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The USA is not a Moral Authority

I’m sick of this nonsense about the U.S. being a moral authority. At no point in its history has the U.S. been a beacon of morality:

  • Not when committing genocide against the Native Americans.
  • Not when passing out smallpox blankets and liquor to Native Americans.
  • Not when forcibly performing experiments on Black slaves.
  • Not during the Tuskegee Experiment.
  • Not when stealing Puerto Rico.
  • Not when performing forced sterilizations on unknowing women of color.
  • Not when stealing Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and California from Mexico.
  • Not when enslaving, selling, raping, murdering, and torturing Africans.
  • Not when it had Jim Crow.
  • Not during the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Not when it was dropping bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
  • Not when it had Japanese internment camps (WWII), into which they forced American citizens.
  • Not when it engaged in an illegal war with Vietnam and committed MANY horrific war crimes (My Lai Massacre; Agent Orange).
  • Not when it assassinated–or helped bring about the assassinations of–Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, MLK, Fred Hampton, and many more.
  • Not when it put drugs and guns into Black communities.
  • Not when it instituted racist drug laws.
  • Not when creating racist organizations to sabotage Civil Rights movements (COINTELPRO).
  • Not during the terrorist acts against “Black Wallstreet” in 1921 (Tulsa race riot).
  • Not when lynchings of Black people were sources of entertainment for racist monsters.
  • Not when it invaded the wrong country (Iraq) under false pretenses.
  • Not when it has the highest prison population in the world.
  • Not when has a culture that promotes rape.
  • Not when people can be murdered on camera and the murderer go free (Eric Garner murdered with illegal chokehold).
  • Not when Native American populations have been decimated, and many of the ones left continue to suffer on reservations.
  • Not when using drones to kill innocent Pakistani, Yemeni, and even American civilians.
  • Not when torturing people with water-boarding, rectal feeding/rehydration, and force-feeding people through tubes shoved down their nasal passages.
  • Not while continuing to keep Guantanamo Bay open, holding more than 130 people prisoner.

The U.S. has long lauded itself as THE moral authority, but it is a nation founded on hypocrisy and irony, genocide and slavery, rape and torture, theft and corruption. The United States of AmeriKKKa is one of the most immoral and unjust nations in the world… Possibly the worst, on the basis of its hypocrisy. 

So….  I’m seriously side eyeing the plot of Sun Dogs.  

“Following his third failed attempt to join the military, courage-obsessed misfit, Ned Chipley, takes a Marine Officer’s advice to “protect the home front” a little too seriously. Determined to find his purpose in life, Ned Chipley zeroes in on a casino manager, who may or may not be an Al Qaeda mastermind. Chipley enlists the help of a young runaway named Tally Petersen; together they form the most unlikely anti-terrorism unit of post-9/11 America in SUN DOGS, a tale of love, friendship and homeland security.”

Summary from IMDB.

“Intellectually limited as a result of an accident at birth, Ned Chipley’s heart and body are dedicated to his dream of saving lives, but that’s not enough for him to meet the Marine Corps’ eligibility standards. After his fourth failed attempt to join the Marines, he pairs up with Tally Peterson, a young runaway, and his commitment to defending the United States finds an outlet when the pair mistake a group of young men for terrorists.

Creating genuine sympathy for a quirky lead whose catalyst for action is built on a misunderstanding requires a deft touch, but these complexities make outsider Ned and his story all the richer. First-time director Jennifer Morrison allows this offbeat character to represent the failures and successes that exist in all of us, showing that inside every willing heart is a hero waiting to shine.”

Summary from the LA Film Festival.

So this is a move about a quirky young white man who “mistakes” a non white man for a terrorist.  How?  Oh i can’t imagine how a couple of “quirky” and lovable white people decide to become vigilantes might innocently mistake a non white guy for a terrorist but we’re going to make a movie that sympathizes with them.

Nothing about this reads good to me.

anonymous asked:

I don't watch PD but I'm invested in the story because of your blog lol. Can you briefly describe the finale?

Ohh that’s such a nice thing to hear! :)

SPOILERS AHEAD: So basically Bunny did a bunch of bad stuff (what else is new), Lindsay has her hearing and it does NOT go well. We never actually hear board’s decision though, so she might be off the hook (who knows not us). Chief Lugo tells Voight either Erin goes or he shuts down intelligence (so she’s jobless I guess)

Meanwhile Jay is getting reading to propose to Erin, because she’s all he thinks about and he’s ready, so he asks Will to get his mother’s ring out of the box. He doesn’t propose though, probably realizing it’s not the right moment (10 points for Ravenclaw there).

Lindsay gets a job offer from the FBI to work in an undercover anti cyber terrorism unit (if I remembered correctly), and she makes a deal to take it if they leave her mother free (WHY ERIN WHY??). Voight realizes Bunny is not the victim, but actually murdered two drug dealers to get more money, and he uses it to extort Bunny (if she ever puts Erin in jeopardy again he has proof she did it).

The finale ends with Lindsay saying goodbye to Voight (who gives her a dog tag with his fingerprint on it so she’d always have him with her #FEELSALERT). He tells her to never look back, and she leaves doing just that.

The unit is waiting for Lindsay (and Burgess) at Molly’s and Jay sits their SO ANXIOUSLY IT BREAKS MY HEART. He goes out to call her and we see Lindsay watching Chicago nightline holding the dogtag Hank gave her in one hand, and the phone with Jay calling her in the other. She silences the phone and the episode ends.

And that’s what you’ve missed on GLEE! Oh wait wrong show :D Hope you enjoyed this!


Abolish Human Abortion has started harassing United Methodist Churches, based on their pro-choice stance.  They also harass other “pro-life” churches for not being a radical and harassing as they are. 

AHA is all about the “rebuke” 

They live for this shit. 

Anyway, I love Rev. David’s answer. 

Policewoman, 26, is fighting for her life after attacker stole her gun and 'shot her in the head' at a train station in Munich Shooting incident occurred this morning at Unterföhring station around 8.20am

Witnesses reported the man had stolen a police officer’s pistol and then shot her
Police said shooter acted on ‘personal reasons’, not political nor religious ones
Elite armed SEK anti-terror police units were scrambled to the subway station

The Librarians - GO SEE THIS

First: Have you ever seen this movie?

This. This is a staple of my youth. It is HILARIOUS. It has a QUIRKY GOOFUS LEAD GUY. It’s an adventure/comedy about a dude picked to be responsible for a secret archive of magical junk under the New York Metropolitan Library and he has to go out and find MORE magical junk before some jerks find it first and use it to mess up the world and you should ALL GO WATCH IT. The parallels to actual myth and legend are often ridiculously off-kilter but the acting and humor totally make up for it. It has two sequels which aren’t quite as good but you can watch those two if you feel like it BUT DEFINITELY WATCH THE FIRST ONE

*ahem* Now, have you heard of this new show that just premiered on Sunday?





Now, “good” might be defined differently by different people. The fight scenes are laughably - I do mean laughably - terrible, the storyline has corny moments, but they are DELIGHTFULLY corny moments, with characters who are LOVEABLY goofy, and honestly pretty darn good writing, and it TOTALLY MATCHES THE HUMOR AND WORLD OF THE MOVIE

First, you’ve got the classic main character from the movies, Flynn Carsen, the dude on the right:

That picture says a lot, really.

He’s a goofus who originally was a professional student with like a jillion PhDs, and Bob Newhart is his mentor. Bob Newhart runs the magical Library where Flynn works. Bob Newhart is known as Judson but I figured a few of you would be excited about Bob Newhart, so name dropping ahoy. Bob Newhart probably won’t be in the actual SHOW much, which makes me sad, but you’ll love him in the movie. Also it looks like Flynn won’t be a MAIN-main character in the show, it’s gonna focus mostly on the new kids, but he’s PRETTY DARN IMPORTANT and hilarious.

Now let’s introduce some of the new cast in the show, who are fantastic in their OWN equally special ways. Here’s three of them:

I feel like these pictures are really speaking for themselves. Notice how they are not all your “classic” super-hot characters (I say classic because I dunno about you but I find the nice-guy midwestern oil rigger dude in the middle quite attractive OH AND DID YOU KNOW HE HAS AN IQ OF 190 AND SECRETLY WRITES ART HISTORY BOOKS AS A HOBBY AND YET STILL HAPPILY KEEPS HIS DAY JOB ON A FAMILY OIL RIG IN OKLAHOMA AND HE’S EXPERIENCED IN BARFIGHTING AND HE’S A REALLY NICE GUY WITH A NERDY SIDE FOR ART)


But yes, I’m really pleased that they managed to collect such a relatively NORMAL-looking group of people. No one is dirt-ugly and it would be quite easy to say all of them are very attractive in their own way, but it doesn’t look or feel like a bunch of supermodels just walked on-set and were handed scripts and awkwardly-fitting outfits. I am looking at you, Revolution.

(Ugh, the guy in the super-tight blue shirt, and her in the too-small leather jacket, and the bad fight scenes, and, I just, I can’t–)

So back to our first (fourth?) picture, the dude on the left is a super-smart kleptomaniac, not in the psychological disorder sense (well, maybe) but in the “I’m smart enough to steal things so I think I will ‘cause it’s fun” sense. He’s decently entertaining, I expect good things from him.

On the right we have the ONLY non-genius member of the group, which isn’t actually saying much because she’s pretty darn smart and she kicks butt (literally, even if the fight scenes really aren’t much to speak of XD;). I think she’s a colonel in an anti-terrorism unit or something. There was a nuclear bomb in the beginning of the episode. Also an opal that summons demons but that actually wasn’t that important (thank goodness, I really don’t care for demons in real life or in my TV shows). 

And on the right in THIS picture is our other new main character, who is a super-sweet girl with a totally real and very rare brain condition called synesthesia, so she sort of overloads on super smart information and gets weird side effects, like math smelling like peanuts. It’s hard to explain, but they have a really cool (and sad) explanation for it. 

So the new cast all-together looks something like this:

That’s pretty much the whole show right there. 

(Oh yeah, and there’s this guy, but we don’t don’t know much about him yet except he’s a grouch who wishes all these kids would leave him alone:)

Did you notice? This is a show about gathering magical artifacts, and almost everyone in it is a NERD of some kind, and NONE OF THEM HAVE MAGICAL POWERS. There are no convenient psychics or people who get vibes (I’m sorry, Warehouse 13, I’m calling you on that), there are just ordinary people with maybe not so ordinary but still very possible gifts, and they are all lovable dorks and OH MY GOODNESS WATCH THIS SHOW




That is my message. Thank you for your time.

Oh and before I go I should also warn you, this premier will make you cry over a sword.

You have been warned.



Germany’s newest anti-terror unit,  Beweissicherungs- und Festnahmeeinheit plus (“Evidence Collection and Arrest Unit Plus”) or BFE+. The first 50 unit members during their inauguration, will eventually provide assistance to fellow anti-terror units like the GSG-9. The creation of BFE+ comes in the wake of increased terror attacks in Europe. (GRH)


Where are your papers?

  • Armed men check journalists documents around the regional parliament building in the Crimean city of Simferopol March 1, 2014. U.S. President Barack Obama has warned Russia against any military intervention in Ukraine after the country’s new leaders accused Moscow of deploying forces in the Crimea region. (REUTERS/David Mdzinarishvili)
  • Unidentified armed men in military uniform check documents as they patrol near a building of the Crimean Cabinet of Ministers, Ukraine, 01 March 2014. The armed men, described by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov as Russian naval forces, took control at 28 February, of the airports in Simferopol and near the port of Sevastapol where the Russian Black Sea Fleet has a base. Russia said it had neither deployed troops nor had any role in blockading the airport. It conceded, however, that it had stepped up measures by ‘anti-terror units’ to protect members of its fleet stationed in the region. Crimea’s pro-Russian new prime minister Sergei Aksyonov on 01 March asked Moscow for help in the simmering conflict on the Black Sea peninsula, while declaring he was in control of all law enforcement agencies. (EFE/EPA/ARTUR SHVARTS)

anonymous asked:

Does Colombia have a special police force like SWAT in the U.S?

We do actually, I’m going to name you the main three special forces they have, these are:

COPES - Cuerpo de Operaciones Especiales y Anti Terrorismo - Special operations and anti-terrorism corps

Very specialized units, trained, among others, by the SAS, Army Rangers, the Green Berets, american SWAT units and our own army special forces. 

Carabineros - The carabinieri

Basically the rural police, the “army” branch of the police, as they’re send to establish government control over areas where FARC and ELN guerrillas are active, and as such constantly engage them in battle, they’re usually the units with the highest casualty rates.

 Comandos Jungla - Jungle commandos

A highly mobile airborne unit tasked with the search and destruction of coca and mariguana plantations all over the country, similarly trained to the COPES, many times facing heavy resistance by FARC, ELN and the remands of the old cartels in the process, at least five helicopters lost during aerial operations in the past years. 

Keep in mind, all of these policemen began as such, patrolling the streets of our cities with just a baton and/or a handgun, and were then handpicked to fit these roles. 

AP photo of what are alleged to be British and American mercenaries operating as an “anti-terrorism” unit against the pro-Russian Donetsk forces.

The prime minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic has claimed that English-accented voices are heard often on military frequencies and that “they have very good snipers”.
Canadian activists turn to UN with challenge to controversial anti-terror bill
Bill increasing powers of spy agency and federal law enforcement has met with accusations it is too broad and infringes on rights to privacy and free speech

Canadian civil society groups are bringing their challenge to a contentious new anti-terror bill to an international audience: a key United Nations rights body in Geneva.

Opponents of bill C-51 will use a periodic review of Canada’s international rights obligations this week by the UN human rights committee to voice a laundry list of concerns related to the anti-terror legislation and other national security issues.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) and Amnesty International Canada (AIC) are among the groups that will plead their case before the UN panel.

“We want to ensure the human rights committee is aware of a fairly long list of serious, and we would say worsening, human rights concerns,” said AIC secretary general Alex Neve.

“There’s a bundle of issues related to national security, even before bill C-51 came along.”

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