anti war art


This is for the Anti-Reylo and Reylo community.

What are we doing? What kind of example are we giving? Which principles (which taught us at home) are we embodying?
We have a problem, both sides, of racism, intolerance, verbal aggression, threats …

We all scream the defects of others but we do not listen or we give a solution to those problems.

We decided to shout, to try to impose by all means that only OUR opinion counts, is intelligent and all the others do not matter.

You’re attacking things we should not. Everyone, we are not giving a correct way to do things. Many talk about “this will affect the youngest” without seeing that it is we who can do them more harm.

Give your opinion is important, it is something that should be taught to everyone, I believe we are all teaching it. But we lack importance, tolerance, respect, give way to critical and constructive dialogues.

These are intelligent talks, in which one can tell the other the problem but at the same time a solution is sought for both.

Have a problem with something? Speak it.

Do they have a problem with you? Listen to him.

Do you want to come up with a solution? Propose.

This is not about throwing away all your experiences, we have all had but we are not getting anywhere with this happening. We’ve been in this fandom for a year and three months and we’re destroying the pretty part of this.

Let’s make Star Wars a safe place for everyone, both antis and reylos, as for anyone who wants to enter this wonderful fandom a safe place. Where we can all share our tastes, art, jokes, theories, fanfics, and everything that makes Star Wars.

But please, let’s talk, propose solutions, put them into practice.

Everyone has a nice day.

(We are less than 9 months for episode VIII and we should all be happy! (Not to mention that in a little while we will have a Teaser!))


When an artist can nail a vehicle concept like Felix Bauer-Schlichtegroll, it’s no wonder ILM decided to include him among the artists that that were considered. There’s just SOOO much to love about the top Rebel anti-armour vehicle, sofa king badass!

610 Days until the Han Solo Movie

449 Days until Episode VIII








War Is Brewing, Clarke

Holy. Shit. Just when you think Commander Lexa couldn’t get any more badass. This was clearly inspired by @papurrcat ‘s amazing artwork!!! This took so long oh god, i don’t think I’ve ever worked so long on a digital art piece!