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based on this post, i came up with something. 

what if anti is not only afraid of being retaliated, but he’s scared of not being taken seriously and he’s scared of loosing us?

look and listen at him each time. 

he mentions that we’ve lost, that this is our fault, that someone was weak, in order to make us feel something towards anti, to make us compelled to keep watching to see what else he has to say. Yet, overtime, we move on to the next meme or video that Jack’s posted up.

After he sees that the Anti hype is low, he strikes up again trying to make sure he’s relevant again. Notice how far he went to keep our attention as to showing up at Jack’s PAX panel.

I think of this like Undertale, where we’re Frisk and Anti is Flowey/Asriel. 

Think about it.

Flowey continues on saying how he is the prince of this world and how he’s killed people over and over again, trying to prove dominance and trying to strike fear into Frisk, yet, it doesn’t necessarily work as the player notices the backstory behind how Asriel became Flowey.

He gives up his flower form, taking up all the souls and becoming someone much stronger and powerful and decides to strike more fear into the player, killing them repeatedly with his powers. Much like Anti killing/corrupting the rest of the egos in order to gain more power, becoming more serious and angry at the jokes and foolery we’ve created with his name. (my personal favorite is trash goblin, but that’s beside the point)

‘In the Asriel battle, he tells the player phrases like:

Every time you die, your grip on this world slips away. Every time you die, your friends forget you a little more.”

Then we can do everything ALL over again.And you know what the best part of all this is? You’ll DO it.And then you’ll lose to me again.”

(Also, keep in mind how well liked Frisk is by these people. Similar to how Jack is well liked by us and the egos as well, with Schneeple telling how great Jack was and how he tried to save him. Look how far the support got them.)

Much like when Anti says:

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“That doctor thought he could save him, but he was mine! He was weak! Just like the rest of them! I’ve always been in control!”

“This is my world! All these creatures! There are no strings on me.” (much similar to the saving powers that flowey has to the player, giving him an advantage in the game).

Instead referring to the audience, Anti refers to Jack and the people tried to save him.

Towards the end of your battle with Asriel, he tells how he doesn’t want the game to end, he reveals to, you, the player, how alone he’s felt, and how afraid Asriel’s been since the first player, the one you named, died. 

Asriel has been underestimated before and hasn’t reacted kindly to it, he’s left little hints that he’s been around and causing trouble throughout the game, he thrives off of this attention and uses this against the player until he reaches his tipping point, and unlike anti, he breaks down because of this power, realizing his actions and what he’s done without a soul. 

Anti hasn’t mentioned it, but he is desperate. He’s reaching the tipping point. He’s shown the emotion, rather than directly telling us. He would do anything to keep this attention.

Anti has to constantly reassure to the viewer that he’s always watching and that he’s in control. He knows we haven’t been taking him seriously and we’ve been using his name against him than for him. 

He’s afraid of us leaving and ending this game of chaos with us, he doesn’t want to go and fade away yet, and he’ll even killed/corrupted some of his own kind to do it. 

Also, keep in mind that Anti called Jack’s body home, and he even tells how “this” is his world, do you think he wants to loose it? With us just retaliating so quick, showing how powerful we really are?

You see, at the end of the pacifist route of Undertale, Frisk/YOU didn’t retaliate. You literally saved him with your attention, and determination to make things right. So, why can’t we do it again with Anti?  

Do you think Anti is willing to just let go of something we created with and for him? 

So; much like we had to save Asriel in Undertale in order for him to restart and bring everything back to zero, we have to not only save Jack, but save Anti in this as well, to just restart and bring this all back to zero.

Dͫͣ́i͎ḓ͓͖͙͡ ̋y̸̘̫̗̹̜͔̍̊ͬ͛͑ͅo̴̹̖̽̋͐ͨ͑ͥu͙̔̑͌͗̂̎͞ ̸ͩ͊̏ͯ̍ṁ̙͉̪̠̲̘͑͒̓ͨi̥͊̓s̢̜̼͖̱̈́ͦ̓̍̔s̙̳̬̭̞̦̙ͫ̌ ̵̦̥̩̄̈́͋̿̎m̛̺͓͛̓ě̸̦͙͕̞ͧ͗ͮͥ?̛͖̗̥̗̣ͯͤ

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honestly the desire to hate everything and everyone on this website is exhausting and a huge pain in the ass.

let people enjoy things.

let people love snape without being told they should never have children. let people enjoy the game grumps and markiplier. let people be straight and express their sexuality just as much as anyone else. let people relax and play video games without having to worry about how “problematic uwu” the developer supposedly is.

jesus christ, just let people enjoy things.