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Marriage Equality In Australia

On November 4th 2017 voting for whether or not the law should be changed to allow same sex couples to get married in Australia will close. We need 5 million out of 24 million people to vote yes. Please vote yes.

In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) it is stated that everyone has the human right to marry and start a family with whomever they chose.

In the UDHR it also states everyone has the human right to religious freedom. You have as much right to believe in your religion as I have to believe in no religion.

I’m a lesbian. I want to be able to marry the woman of my dreams when she comes around. I don’t see whats so wrong about that. I’m sure the other 94,000 homosexual couples (results from the 2016 census) would agree. That’s not even counting the rest of the LGBT+ community which is massive.

Marriage is typically about love. Love that is between a woman and woman, a man and a man, 2+ people, non binary people, transgender people, intersex people, agender people, genderfluid people etc etc is just as worthy and real and deserving of marriage between a man and a woman.

Please vote yes. And as much as you’d like to, don’t bring glitter.

Also, if I’m going to ‘rot in hell’ because I’m gay, why not let me get married? It’s not like it’ll stop me from ‘rotting in hell’ or make my ‘rotting’ any worse so why not let me get married??

people i know under the signs

disclaimer: these are people in my life who are under these signs i’m not saying that these signs do these things in particular this is just for fun!!

Aries :
Hot-headed, jealous/insecure in relationship, cook, moody, great dad, recently just found out they needed glasses and should have been wearing them earlier in life.

Hardworking, determind, happy go lucky, loves alcohol and sweets, very materialistic, likes to tease loved ones, laughs internally when watching comedy specials, asks you to watch a movie then falls asleep right after it started.

Not very emotional, loves poltical memes but didn’t vote, anti-government, abandonment issues, shy but playful, amazing cook, loves hockey.

Insecure, deserves the world, doesn’t realize their worth, loves being babied and loved, cute voice, pessimistic about themselves, would probably die for their faves.

Newly vegan, had a peanut butter allergy for majority of their life, cry baby, did track and soccer in high school, hipster, runs marathons and does yoga.

Relationship issues, does everything to please family, goofy, athletic, tall, sort of a fuck boy but with a good heart, cant emotionally express themselves.

Daddy issues!!!!, jealous, literally good at everything their first try, great with you when on good terms but awful on bad terms, loves raunchy movies, plays bass.

Relationship issues, deals with constant anxiety, wants to be loved, always feels misunderstood, went to a good college, close with younger sibling, loves cats, they look like forever 21 as a person (in a good way), baddie.

Constantly working, bartender, people person, knows everyone, wants people to like them, always on facebook making witty statuses, people pleasure, drinks a lot.

TATTED UP. Amazing writer, the goofy mom, loves horror movies, gauges, has a huge collection of books, cackle laugh, short but thicc, will punch you.

Loves social media, lives for likes on facebook, does whatever they want, wants to be young forever, loves lighthouses.

AESTHETIC AF. Takes the best selfies, loves bunnies, cries easily, funny laugh, meme lover, types in all caps, has septum.

Macron knows how…


if you are 18+ and a uk citizen, PLEASE go out and vote today if you have not already. it’s not too late - polling stations close at ten pm so you still have three hours. you DO NOT need your polling card or any form of ID, so challenge anyone who rejects you on this basis. youth turnout in the 2015 election was slated as being just 43%; in the eu referendum, it was less than 40%. theresa may is banking on youth voters not turning up because they literally have the power to swing this election the other way. your vote DOES count and could make all the difference. do not stand for her complacent and arrogant behaviour throughout this election campaign and do not allow your future to be decided by older generations.

at, you can find out who to vote in your constituency for the best shot at voting the tories out.

(edits are mine but photos are not)

Ce qui me dégoute le plus c’est que je me souviens du CHOC que le passage de Jean-Marie Le Pen au second tour avait provoqué en 2002. Je n’avais que onze ans, mais je me souviens que personne ne l’avait vu venir, car le ressentiment nationaliste était encore tabou, c’était encore mal vu. Maintenant, les électeurs de Marine Le Pen assument leur racisme et leur intolérance. Elle avait été donnée favorite dans les sondages et ça s’est réalisé.

Je me souviens des gens qui étaient descendus dans la rue, je me souviens de l’intégralité de la classe politique qui avait complètement été ébranlée par le résultat, je me souviens de la promesse de tout le monde de soutenir Chirac. Maintenant on a des élus LR qui tournent autour du pot et refusent de donner des consignes de vote anti-Front National. 

Je me souviens aussi du score écrasant de Chirac au second tour. 82%. Du jamais vu dans une élection présidentielle. Le FN était encore vu comme le cancer de la vie politique, et 82% des gens ont décidé qu’il vallait mieux se taper la chimio désagréable que de crever sous Le Pen. Maintenant, Macron peut espérer 60% des voix au second tour selon les sondages. Y a 40% de la population française qui se dit que le cancer, c’est pas si mal que ça.

Que cette connasse ait réussi à rendre son parti plus attrayant ou que les Français soient juste devenus plus racistes avec le temps, les faits sont là. Ya 22% des électeurs du premier tour et 40% des électeurs du second pour qui voter pour un parti fondé par des collabos, c’est pas grave. En quinze ans on est passés de la honte nationale de Jean-Marie à l’acceptance normale de Marine.

Et le pire c’est que si Macron ne nous délivre pas un quinquennat irréprochable, elle sera élue en 2022.

anonymous asked:

who will you be voting for? (u obvs don't have to answer this if u don't want to)


I’m all for tactical anti-Tory voting, so I’m supporting whoever is the most likely candidate to beat/challenge them in each constituency. Labour may be a bit feckless, but the Tories are evil.

All my UK puds aged 18-24 PLEASE register to vote NOW! Voting is honestly super fun!

Under Targaryen administration...

Westeros will witness…

  • Polygamy 
  • Death by Incineration 
  • Free green cards to Dothraki savages  
  • Adultery 
  • Glorifying barbaric cruelty 
  • Tyranny, because Targs only understand “fire and blood” when it comes to politics  
  • Hypocrisy, if Joffrey is a “bastard with no right” then what does make Daenerys? 
  • Stupidity and sadism, they allow people to do as they please as long as they get everything they want 
  • Infamous Maegor was incapable of dealing with the Faith Militant  (thanks to Cersei, now they’re gone for good)
  • Allowed Greyjoys to raid and pillage others 
  • Has a bad history of incompetent rulers. not to mention Tywin  did all the ruling when he was serving as Mad King’s hand.  
  • Warmongering, Daeron invaded and conquered Dorne for no good reason
  • Pyromanics who enjoy burning shit to the ground because they “CAN”. 
  • Cultural aversion due to the presence of R’hllor fanatics and horse worshiping Dothraki savages
  • Utterly incompetent rulers and has a long history of making unbelievably stupid decisions
  • Disregard for those houses who aren’t powerful  enough to destroy armies in bulk.  
  • Rhaegar infidelity and crimes were justified by his demise. Just cause you noobs heard melodramatic Targ music and saw him exchange vows somewhere in the woods doesnt make him a good person. 

Imagine after 7 years of nonstop tantrums and holding the Federal government hostage–up to and including having that government shut down for days, and the country’s credit rating down-graded–you finally get everything you want. It was a long shot. Every expert, including your own, said it wouldn’t happen. By all measures of rationality, basic decency, and institutional responsibility it should not have happened. But it did. The GOP got the House, the Senate, the White House, and managed to hold that seat hostage so they can regain the majority on SCOTUS.

The new President has no real ideology but spite and blindly enriching himself, so you can pretty much do whatever you want! Imagine all the odds are in your favor after almost a decade…and you just can’t get your shit together. Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, a Republican in the White House, a Republican majority on the Supreme Court in case someone tries to challenge you, and you still can’t get your shit together.

On election night I was 100% certain that the first major thing to go would be Obamacare. It was a done deal to me. The GOP has passed a bill to repeal it something like 70 times. But after aaaallll that, once they actually have a President who wouldn’t veto that bill, they just can’t pull the trigger.

And alright, ok! Healthcare is the kind of thing constituents get up in arms about. Maybe Obamacare is a new third rail like social secuity and medicare. Fine.

But like, this budget they just passed? It’s a joke. From their perspective it is a complete and utter failure. They didn’t get a single solitary thing they wanted. All those budget cuts? Amounted to a 1% budget reduction in the EPA, and increases in other agencies like the NIH and NASA. The National Endowment for the Arts? Fully funded. Trump’s fucking wall? 0 funding. Planned Parenthood and Pell Grants? Funded and increased respectively. There were NO big cuts in domestic programs AT ALL. It’s laughable really, and it exposes the GOP’s stark inability to govern. How do you have all the power, and you still can’t get shit done???? 

Please don’t take my glee at their incompetence as an excuse to rest on your laurels. All of this failure is because we’ve been pushing. We’ve been writing, calling, showing up at their state offices, and showing up in the streets. And predictably, even the most rabid of ideologues is afraid of losing their re-election bid. All this means is that our enemy is defeatable, which is predicated on us fighting to begin with. Despite the abysmal public approval numbers, the Trump administration is doing well with Republican voters, and even better with Trump’s base. They believe he was wiretapped, they believe the wall will be built (lol), they believe he is brining jobs back, they believe all other outlets are fake news. Basically, they’ll believe anything their hero tells them to. As a matter of raw numbers, there are more of us who hate this orange shit gibbon than not. But that was true in November 2016, and it didn’t matter because people didn’t show up to vote where it was important.

Don’t make that mistake again. This is a fight we can win if we only show up.