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Abolish Human Abortion has started harassing United Methodist Churches, based on their pro-choice stance.  They also harass other “pro-life” churches for not being a radical and harassing as they are. 

AHA is all about the “rebuke” 

They live for this shit. 

Anyway, I love Rev. David’s answer. 



Germany’s newest anti-terror unit,  Beweissicherungs- und Festnahmeeinheit plus (“Evidence Collection and Arrest Unit Plus”) or BFE+. The first 50 unit members during their inauguration, will eventually provide assistance to fellow anti-terror units like the GSG-9. The creation of BFE+ comes in the wake of increased terror attacks in Europe. (GRH)
Canadian activists turn to UN with challenge to controversial anti-terror bill
Bill increasing powers of spy agency and federal law enforcement has met with accusations it is too broad and infringes on rights to privacy and free speech

Canadian civil society groups are bringing their challenge to a contentious new anti-terror bill to an international audience: a key United Nations rights body in Geneva.

Opponents of bill C-51 will use a periodic review of Canada’s international rights obligations this week by the UN human rights committee to voice a laundry list of concerns related to the anti-terror legislation and other national security issues.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) and Amnesty International Canada (AIC) are among the groups that will plead their case before the UN panel.

“We want to ensure the human rights committee is aware of a fairly long list of serious, and we would say worsening, human rights concerns,” said AIC secretary general Alex Neve.

“There’s a bundle of issues related to national security, even before bill C-51 came along.”

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