anti vlad

Because harassing Wes is the (best) national pastime...

The other day scrollingdown and I were entertaining the idea that Wes Weston was actually part ghost. And by part ghost we mean 1/128th ghost… as in his ghostly heritage is diluted by 7 or 8 generations of perfectly normal human beings entering in the family tree, to the point that he has no ‘ghost form’ and no ghost powers, and likely doesn’t have any living relatives even aware that there was a halfa in the family tree. The only physical manifestation of that heritage are his green eyes, and maybe some above average night vision (which makes it slightly easier for him to sneak around and gather clues, but nothing to write home about). His weak ghostly aura may also be a mildly passive yet contributing factor to why absolutely no one will believe his wild theories and why he’s obsessed with exposing Danny.

But, while he has no ghost abilities, he does have some ghost limitations and attributes…

Ghost Plants:

  • Blood Blossoms are practically poisonous kryptonite to ghosts… but Wes? It’s more like an allergic reaction or hay fever. If the pollen reaches his nose, he starts sneezing and if he comes into physical contact he breaks out in a rash.
  • Ghost Nip on the other hand probably doesn’t make him drunk or high, but probably lifts his mood slightly like a mild anti-depressant.

Fenton Ghost Shields:

  • Unlike Vlad and Danny, Wes can’t turn off his ghostly attributes… so say in a disaster like in Reign Storm with Pariah Dark’s attack, and Wes finds himself on the wrong side of one of those ghost proof Fenton Shields when it gets turned on, he’s going to be stuck on that side. Whoops! Good luck facing that skeleton army on your own Wes! Remember! There’s a skeleton in all of us!

Intangible Objects:

  • Danny’s running late for class, so he goes ghost, turns invisible & intangible and flies through the hallway passing through classmates and teachers frictionlessly. Meanwhile, Wes is minding his own business (for once) when out of the blue he’s struck by some invisible force and launched across the hallway until he hits the wall. Being spontaneously struck by invisible objects is not an isolated incident… Wes develops this paranoia of being hit without reason or provocation. He FEARS mimes.

Tangibility in the Ghost Zone

  • Imagine for whatever reason, Wes gets trapped in the Ghost Zone… specifically Walker’s prison, and Danny shows up to break him out. Danny turns human to phase through the cell, grabs Wes, dashes to the nearest wall and BONK. Danny phases through just fine, but Wes just hits the wall dead on. Confused, Danny tries again only for Wes to bluntly hit the wall a second time. Then Danny starts experimentally tugging Wes into the wall. Wap-Wap-Wap-Wap. Wes retaliates by explaining he’s seriously reconsidering his promise to stop trying to blow Danny’s secret if he doesn’t cut that out.

Freakshow’s Staff

  • Wes’s ghostly ansestor is so far displaced when compared with Danny, so it can’t plant commands or even subliminal messages. But it is mesmerizing like a lava lamp. Easily shrugged off, but he looses his train of thought. But Wes dismisses the notion that the staff had any effect over him. “Have you never WATCHED a lava lamp?”

In short, Wes manages to get the short end of the stick in this deal, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why does the Danny/Vlad ship even exist?

It’s pedophilia, it’s illegal, it’s gross. You guys are shipping a ~40+ year old man with a 14 year old boy. This man humiliated, tortured, and stole this boy’s DNA to make clones of him because he was lonely and in some fact thought Danny should be his own son because he was never able to get over the fact that Maddy moved on and had a family with his best friend who actually loved her and didn’t obsess over her. It’s the same dynamic Harry Potter had with Snape. Seriously guys? You’re romanticizing a toxic relationship that is only suited for a hero vs villain/arch-enemies trope. There’s nothing romantic about it, nor should there be.

Vlad Lenko is an antifascist prisoner from Ivatsevichi, Belaurus.  He was arrested on December 27, 2014, and accused of taking part in a fight with local neo-nazis earlier that month.

Vlad has been charged with group hooliganism and aggravated bodily harm and faces up to ten years in prison. He is currently in detention and his next court hearing is scheduled for September 2015.

Vlad can read Russian and some English.  Write Vlad here:

Lenko Vlad Igorevich
224030 ul. K. Marksa, 86
Brest, SIZO-7, k.39