anti vegetarian

I feel like I need to say something
  • cis people are not problematic
  • white people are not problematic
  • Christians are not problematic
  • Islam is not problematic
  • vegans are not problematic
  • guns are not problematic
  • feminists are not problematic
  • men are not problematic 
  • rich people are not problematic

Individuals are problematic, and sometimes an entire group of individuals can be problematic but please try not to judge someone based on their group, even if most of that group are idiots

@my vegan / vegetarian pals: I will 100% support your decisions to not eat meat or animal products, but the minute you start accusing me of being an animal hater or cruelty of some sort, I’ll eat about five steaks right in front of your face and relish the juices that drip down my chin, never breaking eye contact throughout the entire meal


Here is a nice THROWBACK THURSDAY! :D 

See how he talks about Taylor after becoming a pescetarian. Taylor isn’t pescetarian anymore, and is probably back to being anemic. Also Taylor was also suspected to be pregnant during some of this time. And this is how he spoke about the mother of his children, his “soul mate.” 

No wonder Greg doesn’t have enough energy on a vegan diet. He eats junk and rarely makes his own food, and when he does it is noodles or cereal. He also doesn’t eat enough.
He goes to restaurants without telling them he is vegetarian/vegan, and wonders why his food comes to him with meat/dairy products in them.  The fourth image, with the fries, very likely has animal products. Another time, he ordered mashed potatoes, with fries on the side ;) and most likely had butter and cream added to them. 
The point of this Instagram is to show his vegan progress adventure. 
His diet is mostly noodles, potatoes, bread/toast, and cereals. 
The only whole fruits he has eaten since starting the Instagram 4 days ago, has been two peaches, and that fruit juice. And the only whole veggies have been broccoli and potatoes, and I would consider potatoes to be too starchy to count as a good example as a veggie but more as part of the carb group with breads. 

I love animals but I believe that the consumption of meat/dairy is just part of life, animals eat other animals and we don’t call them immoral for it. if you choose a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, that’s great but imo calling non-vegans disgusting is just rude and unnecessary and shows a complete lack of understanding of how the world works. we’re animals. animals kill other animals to survive. its called science

Rant time: why not everyone can be vegetarian/vegan, and why you should stop trying to bully them into it.

Rant is below the cut. Warning: long post. Also towards the end I got pretty aggresive because of comments I read online as my research progressed… so for a negative-free day, feel free to ignore my rant. That’s all. I hope y’all have a safe and happy evening!

(also I strive to keep my blog solely focused on fandom and the likes, and avoid drama and negativity, so I’m not going to make this kind of posts into a habit. That’s a singular post, because I got a bit angry about something I saw on another website. That’s all. Otherwise, my blog is to be kept safe and happy and all the likes). 

Rant below:

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