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Virus headsup!

This weekend there has been a global cyber attack, dubbed WannaCry virus. At least 150 countries have reported cases of it and over 200.000 computers have been affected since this weekend. 
Right now I do my internship in an IT support company where the telephone is ringing constantly and our mailboxes are overflowing with mails from people who have been hit by it. So I kinda feel obliged to inform you guys of it and what it could do to you.

What is it?
This virus is not a virus that you can just run your anti-virus or anti-malware program on and quarantine it. Most virusses download dangerous programs on your computer or record your actions to get access to your personal data. But this virus is of another kind, because the attackers have no interest in your data, they just want to make easy money. 

They do this by making use of ransomware or more specifically a cryptolocker. A cryptolocker encrypts all your data and files on your computer and connected devices, which means you cannot access those files anymore and use them. Unless you got the decryption key.
To get that decryption key, the cyber attackers ask you to pay $300, but there is no guarantee that you’ll actually get the decrypt key and get your files back.

There is not real remedy.
Once you get a cryptolocker in your system, you are screwed, unless you have backups and these backups are not connected to your system. (offline backups or in another domain)

Anybody can be a target, but right now the big ones are companies who have older systems like Windows XP, because they don’t have the same security measures as the newer systems. Now you might think: ‘Who still has Windows XP?’ Well, hospitals for example. They still use software that is made for their machinery and hasn’t been updated to newer versions. So if they get one in their system, people who rely on these machines can actually die.

Under the readmore I added some tips to prevent them and in case you really get one.

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one of the benefits of modern anti-virus software is that they use a cloud-storage and crowd-sourced model for threat identification & research

basically there’s a whitelist of programs produced in collaboration w/ a lot of the major software publishers and OS distributors, along w/ researched & self-reported non-threat applications commonly installed to a computer

for unknown programs, a little more detail is often needed to determine if it’s malware so if it can’t match program information or a backed up hash of a portion of the file what happens is that the antivirus software quarantines the file in question, copies it, and uploads it to their own servers which they open up to research partners and their own staff

recently a member of an NSA malware team took home a set of NSA created malware files and placed them on their personal, network connected, commercial anti-virus protected computer

they did this, and a program called Kaspersky Anti-Virus detected the files in a routine telemetry check of everything going on w/ the system, it got flagged immediately because ‘hey uh this looks like some pretty nasty malware we’ve never seen’ and a copy of the files were sent to Kaspersky servers where researchers and staff took one look at them, realized that holy fucking shit this is a previously undisclosed 0-day exploit, and handed it over to government researchers like they would be expected to do

those government researchers, of course, were Russian because Kaspersky is a Russian company

right now there are Congressional hearings going on and people are trying to crucify Kaspersky, trying to find some way to pin them w/ sanctions and threats and punishments, because it functioned exactly as it is advertised to function, in the manner that literally all modern anti-virus programs function, and due to the carelessly of an NSA employee resulted in the burning of a 0-day exploit

Hunter, Never the Hunted: Ch 3

Eventually Jackson/OC
WORDS: 2600+
Summary: A hard working waitress spends her days working at a diner just to makes ends meet. Until one night on her shift, a sketchy character strolled in and slowly her life gets flipped upside down with the unexpected.

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A few days prior…..

Jackson grunted as he drove over a bump in the road. He felt an irritated throbbing sensation on the left side of his body. He looked down and examined his cuts. His side wound was currently being compressed with an old t-shirt that they found in the back seat of their car. 

The bleeding had stopped but it definitely needed attention. He glanced over to the passenger side and checked if Mark was okay. Physically, he looked worn out, and he could see the bruising already forming on his face, but he’ll live.

Bambam was probably wondering what was taking them so long. They got a call from their friend, Garth, a few days ago that there was a case not too far from them and if they wanted to check it out. They were told that a spirit of a deceased father had not moved on after his death and was still terrorizing his family members. The job was only supposed to be an in and out situation. They were supposed to go in, salt and burn the body, and be done with it.

However, something unexpected had happened. The spirit had manifested into a poltergeist, and although they still had to salt and burn the remains, they had more of a challenge considering they aren’t visibly seen and was strong enough to telekinetically pin them behind a large china cabinet as if they were nothing. The large gash on his side was from being thrown aside like a rag doll out the window.

The sound of Foghat’s Slow Ride was quietly playing in the car. Jackson was never one for 80’s hair rock, but it was something Mark had to listen to after a hunt to calm him down. He never really questioned it. Everyone has their own way to relax and ground themselves after a hunt. Jackson’s way to unwind was to go to the nearest dive bar for a few cold beers, a greasy bacon cheeseburger with pickles, and then taking home the hot waitress. Then it’s on to the next case, doing what they did best. This was the life – saving people, hunting things.

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mind your damn business.
( virus! cry )
mind your damn business.

anonymous: I was wondering, where do you live Virus? You said that you infect computers and have to protect yourself from anti-virus’ and stuff and I think pretty much every computer has that so I would guess it’d be hard to find a place to stay in a sense. Or do you just not sleep and jump around everywhere?

Not all computers have an anti-virus program, in case you didn’t know, you moro—I just stay in those ones. But the other option is also correct. As a virtual being that doesn’t require recharging breaks, I just jump around from place to place. It’s ni— - – -  -   —     -     -         -           It has come to my attention that you are assuming something rather important about my nature. But I won’t tell you what. You have no right to receive that information.

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I love the paper mario style!! Its so cute!! What tablet did you get?

YYEEEE thanks Micool~ <3  And of cOURSE I got a tablet that’s also super weird and obscure (notreallybutstill) it’s called the Gaomon M10K?  It looks like this;


Here’s the link  

And I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE ALL THINKING, IT HAS ONE LENGTHY REVIEW AND IT’S A ONE STAR REVIEW.  Listen to me when I say this; I have owned several Huion tablets with aLL of it’s bugs and junkiness, and I have to say, that out of all of them, this tablet was the easiest to install.  I may have done everything I could to make sure that this was the smoothest installation ever, so that’s probably why.  I also have a Windows computer, so maybe that’s why it’s a little smoother too?  I DON’T KNOW.  The reviewer explained how they installed it, but in my tablet instructions, it said to disable all anti-virus programs and stuff. The reviewer didn’t mention that in their review sooo maYBE there’s a chance they didn’t do it completely right?  I’m not positive, I wasn’t there and they also probably followed all the directions and it STILL didn’t work.  But from my experience and my installation, everything came out perfectly and thEN some (LIKE, I DIDN’T kNOW THIS THING HAD A TILT FEATURE.  LIKE OH MY GOD THAT’S AWESOME).  

Though it isn’t perfect.  My only biggest complaint is in the design of the tablet and the pen… the plug is placed in the middle of the side of the tablet and… for me that’s super annoying???  I hold the tablet a certain way that the plug impedes my grasp of it and limits my usage of the buttons.  Tho I could probably adjust the way I access them…… buT I wish it was just a liTTLE bit higher……. ALSO THE PEN BUTTON IS FLUSH TO THE PEN, and I’m used to pen buttons jutting out of the pen, so whenever I try to use it, I would have to stop and move the pen button back under my thumb to access it…. but honestly if I could give a review on that site, it would probably be…. like 4…. 4 and a half stars… cause it’s honestly not a big deal…


(request for Jack and scary technology)

“Gabe, how the hell did these people get my email?”

Gabe barely looked up from his datapad, but after Jack made a frustrated growl, Gabe looked to Jack hunched over in his chair and maybe glowering at his computer screen? It was hard to tell with the visor and mask on, Jack really needed to have something more convenient on his off time.

“Huh?” He asked.

“This place that wants me to buy health insurance from them,” Jack muttered, leaning towards the screen again, “They emailed me, how the hell did they get my email?”

“… have you given any sites your email address?” He asked.

“A… a few…” Jack said.

“…Man it’s a good thing you’re still legally dead, have shit credit and no credit cards,” He groaned before he got up to help his boyfriend.

“You still haven’t answered my question,” Jack said as he leaned over him to take over. He started dumping a lot of spam mail into Jack's junk folder before closing down the window to pull up the anti-virus program just to be on the safe side.

“Some sites will sell your email address for quick cash,” He said, “You’ve got to be careful where you willing hand over you email or you’ll end up with a bunch of nasty shit in your email inbox.”

“I fucking hate technology,” Jack grumbled, “Why can’t things be simple like when we were young?”

“Because when we were young we thought it was a smart idea to have God AI in control of everything,” He snarked before kissing Jack’s tense brow, “Don’t worry, Jackie, I’ll handle the scary technology.”

He could have sworn he heard Jack grumble ‘asshole edgelord’.

Top 10 Digimon Villains

With Digimon Adventure tri. bringing the series back in a big way, people are talking about the Digimon franchise again. While the franchise has its share of memorable characters, I’d like to talk about the kind that don’t tend to get much attention: Digimon’s bad guys. Read more, to who I think the top ten villains in the franchise are.

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by InsominiacArrest

“Hey.” Lapis approached Peridot slowly, shifting her weight from one foot to another, “my computer has been acting up.” She looked up at the ceiling and held her laptop closer to her skirt.

Peridot glanced up from her textbook, “Again?”

“Yeah, again.” She says more aggressively, “you wanna fix it?”

Peridot sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose, “what do you have for me in return?”

“Aw, c’mon Peri, we’ve been friends for long enough.”

“You should really just buy a new computer.” She grumbles.

“Excuse me miss bourgeois.”

“Yes, yes, show me the out dated pile of sparks.” Lapis happily sits down and plops the machine in front of her.

She carefully watches her, opening it, grumbling at it, her swift digits working over the keypad. It was like a soothing display of nature.

Lapis couldn’t say when she started to feel this way. Probably when she transferred to the class and Peridot told her to ‘forget clodding Rose Quartz, none of those group of girls are nice anyway.’

And a couple other insults and cute faces later and Lapis had a, well she wasn’t gonna say it.

“How in the hell did you manage to download two different viruses in the span of a week?!” Peridot outbursts.

Lapis flinches, well, something had to bear the brunt of her sacrifice for this endeavour.

“We just don’t know.” Lapis says in wide eyed faux-surprise.

“These aren’t even the hidden ones, they’re just straight up downloadable garbage.”

“What can I say,” Lapis shrugs, “I’m a clutz.”

“That’s it Lazuli, come with me.” Lapis’s face heats up as Peridot grabs her wrist and tours her down the school hallway.

“What is it?” Was she going to take her down to a closet somewhere and well, to do something.

They arrive at the school store instead.

“One computer anti-virus protector.” Peridot slapped down her credit card .

“Wh-what?” Lapis’s eyes went wide, “c’mon, dude, this is unnecessary.”

“Computer health Lazuli isn’t a joke.”

Lapis laughs nervously. “You can’t just spend money on me.”

“Consider it an early birthday present.” She smiles her off-kilter, sloping smile, “besides we’ve been friends long enough.”

“What type?” A gruff voice, Lars?, asks from behind the counter.

“Kaspersky. Charge it.” Peridot says a random word. He hands her over a flat card while swiping her credit card.

“This is too much.” Lapis murmurs.

“Now you won’t get anymore pesky viruses.” She hands her the flat card and runs her hand through her vertical hair.

“Thank you.” She breathes.

“I, uh, well it’s nothing Lazuli.” Peridot pushes her glasses up on her nose, “I’ve got that midterm to study for. I’ll see in homeroom.”

She waves her off and trots down the hall, leaving Lapis in the middle of the hallway with a red river painted across her face. Oh great, instead of seduction she was just getting it worse.

She sighs and holds the computer protection to her chest.


Lapis realizes she’s going to have to be more direct. As in really direct and just get this out of the way.

‘Dear Peridot,’ she starts, ‘you’re a loser.’ She crosses that out, but not before drawing some hearts around it. ‘You’re really small + cute,’ she crosses that off as well.

She groans and lies her head down on her desk. Crushes were dumb and so was she.

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same!! i got a new browser that auto installed while i'm downloading a cc ;__;

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

Lol but seriously, I hope your pc is okay!
Make sure to delete it all and i suggest using malwarebytes to clean things out.

You can be like me and keep downloading and forget it happened and never run your machine through any sort of anti-virus program. 

Textbooks on computer viruses often describe several ‘generations’ of malicious code. First generation viruses spread from machine to machine by an external disk; they were often ‘add-on’ viruses, which rewrite program code, or ‘boot sector’ viruses, which would install themselves on the computer’s MBR (Master Boot Record) so that, upon restart, the computer would launch from the virus’s code and not the computer’s normal MBR. Early anti-virus programs performed a calculation in which the size of program files were routinely checked for any changes (unlike document files, program files should not change, thus a change in the file size indicated an add-on or other type of virus). Second generation viruses were able to out-maneuver these calculations by either ballooning or pruning program code so that it always remained the same size. Third generation viruses, such as ‘stealth’ viruses, went further, being able to intercept and mimic the antivirus software, thereby performing fake file scans. Fourth generation viruses are the opposite of third generation; they employed ‘junk code’ and ‘attack code’ to carry out multi-pronged infiltrations, in effect overwhelming the computer’s anti-virus software (‘armored’ viruses). However, one anti-virus technique has remained nominally effective, and that is the identification of viruses based on their unique ‘signature’, a string of code that is specific to each virus class. Many anti-virus programs use this approach today, but it also requires a constantly updated record of the most current viruses and their signatures. Fifth generation viruses, or ‘polymorphic’ viruses, integrate aspects of artificial life and are able to modify themselves while they replicate and propagate through networks. Such viruses contain a section of code - a ‘mutation engine’ - whose task is to modify continuously its signature code, thereby evading or at least confusing anti-virus software. They are, arguably, examples of artificial life.
—  Galloway, A. and Thacker, E. (2006) ‘On Misanthropy’
Attention MS Paint Adventures fans

Just a little public service announcement.

One of the links off the website in Problem Sleuth contains a virus that WILL infect your computer.  

This page right here.

It brings up one of those pop up websites that says there’s a virus on the computer and will not let you close out of the website until you agree to their terms.

The only way to deal with this is to immediately shut your computer down by holding the power button.

After this happened a virus WAS introduced onto my computer.  (I kept getting pop ups from Windows Defender)

However running a scan from Advanced System Care Ultimate 8 I was able to eliminate the problem.  I suppose running any thorough anti-virus program should work.

I’m assuming that whatever website that link was supposed to go to has since been hacked since this page is several years old.

Just warning.

it’s unfortunate that we don’t have much insight into oliver’s background as a hacker because i feel like that aspect of his character could be a goldmine in understanding his motives for helping out first connor, then annalise, then end up working (more or less with connor) for annalise because hacking in itself is already very telling of someone’s personality, i think. 

so like there’s three types of hackers: black hats, white hats, and grey hats. 

black hat hackers are the bane of people’s lives affected by technology (i.e. everyone!). they steal identities, credit card information, undermine security systems for their own nefarious gain. 

white hat hackers are like your anti-virus protection programs. they build walls to make sure black hat hackers don’t get in. companies hire white hats to make sure their systems are protected against competition or malfunction. you call up white hats when you’re suddenly infected with malware.

and lastly, there’s the grey hat hackers. likely noble-hearted computer nerds who break apart the walls white hats build to: uncover secrets (like wikileaks and the panama papers) and expose corruption and the underhanded dealings of criminals (like finding buyers and sellers of child pornography). for example, the group anonymous. they hack for a “cause”.

now i’ve always felt what ollie is a bit of a grey hat and so with that in mind here’s some of my headcanon regarding hacker!ollie: 

  • we have oliver hampton thrust into the world of annalise keating: someone who fights for her clients and does whatever it takes in the name of ~justice~. someone who makes enemies out of the corrupt, the privileged, and the rich influential people at the top of the food chain. someone who breaks down walls in their pursuit of what is right and true… basically a grey hat hacker in real life. it was no wonder he so admired this woman even before having met her. 

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