anti zen

i HATE how j*zen shippers think that bc they’re straight or even LGB cis women that its okay to fetishize gay men and gay sex

like… why do these cis women insist on forcing gay men into heteronormative relationship roles and force one character to be “feminine” and whiny and submissive while the other is “masculine” and detached and dominant. why do you have to do that. why does the entire crux of this ship revolve around sex. why do you have to make two characters that dislike each other have a violent and aggressive relationship almost entirely focused on violent, dehumanizing, unsafe sex

these are two characters that are very much dominant “alpha males” but because y'all are demons and everything has to fit with your yaoi tropes you force one to be a whiny submissive, and of course that has to be the one that is shown to be more emotional and gets defensive and angry more. you’re literally reinforcing negative masculinity stereotypes - cool, detached, and aggressive is seen as positive and masculine, while getting angry or emotional is seen as negative and feminine and needs to be punished. fuck canon character traits, you just need to see these men get fucked in a humiliating and aggressive way until they stop complaining about how they don’t like it, don’t want it, and don’t like the other person, am i right?

yeah, you’re gross. that’s fucking rape. i have yet to see any j*zen art or writing that doesn’t involve zen protesting or rejecting Jumin’s advances in some way. i literally saw a piece of fanart with Jumin aggressively fucking zen and zen saying “it hurts…” and jumin being like “you can take it, my pretty little kitten” and forcing him to keep accepting the pain. that’s fucking awful. what was even worse was the thousands of notes with girls going “omg….*nosebleed*” and “omg this is so hot” and “yes i love the gay sin!!!!!” all of y'all are homophobes. you’re no better than men who masturbate to lesbian porn.

someone protesting or objecting to someone else’s advances does not mean they’re secretly in love with them and are trying to deny their feelings. in this case, which is actually canon in the fucking game, it’s because they actually dislike the other person and have a problem with them. to constantly invoke these tropes and claim that “denial = secretly wants it” is a perpetuation of rape culture and means you condone rape and dubious consent.

im honestly considering making an anti-j*zen week dedicated to educating these women on why their behavior is not okay and contributes to homophobia and the objectification of gay men :/ and how when ppl point that out it’s not “bullying” and you need to take responsibility for your shitty actions

i bet you more than half of j*zen shippers are obsessed with k*lling stalking and ship sangb*m, because what else can you expect from violent homophobes who like seeing gay men suffer and get abused

a little rant about not liking Zen

Not here to start a fite but I just need to voice it out….

I really don’t like Zen.

No that’s not accurate, I have moments where I utterly dislike Zen–if not hate him.

Don’t get me wrong, he is sensible and ya handsome sure, he’s even got cute moments and he’s fun to talk to sometimes. But the way he talked about Jumin often pissed me off.

And I’m not saying this like I’m some Jumin defense squad fan. Jumin’s cute but I’m Yoosung’s girl (lol)…also Jumin is a bit messed up lol.

Anyway, I’m not talking about those moments where Jumin was messing with him, he got angry and that’s expected hah. He calls him a robot, fine thats expected it happens. He gets annoyed when Jumin gets arrogant and pretentious, it’s to be expected. He hates his jokes well humor is….a taste.

I don’t mind when he’s a little spiteful and mean, because he can’t help it thats how he deals with his emotions and all the negativity he had with his bro and whatever (Ya I played his route too)

But sometimes he’s just being plain prejudiced and inconsiderate.

He dismisses Jumin’s work because Jaehee is doing work too. As if he’s not allowed to be stressed if his assistant is also working.

He assumes he’s just a lazy guy with a lot of money….just because he was born with that money.

When Jumin is having problems and emoting, he laughs and pokes fun at him as if he were acting weird. He was more considerate of Seven the memelord. Seven is uncharacteristically unhappy, he doesn’t laugh–he worries. So why with Jumin?

also I feel absolutely inSULTED when he tells me not to get swept up by what Jumin says just because I agreed with him….thankyouverymuch I agree with him because I actually agree. I’ve got my own brain thanks.

I know Zen is an emotional and passionate guy, and that’s not a bad thing. But I’ll be honest if I knew him for real, when he starts talkin smack about Jumin in those specific things I mentioned, I would smack his ass and shut him off.

Just needed to get that out of my system.


note, I’ve been asked to tag anti-Zen so I have..but I’m not totally anti-Zen. I just think he needs a good lesson on consideration and hypocracy.

RFA: MC Insecure After Sex

Oh gosh why am I so bad at titling hcs… Should be mostly SFW except a few phrases and such.


- Yoosung looked at you sitting on the edge of the bed

- Were you unsatisfied with him? 

- He pushed himself up, grabbing your hand and dragging you down into bed with him

- Hugging you delicately, he muttered to the top of your head. “Did I do something wrong? 

- When you told him that you were disgusted by yourself, his eyes opened wide

- He hugged you tighter, and reassured you that you were amazing and absolutely not disgusting

- He then kissed you on the forehead, running a hand through your hair until you fell asleep in his embrace 


- Zen worriedly stared at you as you looked out a window 

- You had gone there soon after …, and Zen didn’t know what to say

- He went over to you and leaned his head on your shoulder from behind, whispering in your ear

- “Babe what’s wrong?” 

- “You’re so good-looking and famous, and I’m just a normal, useless girl… Maybe you should be with a model…” 

- Zen picked you up princess style and took you to the bed, placing you down gently 

- He climbed over you, caressing your cheek with a soft smile

- “You’re the one I’m in love with. Not those models I work with.  If you do feel that insecure, do you want me to prove my love for you, princess?” 


- Jaehee could hear your small, depressing signs as the two of you lay down next to each other

- She turned over and quietly caressed your cheek, asking you, “What’s the matter?” 

- You told her that you were disgusted by yourself, and she just smiled gently in response

- “It’s normal to feel insecure at times. Just know many people find you kind and beautiful, and that you really are a wonderful person.”

- She cupped your hand in both her hands, and pressed it against her cheek 

- She gently kissed the top of your hand, smiling at you as you calmed down 


- Jumin thought you were trying to go to sleep by turning away from him, but when he began to hear sniffles, he began to get worried

- He wrapped your arms around your waist from behind, burying his face in the crook of your neck

- “Why are you crying?” He mumbled in your ear, his voice husky 

- In between sniffles, you told him how you were feeling, and he grabbed your shoulders, turning you around to face him

- “Don’t be so harsh on yourself. You’re beautiful in your own way, and I love you for it” He lifted up your chin, gazing into your eyes

- He then gave you a gentle kiss on your lips, holding you in a loose embrace as you dozed off 


- Seven had almost immediately gone out of the bedroom to grab a bag of chips, and you were left lying in the bed

- You began to think more about yourself, and your thoughts progressively got more self-deprecating

- By the time Seven ran back into the room with a bag of chips, you were sitting on the bed in a fetal position, crying

- He threw the bag away, jumping onto the bed beside you and giving you a hug from the side

- “Are you feeling like an anti-Zen?” He looked at you with such serious eyes, and you cracked a little smile at his word choice

- “Did I make you feel better? Here, I’ll even let you have the chips. Cheer up okay, babe?” He gave you a grin, picking up and offering you the bag of chips 

- He then turned on a movie, and snuggled with you until you began to laugh openly

V and Unknown

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Overwatch character ages from oldest to youngest
  • Reinhardt: 61
  • Torbjörn: 57
  • Soldier: 76/Reaper: their ages are unknown but i’m guessing 40s/50s since they don’t look too much older than Mercy in the old pictures 
  • Roadhog: 48
  • Hanzo: 38
  • Mccree: 37
  • Mercy: 37 
  • Genji: 35
  • Widowmaker: 33
  • Pharah: 32
  • Mei: 31
  • Bastion: 30
  • Winston: 29
  • Symmetra: 28
  • Zarya: 28
  • Tracer: 26
  • Lucio: 26
  • Junkrat: 25
  • Zenyatta: 20
  • 19

anonymous asked:

Evening, friend! I like your blog, and how you potrays all the characters! <3 good luck on writing, sweetheart! All right, can I request the RFA, V and Saeran's reaction when MC protects THEM from thugs? And when they dig deeper, MC is actually a world class martial artist (Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Aikido, any kind of arts is fine!). It's my dream to become a taekwondo athlete :'3

good morning chingu! thank for request anon-nim. good luck in achieving your dream~!

And now for the exact opposite… (I’m not very knowledgeable about most martial arts. The most I know is from my friends who are part of my uni’s Taekwondo club)


  • he insisted that you didn’t have to pick him up after his night lab
  • but you were just so eager to see him
  • you decided to take a shortcut through an alley
  • when a group of drunk guys ambush you
  • Yoosung screams when you let go of his hand
  • but he stops halfway when he sees you flip one of the guys over
  • the rest of the guys flee in terror and you hold Yoosung’s hand again
  • “heol…MC where did you learn to fight like that?”
  • “I’ve been learning Taekwondo since I was nine.”
  • Yoosung can’t stop grinning at you
  • “you have to teach me too~”


  • Zen has his fair share of over-zealous fans
  • but he seems to have an equal amount of envious antis
  • one night, as the two of you are dragging yourselves from a filming
  • a crazed anti rushes towards Zen with a kitchen knife
  • Zen tries to shield you
  • but you brush past him, tackling the attacker to the ground  
  • you hit him in all his pressure points, before getting your phone out and calling the police
  • “jagi…oh my god! I-how did you do that?”
  • you still have the attacker pinned to the ground as he squirms to get out of your hold, yet you calmly answer
  • “I’ve been doing Karate for ages.”
  • he blushes as he realises how much of a prince charming you really are


  • there had been a wave of muggings in the neighbourhood lately
  • but you didn’t feel too anxious about Jaehee’s safety because of her Judo training
  • however, you still wanted to walk home with her since it was no fun waiting in the apartment by yourself
  • you were approached by a group of men
  • they stared the two of you down thinking “two against seven. good fucking luck”
  • Jaehee just looked to you as stared the men down
  • you released hell on the group
  • then she joined in
  • being absolutely merciless towards them
  • “MC I didn’t realise how strong you were. How…”
  • “Jaehee, I’ve been doing Judo for years. I’m sorry, I should’ve told you…”
  • she just hugged you and started gushing about how she has a sparring partner as the two of you headed home


  • with Jumin being away on such a long business trip to London, you had exhausted all the recreational facilities available in the penthouse
  • so you enlisted the guards to teach you how to defend yourself and teach you Taekwondo
  • they were apprehensive at first, but you rationalised to them that it never hurts to be prepared
  • when he returns, you insist on being the first one to greet him as he gets off the plane
  • the two of you sit in the back seat, his head rested against your shoulder
  • suddenly, driver kim slammed his foot down on the brake
  • Jumin jolted awake, still half asleep when he saw what was going on
  • men surrounding the car, armed with pistols
  • they made you exit the car and kneel on the ground
  • as one man held a gun to your head, you pulled his arm and flipped him over, crushing the hand that held the pistol with your heel
  • the rest of them fled in terror
  • and Jumin could only stare with his mouth wide
  • “Jumin-oppa, from now you shall address me as ‘princess protein’”
  • he complied willingly


  • Seven insists that he must drive his ‘babies’ everywhere, despite being paranoid over them getting the tiniest scratch
  • and his worst nightmare kinda comes true when you guys are walking back to the car after a fruitless shopping trip
  • you’re about two steps behind (you’re exhausted that’s why)
  • when the man grabs you from behind
  • Seven finally notices your absence and when he sees you
  • jawdrop
  • you slam the guy’s head into the back window
  • Seven.exe has stopped running
  • you then pin the guy down, putting his hands behind his back
  • you threaten the man, whispering “if you ever have the urge to attack someone, remember me and I’ll come for you”
  • the man runs away in fear
  • Seven approaches, not sure how to use words anymore
  • “the gu- you- flippity-holy shit…”
  • “agent 606 is trained in Hapkido. you don’t have to worry agent 707.”


  • he discovers your superpower right after his surgery
  • some jackass thinks it’ll be easy to attack him
  • they don’t even notice you right next to him (how can they not?)
  • but they grab V by his collar and start punching him on his cheek
  • without hesitation, you land a kick square on the jackass’ sternum
  • all V sees is a violent mess of colours as you and the attacker try and land punches on each other
  • you’re doing pretty well, until the attacker lands a blow on your cheek – in the exact same spot as V’s bruise
  • you regain your balance and eventually halt the man in continuing his goal
  • as you pick V up off the ground, you hold onto his bruised cheek and lead his hand to your bruise
  • “hey we match” you giggle
  • even through his tears, he manages to match your laugh
  • “how did you know to do that?”
  • “Judo.”
  • “you gotta teach me soon MC”


  • you guys are taking your weekly walk around the neighbourhood
  • this time you guys are walking around at night
  • Saeran thinks that people are following you two
  • you brush it off
  • “this neighbourhood is safe…”
  • but it isn’t
  • a group of drunk bastards looking for a fight punch Saeran’s head
  • Saeran immediately falls to the ground, losing his vision momentarily
  • when he regains it, you’re knocking the men into one another, kicking their hands, effortlessly blocking their punches
  • when the men realise they’re going to actually die if they keep this up, they leave
  • you turn to Saeran and cannot stop apologising for not being to protect him
  • he brushes it off
  • “that was a terrifying experience, but I’m glad you were here. by the way, where did you learn to do that?”
  • “Kung-Fu. I used to take lessons, but I slacked off for a bit.”
  • he thought you were as amazing as the characters in the martial arts movies you showed him

I suppose there’s no real way to say this without coming across as harsh, but I think that sometimes, a full reliance, not necessarily belief but a full reliance on God can cause people to have less faith in themselves and in others.  For instance, the other day, I had a really tough time at work.  I’m new at my current job and am brand new to the industry.  That being said, a lot of things didn’t go my way.  Somehow I was able to pull it together and make it through the day and solve what I needed to solve.  The customers were generally understanding and patient and my co-workers were helpful and didn’t give me a hard time.  

Years ago, at the most tense moment of my day, I would have said a prayer asking for some divine intervention to help me to solve the situations I found myself in, for my co-workers to help me and not be angry, and for the customers to be understanding.  I believe that energy is energy.  So, instead of saying a prayer I just focussed on staying positive and being kind to myself.  I think that either one of these tactics can result in having a good experience, that prayer can be a good source of positive energy for people.  But here’s where I think a full reliance on God and prayer can be counter-productive and even dangerous:  If I had said a prayer I would have attributed my ability to handle the situation to the power and love of God, and that because of God, my co-workers and customers were good to me.  Because I didn’t do that, I believed in my own abilities and the empathy, kindness, and patience of others.