anti virus protection

[ Magic..? Magic is behind all this..? It’s being used so destructively… It shouldn’t be used like this..! I don’t know what to do..!]

[ I-I’m trying, I really am..! dokyhaloe sent a recording associated with memories I must be missing, and it all feels so familiar, and yet… ]

[ … I’ll still keep trying, I-I’ll keep trying anon… ]

[ I’m so scared.. I don’t know how I should be handling any of this… I don’t like this at all… ]

// Oh my, an anti-malware and virus protection with that kind of power? Looks like the M!A:Amnesia fortunately isn’t going to last very long!

it’s unfortunate that we don’t have much insight into oliver’s background as a hacker because i feel like that aspect of his character could be a goldmine in understanding his motives for helping out first connor, then annalise, then end up working (more or less with connor) for annalise because hacking in itself is already very telling of someone’s personality, i think. 

so like there’s three types of hackers: black hats, white hats, and grey hats. 

black hat hackers are the bane of people’s lives affected by technology (i.e. everyone!). they steal identities, credit card information, undermine security systems for their own nefarious gain. 

white hat hackers are like your anti-virus protection programs. they build walls to make sure black hat hackers don’t get in. companies hire white hats to make sure their systems are protected against competition or malfunction. you call up white hats when you’re suddenly infected with malware.

and lastly, there’s the grey hat hackers. likely noble-hearted computer nerds who break apart the walls white hats build to: uncover secrets (like wikileaks and the panama papers) and expose corruption and the underhanded dealings of criminals (like finding buyers and sellers of child pornography). for example, the group anonymous. they hack for a “cause”.

now i’ve always felt what ollie is a bit of a grey hat and so with that in mind here’s some of my headcanon regarding hacker!ollie: 

  • we have oliver hampton thrust into the world of annalise keating: someone who fights for her clients and does whatever it takes in the name of ~justice~. someone who makes enemies out of the corrupt, the privileged, and the rich influential people at the top of the food chain. someone who breaks down walls in their pursuit of what is right and true… basically a grey hat hacker in real life. it was no wonder he so admired this woman even before having met her. 

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I was browsing the internet, like I normally do, on a Sunday evening. The sun was going down slowly and I was preparing to do my usual set of tasks. Homework for Monday morning, a quick game on Xbox Live and then draw for half an hour.

Only thing was, I had somehow found my way onto a random thread called “Urban Legends.” I am a sucker for this shit. There’s something about urban legends that just fills me with wonder and imaginative possibility.

Being the curious browser that I am, I began scrolling down through the mountainous thread and noticed that it was 100 pages or more by now. As I went through the board, post by post, I saw classic urban legends and trolls posting terrible pictures before being removed from the thread.

At about page 28, I realized that I had been on this thread for an hour easily. I was bouncing back and forth from youtube and facebook, but I had wasted quite some time on this endeavour. Around page 45 I decided I was done reading and had no more interest in the thread.

However, before I could close my browser and move on, I noticed something strange. An anonymous user had posted on the thread, leaving a link. In all caps, they had written, “SCARY SHIT PEOPLE.” I hadn’t seen anyone post a link without a description thus far. I had a feeling that it was a virus or another fucked up picture of some dude mutilating his crotch again.

I persisted in clicking it though. My hand moved the cursor of the mouse to the back button, in case it was exactly what I assumed it was. The link followed through to a maroon coloured HTML styled page with no advertisements, no other colours and no pictures. Just a maroon page with a download file in the center.


I had no idea what the Oshavein was. I opened a new tab and googled it, wikipedia’d it, googled it again. Nothing. There was no such thing as 'The Oshavein’. Being as it was just an image file, I decided that I would go ahead and download it.

The download began and the time estimator started at 30 minutes. 30 minutes? That’s a huge freakin’ file! I decided I’d kill some time by watching youtube and chatting on facebook until the file finally finished. The file downloaded and I paused the video I was watching.

“Let’s see what that anon was so scared of.” When I opened the download folder, there was no preview image, I checked the information on it and was shocked to see that it was a file from November 14, 2000. I was actually hesitant to click it and find out what it was.

There was something unsettling about an unknown file like this being on my computer. When I went to open the file, someone messaged me on facebook and scared the shit out of me. I answered their question and started talking to them again. They kept me occupied for 15 minutes before leaving a 'brb’.
I had to check now. There was no excuse. It was just a picture, there was no way there was a virus on it. Otherwise my anti-virus protection would have been going nuts. I slowly double clicked on the image and awaited the loading box to disappear and show me what I had been dreading taking a peek at.

The image finally loaded. It was a black and white picture of a highway. In the back ground there was a forest. The trees were black silhouettes and the light source was obviously from a noon day sun. The road was the dividing line from the side of the road that the picture had been taken on and the other side with the trees.

At first my observations were quick and I saw nothing that could be considered scary. Until I noticed something standing in and amongst the trees. I thought it was an animal at first. But my guess was quickly replaced with a new one. It was a man. At least I thought it was.

He wasn’t tall, in fact… He was just sort of above average height. He couldn’t have been more than 6 feet. I noticed that his head was shrouded by a black hood and his arms were outstretched, holding onto two of the trees beside him. As I continued inspecting his area of the picture, I felt like I was being stared at right back.

I couldn’t see his face, but there was something off about how perfectly his head was angled. Chills ran down my spine and I minimized the preview window quickly. I tried to shake off the feeling and set my laptop aside. “It’s just a picture you dumb ass,” I said aloud, bopping myself in the head.

I began working on my homework and that same feeling returned. When I looked over at my computer, the preview window was still minimized. I decided I’d open it again and see if I could make out any details about his face. When I expanded the window, the figure from before was now standing at the highway with his hands in his pockets.

I shuddered and pulled back slightly. How the hell did that happen? I peered at the now closer shadowy figure and could make out details about his appearance. He was wearing a black hoody, black jeans and black shoes. His face however… I don’t know how to explain it, but it… It was pointed.

Instead of a human-esque face… What I saw was almost like a bird. His chin came to a point and a massive grin went up either side of his face. He had only one eye, his right eye. It stared back at me, I could feel it watching me. The camera angle was exactly the same. It was as if the photographer had stayed put and the subject had moved forward.

I waited for the picture to move, perhaps it was an altered file that exchanged every once in a while. But nothing happened. No movement or suspicious data alteration. After a while I decided to minimize it again. Why I didn’t exit out of the preview… I’ll never know. I guess I was just curious.

Another hour later, I opened the preview window again. I actually gasped aloud and pushed my computer away when I saw the picture once again. The figure was now on the photographer’s side of the highway. The face was clearer now. The teeth were huge. I could see that the eye was shaped like a cross with the actual eye beneath it.

The eye inside the design stared at me. I was beginning to feel uneasy, but there was always a small part of me that kept saying that it couldn’t hurt me. After all, it was just a download file from a strange HTML site… Needless to say however, I closed the window finally. After I finished my homework, I started up my Xbox and waited patiently for the invites to parties to flood my inbox.

As I started chatting away, I couldn’t help but feel the need to see the picture again. I needed to see if the man would still be there. I clicked the file again and felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. The man was now only a few yards away from the camera. Upon closer inspection, his black hoody was plastered to his stomach in some areas, covered in something that made the black a little lighter. I finally could see the face clearly. The huge toothy grin that I had seen before, was now revealed to be open slightly. Hanging from his mouth was the fingers of a foreign hand.

I shivered and minimized it. Everyone in my party began asking what I was doing, I kept telling them that I was watching a stupid video, or reading a crappy fan fiction. I didn’t want them to know I was scared out of my mind, staring at a picture from the internet.

I decided I’d play a few games with my friends to take the edge off. After my 5th match in a row, my adrenaline was pumping and I was feeling confident and courageous. Without a moments hesitation, I quickly full sized the image and backed away as far as I could after seeing the image before me.

The man… Shit… I don’t even know if you could call it that anymore… The creature was now full frame, holding the edges of the camera. The fingers inside it’s mouth were gone and it suddenly dawned on me. The photographer was the one that had been eaten by this thing. Whoever… Or whatever this thing was, it was probably the one that had taken the picture… Pictures…

It’s eye was staring at me. I could feel the contact as if the creature was breathing and staring behind the screen into my soul. I shuddered and went to close the window once again. When I hit the exit button, I could almost swear I saw the thing move… Like it moved forward into the camera once more and then the window vanished.

I never opened the file after that. I deleted it and made sure my system was clean of anything remotely close to the title of 'TheOshavein.png’
Later on in the week, during my photography class, I was out doing nature shots. I had gotten a good bunch of shots and was ahead of schedule. With a grin on my face I walked up to one of my friends and started showing off in front of them. “You asshole! You always get the best shots!” I felt great, way better than that Sunday evening anyways.

That is, until my friend pointed something out to me. “Hey uh… Who the hell is that?” I looked down at the little preview screen. Standing in amongst the trees of one of the shots I took, was the shadowy form. He was grinning proudly, with his arms outstretched towards the camera.