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WAIT. on one hand you say that not all of the c.lexa fandom are antis, but on the other hand you sabotage their votes and want the WHOLE fandom to loose?

who ever said anyone was sabotaging their votes??? literally no one is doing that. marathon voting for your fandom isn’t “sabotaging” so maybe calm down a little bit. lmao i made a post saying they don’t deserve it for all the gross hate a majority of them send??? 

also don’t act like they haven’t been anti voting every single poll bellamy or bob has ever entered. they anti voted for sam the scottish sourdough bread man in every poll just because they didn’t want bob to win. like can you chill for one second susan???? jfc

and if its such a big deal, y'all won last year even though you were trying to get the show cancelled and sending the staff death threats so go take a nap

Probably the funniest thing about The Discourse to me is that some of the “worst” things aces have “”done”” is steal things that literally can’t be stolen. We stole the moon apparently. We stole memes. We stole resources (even if the resources were specifically for aces, nope, stolen.) We stole characters, we stole words that we created, we stole our own experiences, like, golly gee what are we going to steal next? I await The Great Ace Caper of 2017. 

Macron knows how…

I vote we all pretend karamel never happened.

If the writers can pretend that karolsen was not a season long love story and Kara never loved anyone before, then we can pretend Mon-El never existed.

Karamel? Uh, it’s spelled with a c. What are you guys taking about. Mon-El? Who tf is that. Sounds like Kara’s cousin or something they have the same last name right.

Seeriously. From this moment. Never happened.


if you are 18+ and a uk citizen, PLEASE go out and vote today if you have not already. it’s not too late - polling stations close at ten pm so you still have three hours. you DO NOT need your polling card or any form of ID, so challenge anyone who rejects you on this basis. youth turnout in the 2015 election was slated as being just 43%; in the eu referendum, it was less than 40%. theresa may is banking on youth voters not turning up because they literally have the power to swing this election the other way. your vote DOES count and could make all the difference. do not stand for her complacent and arrogant behaviour throughout this election campaign and do not allow your future to be decided by older generations.

at, you can find out who to vote in your constituency for the best shot at voting the tories out.

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Ce qui me dégoute le plus c’est que je me souviens du CHOC que le passage de Jean-Marie Le Pen au second tour avait provoqué en 2002. Je n’avais que onze ans, mais je me souviens que personne ne l’avait vu venir, car le ressentiment nationaliste était encore tabou, c’était encore mal vu. Maintenant, les électeurs de Marine Le Pen assument leur racisme et leur intolérance. Elle avait été donnée favorite dans les sondages et ça s’est réalisé.

Je me souviens des gens qui étaient descendus dans la rue, je me souviens de l’intégralité de la classe politique qui avait complètement été ébranlée par le résultat, je me souviens de la promesse de tout le monde de soutenir Chirac. Maintenant on a des élus LR qui tournent autour du pot et refusent de donner des consignes de vote anti-Front National. 

Je me souviens aussi du score écrasant de Chirac au second tour. 82%. Du jamais vu dans une élection présidentielle. Le FN était encore vu comme le cancer de la vie politique, et 82% des gens ont décidé qu’il vallait mieux se taper la chimio désagréable que de crever sous Le Pen. Maintenant, Macron peut espérer 60% des voix au second tour selon les sondages. Y a 40% de la population française qui se dit que le cancer, c’est pas si mal que ça.

Que cette connasse ait réussi à rendre son parti plus attrayant ou que les Français soient juste devenus plus racistes avec le temps, les faits sont là. Ya 22% des électeurs du premier tour et 40% des électeurs du second pour qui voter pour un parti fondé par des collabos, c’est pas grave. En quinze ans on est passés de la honte nationale de Jean-Marie à l’acceptance normale de Marine.

Et le pire c’est que si Macron ne nous délivre pas un quinquennat irréprochable, elle sera élue en 2022.

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who will you be voting for? (u obvs don't have to answer this if u don't want to)


I’m all for tactical anti-Tory voting, so I’m supporting whoever is the most likely candidate to beat/challenge them in each constituency. Labour may be a bit feckless, but the Tories are evil.

All my UK puds aged 18-24 PLEASE register to vote NOW! Voting is honestly super fun!

Just a little reminder not to vote Conservative if you have LGBT pals

Not only does Theresa May have an appalling record for being against LGBT rights, she is also implementing 22 billion pounds of cuts to the NHS.

These cuts to the NHS are not going to help your transgender friends.

Many trans people aim to go through gender clinics (an element of the NHS) in order to be prescribed hormone replacement therapy and surgical procedures to help them feel more comfortable in their own skin.

The waiting lists for gender identity clinics are already RIDICULOUSLY LONG. I know people who have been waiting for years, and even when things get going it can be an extremely long process.

Do you think 22 billion pounds of cuts is going to speed this up in any way? No chance! Unfortunately, there’s no doubt in my mind that after such huge cuts waiting times will increase and even more trans people will be forced to wait for potentially life changing (even lifesaving) treatment.

The process of medically transitioning is already extremely difficult for your trans friends. Don’t make it harder for them by voting conservative.