one of the saddest things is when a show you invested so much of your time into and became emotionally attached to seriously fucks up and you are no longer captivated by it whether it’s because of illogical plots with zero substance, ooc characters, sexist writing or because the show kills off and treats minorities horrendously, and all you have left is this bitterness at how things turned out because something that once made you happy now leaves you emotionally and mentally drained.

Omg I had a gross thought: what if TVD ended with Bonnie and Cade's particular dimensions clashing to the point of fragmentation?

In which case, many dimensions spring up where all the possible endgame combos can exist. And Plague can end the show without pissing off all of the shippers she created when she transformed the show into the shipper diaries. Like it’s just so outrageously stupid, but it would fit Plague’s definition of “sad but beautiful”.

I find this absolutely disgusting that they had the nerve to tweet this because this tweet literally summarizes what they see Bonnie as, a WOC who constantly loses her life to protect her white counterparts.

Let me make this clear. Bonnie Bennett is not indentured to anyone, she has risked her life and put others before her too many times, and the fact that yall constantly make her lose everything confirms how you view women of color on this show.

person: julie plec is a creative genius!!

me, an intellectual: julie plec has failed to grasp basic concepts such as diversity, characterisation bc instead of developing a character she retcons them to the point that they’re unrecognisable, she allows misogynistic and rather racist material to be included, the way she treats certain cast members *cough* kat *cough*, she panders to specific fans but disrespects most of them, she pretty much ruined the show by focusing more so on romantic relationships than on familiar and platonic ones.

Here's how TVD should have ended

-Damon Salvatore in a casket decimated for good
-Elena Gilbert alive and human living in a house with Human Stefan Salvatore having the life they always wished for
-Bonnie Bennett marrying a guy who would actually treat her like a Princess preferably someone whose name starts with K and the last name Parker or Mikaelson
-Caroline Flying her pretty little ass to New Orleans and then her and Klaus go on a world tour
-Katherine Pierce never really went to “Hell” she was just in another Prison world and she was brought back. She also joins Caroline to her trip to NOLA where Elijah is waiting for her
- Matt and Tyler finally realize how much they love eachother