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"Maybe if your faves weren't fugitives they would mentor Peter rather than Stark"

That’s not the point. The point is that most of Spider-Man’s origin story is him becoming the hero we all know and love by himself. Tony stark never gave him a pre-made original spider suit. Now I’d be lying to say that Tony has never helped out Peter but a lot of you guys are acting like he’s a main key to Spider-Man story and he’s not. He is not the reason why Peter is Spidey. Spiderman puts in his suit and helps/saves people not to impress or be like someone else but because it’s his responsibility and if anything Uncle Ben is the reason why Peter is Spiderman and continues to save people and fight crime. “He’s young and he makes mistakes and he needs someone to guide him.” Yes I get it but Peter Parker is a very smart kid and I think people are forgetting this too. This character finds a way out of no way and that’s one reason why many young people adore him because there’s no older person telling him what to do. this new spider we’ll have to wait till the movie comes out to see how it goes because it seems like they’re mixing Miles and Peter’s story up.oh and P.S while people are still mad about Steve Rogers in CW don’t forget that Peter always looked up to Cap too soo.

Seriously writers?

Just had a chat with Dave on the tweets (along with a few others) He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t see Tom is destroying the show and thinks James gets a lot of screen time. He thinks there are “other” reasons as to why the show is down in ratings, like blaming other new shows. This is why it is important folks to not watch, record, or download this upcoming garbage that is Blacklist Redemption!!!

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Eventually, the character evolved to a point where it made sense for him to leave. After all, explains Eisendrath, “It’s super-hard because he has a kid now and a woman who he’s actually at a good place in his relationship with — that’s good drama.” And it’s that personal story that drives the show.  Tom and Liz are split apart physically, but not emotionally, Bokenkamp stresses. “For me, the fact that he’s a dad and not a single dad, the fact that he has a real commitment and a desire to be a father is a very important dimension of who he is,” he says. That willingness to put in the work of being a father is an important point for Bokenkamp: “It centers the show that, ultimately, with all the bells and whistles that it’s going to have, is really about family.”

So great for Tom - he gets to have it all - but how is any of this good for Liz? Split apart physically but not emotionally?  Going to tag this as anti for the sake of those that block tags.

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Tom Price belongs to a fringe, conservative group of doctors known for its unorthodox health care views – and its bashing of the department he now leads. Amy Goldstein reports: “The group, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), holds positions that are at wide variance with basics of federal health policy. It opposes Medicare … [and offers] extensive training to doctors on how to opt out of the program. It also opposes mandatory vaccination as ‘equivalent to human experimentation,’ a stance contrary to requirements in every state and recommendations of major medical organizations and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Such positions are part of an underlying credo, which Price has long espoused, that doctors should be autonomous in treating their patients — with far fewer government rules, medical quality standards, insurance coverage limits and legal penalties when they make mistakes. The congressman’s ardent hostility toward the Affordable Care Act, before its passage in 2010 and ever since, springs from that credo’s anti-government sentiment.“

Tom Price belongs to a doctors group with unorthodox views on government and health care.

They’re tearing apart our government, and our country, and the Republicans in Congress are collaborators.

late 1x08 thoughts/overall season review

warning: me = pissed

(this is coming from a person who loved/stanned the show hardcore in the beginning)

- well folks, i finally realized what taboo is after all, as a show. it took me a while to grasp it, because i kept hoping it was smarter than it appeared to be. and y’know, some aspects of it were very well done, but the overarching purpose of this show was to serve as a ridiculous male escapist fantasy. that’s fucking it.

- i’d be fine with that if taboo had the guts to admit it. to bask in it, to glorify it, even. instead, it’s still trying to sell me on james delaney’s “damned” existence and his many trials and tribulations as an “underdog”. 


BITCH PLS. this is basically a choose-your-own-adventure where tom hardy is the smartest, coolest, bamfest dude in all of london, nay the world. he bamboozles everyone, he wins at everything, he’s the mastermind who can never be defeated and everyone bows down to his incredible talents. nothing, literally nothing, can stop him. superman is his side-hoe at this point. oh, he hears dead slaves singing to him? nah, don’t worry about it, the plot won’t ever explore that, it’s just there to give him surface nuance. see, our “damned” hero is not there just to chew scenery and look cool, he has baggage

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SAID THE ENTIRE TBL FANBASE (or at least the overwhelming majority)

Me: I’m SOOO EXCITED for 1 hour Blacklist “Special” tonight starting at 9pm!!!

TPTB: You mean 2 hour…

Me:… No… 1 hour.

TPTB:… (Confused silence)



I can’t believe I forgot to upload these! I just recently caught up on Star vs and I started thinking to myself about TomStar and how Marco knew about it and also why she keeps the horns. So I headcanon that one late evening they’re we’re talking, sharing secrets and being playful. Marco maybe asks about her headband and maybe snatches it up and put it on. And Star gets a little shaken up and gently takes them back. She confesses they’re from her ex and she used to love him a lot. Separately I hc that the reason they broke up is because he hit her once and she wouldn’t put up with that and left him. I don’t think that’ll ever be a thing and I honestly don’t want that particular hc to ever happen. I like Tom a lot and I don’t want that apart of his character.