anti taxation

Profit – the unpaid surplus created by labor and appropriated by capital – is essentially a tax on labor with none of the pretense that it’s coming back to you in some way. In the best case scenario for tax, it’s put towards social programs and helpful common utilities. Profit, on the other hand, is essentially a tax on the worker’s labor for not owning means of production, a tax that is always there to line the pockets of the capitalist.

And that’s not even going into rent, the tax on the tenant enforced by the landlord.

Scenario: we’re at chick-fil-a. I order an eight-count nugget meal because I can’t afford to spend more than $6.35. You order a 12-count nugget meal and upgrade to large fries and lemonade because you have more money.
So if I walk across the restaurant and swipe two nuggets and a handful of fries from you, a complete stranger, is that justifiable? Would you be totally okay with it because now we have the same number of fries and chicken nuggets? Are you totally comfortable with me, a stranger, stealing the food you paid for with your hard-earned money? After all, I am a poor and hungry college student. Aren’t I entitled to the same number of chickens and fries as you?
Now you know how idiotic and immoral you sound when you advocate for higher taxes on the wealthy to pay for your stuff.

As long as capitalism is a thing, progressive tax all the fucking way. The more you have, the more you pay in taxes percentage-wise.

Even in vanilla liberal language, the rich make their money through the collective effort of workers, trade, and infrastructure, so they owe their fortunes to the interconnectivity of life.

In spicy leftist language, the rich make their money through the extraction and appropriation of surplus value produced by workers and through the nature of hierarchical property relationships whereby owners profit off of users.

A new piece of legislation being put through by our corrupt government. Anyone who organises anti-taxation protests or information is liable to be jailed for up to ten years
We need to take back our country from the budding dictatorship we have on our hands, the church and the banks before we have nothing left, little by little they’re taking our freedom, Ireland needs to wake up, it’s not “grand” far from it Freedom and human rights for everyone that lives in or wants to live in Ireland