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So in my sleepy state, I thought up of another theory that could both help and rival the Anti and Schneeplestein theory. What if Schneeplestein was a disguise of Anti? I mean they both have murderous tendencies, and Anti's glitches could be numbed by the power of disguising himself, the scalpel is the knife of the medical world and Anti's primary weapon we see is a knife. You may ignore this as I was probably just loopy from being so tired, but it's slightly plausible.


Though I see them as 2 separate egos/ characters, it would certainly be a clever disguise for Anti to use temporarily. You are correct on their related “murderous tendencies”, and those with similar traits often form… Alliances.

memes now last for mere hours before being co-opted by the capitalists. we must turn to our secret weapon, the anti-meme, that which should never become a meme


commission, ruby rose WW1-esque outfit for kenjipark’s AU


Yes I know, that’s a Boys Anti-Tank Rifle from WW2 not 1, i’m aware lol, they just wanted that gun and I don’t know the specifics of why Ruby has it in that universe. I modified the stock to try to change it up a bit, but ya’ll eagle eyed xD. Honestly, I was thinking of replacing it with the Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr anti-tank rifle since it would be from a similar era, but I wasn’t entirely sure and just stuck with whatever they gave me.

Also yes, i’ve handled guns before (although not heavy weapons like these) so I know not to point the barrel downwards into the ground, let alone an anti-vehicle weapon. For the aesthetics of the commission sketch though, I went along with it anyway.

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remember when Tony was all like "people need to be held accountable" and even before he found out about his parents, was totally ok with Bucky being arrested for the crimes he was forced to commit when he was under Hydra's control, but conveniently forgot about that one time he, while in full possession of his free will, went behind his teammates' backs and built Ultron, leading to the deaths of thousands????

RIGHT?! “People need to be held accountable” - except for him who got to make money off of weapons, literally is the only reason that Sokovia no longer exists and by proxy, the reason Wanda doesn’t have a brother anymore, got to walk free and “put himself under house arrest” for the events at the airport in Civil War, despite the fact Ross literally acknowledges that he should be put in a prison cell too, where most of Team Cap end up.

Honestly Tony, and everything he represents can choke. Stop celebrating white privilege???? Stop praising the wealthy getting away with stuff the less fortunate get persecuted over???? Stop putting him up on a pedestal when he literally represents everything that is wrong with class, racial and judicial systems??????

In other news, I love Sam Wilson. Not related to the question, I just like to remind people every now and then.


The ruggedness, simplicity, low cost, and effectiveness of the RPG-7 has made it the most widely used anti-armor weapon in the world. Currently around 40 countries use the weapon, and it is manufactured in several variants by nine countries. It is popular with irregular and guerrilla forces. The RPG has been used in almost all conflicts across all continents since the mid-1960s from the Vietnam War to the early 2010s War in Afghanistan.


“The wars they fought,
the things they taught.
Their spirit still lives on.
The blood they bled,
the tears they shed.
We mustn’t forget!”


Reiner is suffering from a multi-personality disorder. In the new episode we hear him talk about climbing the ranks. Not the marley, but rather in the survey corps. He’s forgetting who he is and this isnt the first time. Like reiner feeling sorry for conny, bertholt doesnt suffer from this and we know because he just gave reiner an irritated look when reiner was trying to show his condolences to connie. Bertholt is the one who kicked the wall, sure. But reiner is the one who let the titan through wall maria. Bertholt only let the titans into shinganshina, killing around 100 people or more. But reiner let them through maria and got 10,000 people killed. And around 253,000 more in the maria retake plan.Annie doesnt suffer either becuase she doesnt care much about the wall people she didnt break any walls, but she did have a mental break down during the confrontation in stohess. Reiner and annie has suffered a lot because of what theyve done.

Reiner suffers thw most because he feels guilty about it, and tried to blend in with the other so no-one suspected him. But he was consumed by this and hes forgetting who he is. He forgot about the titan reveal and the fight between him and eren. He thought he was among mikasa and armin trying to take dwon the armoured titan. Forgtting that he himself IS the amoured titan.

Reiner also developed post traumatic stress disorder(Ptsd) from this. When he saw ymir transform into the dancing titan, what he saw was marcek getting eaten. When he saw a wall in the fight against the middle east union, he remembered eren and the others. When he saw gabi, sophia, udo, and falco, he saw marcel, annie, bertholt, and himself. Hes forgetting who he is. He cant handle it. He even gets nightmares from mikasa and levi trying to kill him, BOTH of the ackermans. he faced death almost 7 times. When he tried saving connie, the fight with eren, what happens soon which he gets swarmed by titans, and how many times did he almost die in shinganshina against the survey corps? A lot, and when he almost died twice from the middle east unions anti-titan weapons and the torpedos from the navy while shielding zeke. Reiner even had to betray the 104th, the people whom he has known for 3 years and ahs grown an odler brother like bond with them all.

Point is, reiner has too much stress and too much disorders that its getting to him and hes forgetting who he is. So in conclusion, reiner suffers the most and has experienced probably the most pain than anyone else in the series and he derserves a break.