one Toronto councillor has his way.

Ward 39 councillor Jim Karygiannis has called on the federal government to investigate the pop diva following her recent Super Bowl 50 halftime performance, which critics dubbed pro-Black Panther and anti-cop.

While Karygiannis wouldn’t ban Beyoncé based on the performance alone, he said if an inquiry found she or her backup dancers had supported the Black Panthers financially they could be blocked from entering the country.

“Perhaps Immigration Minister John McCallum should have her investigated first?” the former federal MP tells the Toronto Sun. “If someone wore bullets and supported (a radical group) here, they would not be welcomed in the United States — that’s for sure.”

“We should not be promoting gun culture or anti-police sentiments.”

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I was putting myself in an anti’s skin today. I think the most frightening thing for them is our endless belief. We have been relentless, we have been that pigeon who survived and that is annoying… I can understand that’s annoying. Because inside our bubble we are happy and loud and from the outside we are like a special species. And there’s MANY Larries. We are not the minority and we have outnumbered antis a long time ago. So here we are: a group of people with basically endless faith in Harry and Louis’ relationship and we have called this pregnancy fake from day one, even after Louis posted the tweets and the ig pic, we are still so sure in not only Larry but a negative paternity test. For those who won’t believe, we are obnoxious and ‘not respecting nor accepting Louis becoming a dad’.

Now imagine that despite EVERYTHING that they have given to us (tweets, belly {lol}, ig picture, articles, carrying the *baby*, Louis cooperating) we Larries are still 100% sure the denial will come, and antis cannot help but look at our side and call us crazy and weak for not being able to carry a baby carrier with a loose one hand (!), and they are reading our points where we explain all the obvious fails in this stunt and I just cannot help but think that at one point they will let the question run in their heads *but what if*… because why are those Larries still here, why are they not accepting a baby, why are they making mile-long debunking masterposts, why are they still loud - what am i missing in this??!

Listen, at least when the paternity denial happens, they are going to be so confused because this is bigger than debunking Elouno. This is a fucking *baby* we are talking about!!! And even if they say ‘he slept with her’ or ‘that he clearly thought the baby is his so Larries should shut up’ or ‘the Larries were like a broken clock: right twice a day’… but I still believe that they will see more and more things not adding up and the shock factor will be so so big for them that it will crumble their belief in everything. Literally everything.

And then every brick they built in their denial walls will be falling one by one to the ground because Harry will be in the picture and there will be more Harry and even more. And every single time Harry is linked to Louis, the questions in their heads will get louder and louder.

And babygate being dragged this long, and not being cut at week two is really going to be IT for them. If they cut it at week two they would have assumed he slept with her but his lawyers paid for her silence or that he slept with her full stop.

This way though that we have SEVEN months of nothing and the foreshadowing, it is terrifyingly obvious that something is NOT RIGHT with this pregnancy and I am hoping that after the denial people will look back at the things done and NOT DONE by Louis and see it for themselves.

Then they will be only one step from the most important question: 'but WHY fake a baby for Louis?’

Someone changed their Twitter Header/Pic (and the plot thickens)

What do I spy with my little eye? KC removed her Arrow Twitter banner and her BC promo profile pic.  

Doesn’t necessarily prove anything, but her Twitter has been BC/Arrow since 2014. Her FB image remains. However, she uses Twitter more. I’m just saying this is interesting. Interested is me.

I can’t gif for shit, but I want to talk about this. This scene makes me really emotional for some reason. I don’t know if it’s because clalec is my brotp or… Just the way she pats his arm, with such happiness. Like she’s not afraid of touching him, and I really like that. This compared to the movie hits me right in the feels because we had Alec sooo much worse to Clary in the movie, and it really made me mad. I love how he didn’t threaten her like he does in the books and she doesn’t use his sexuality as a weapon against him. I never really knew why CC did that because it was so out of character for the both of them. 

And it’s wrong for her to try to out him like that, but she really is just trying to help. I love that she’s at least comfortable enough to touch him and he accepts it. 

I just like that even if Clary doesn’t completely trust Alec, she still believes he’ll protect her. And that even though Alec doesn’t like Clary, he’ll still protect her no matter what. 

I just really want to see a brotp from them that I think the writers will deliver.