anti weheartit

psa; The easiest way to get blocked is to repost things from others, facebook or weheartit. There is nothing that could make me tolerate people who do that! Being the one to repost things makes you a pretty rude person and pretty silly as well as you’re the one taking someone else’s work, partly stuff that has been posted mere hours or days before in the same tag, to then post it on your own blog in some way as your own without credit. The same goes for people who take edits and repost them on facebook or weheartit. It gets even worse, in my eyes, if you then relink those stolen edits back to tumblr to post them in a large spam post so that they suddenly appear a ton of times in the tag. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, that could make me tolerate people who support such theft or are guilty of doing exactly that. Those edits that others take to repost; those are things that other people have spent a lot of time working on and they are not made so you can take them and repost. So if I do see that your post is linking back to facebook or weheartit or is something I know someone else has posted, you will be blocked. It may not affect you all that badly but it needed to be said.

And now WeHeartIt took that adorable Olaf and Elsa picture without giving credit and repeated it over and over and over again. Can we just DELETE this site already?! So many pictures without getting credit that get obnoxiously repetitive really fast. And it’s a shame since the original sources were great. God I hate WeHeartIt and everything it does! DX