anti tank rifle

commission, ruby rose WW1-esque outfit for kenjipark’s AU


Yes I know, that’s a Boys Anti-Tank Rifle from WW2 not 1, i’m aware lol, they just wanted that gun and I don’t know the specifics of why Ruby has it in that universe. I modified the stock to try to change it up a bit, but ya’ll eagle eyed xD. Honestly, I was thinking of replacing it with the Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr anti-tank rifle since it would be from a similar era, but I wasn’t entirely sure and just stuck with whatever they gave me.

Also yes, i’ve handled guns before (although not heavy weapons like these) so I know not to point the barrel downwards into the ground, let alone an anti-vehicle weapon. For the aesthetics of the commission sketch though, I went along with it anyway.


I’ve been thinking about doing something like that for a few days and then the Solothurn S18-1000 came out and it had just the right excuse in the comments. I went in a slightly different direction, because it felt like the right thing to do. Personally, I call it “Ian’s lucky bid”, it matters little really.


Automatic 20 mm anti-tank rifle 36M.n.pu.

Developed in late 1920s in Solothurn, Switzerland, for German army under the codename S18-100 in 20x105B, later as S18-1000 in more common 20x138B. Tested in many countries, adopted in Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Italy and in Hungary as “20mm 36M nehézpuska“ - 36M.n.pu. Also used in Toldi light tank and in WW2. Rate of fire from 15 to 20 rpm, 735 m/s, 40 kg.


Carl Gustav Pansarvärnsgevär fm/42 recoilless rifle

Designed c1940-42, manufactured for a very short while afterward - serial number 2441.
20x180mmR single-shot breech loader, Davis recoilless principle vented breech, shoulder-fired, Meoptra 4,5x scope.

The first shoulder-fire recoilless weapon, this Swedish anti-tank rifle still used the same “hard bullet going real fast” formula in use in the early stages of WW2. Unlike its counterparts however, it wasn’t built to withstand the full power of its cartridges like a conventional rifle, and such was much lighter.
Even with all its advantages, the Carl Gustav was not able to defeat more than 40mm of armor and became obsolete as an anti-tank rifle shortly after its introduction.


Self-loading anti-tank rifle ZK 407

Designed in february 1941 in Zbrojovka Brno by Josef Koucký. A single prototype rifle numbered 0101 finished in 7.92x94 mm (Patrone 318) with detachable 5 round box and 10 round drum magazines. After a series of trials and subsequent adjustments the gun worked reliably, but the development was abandoned in the august of 1941.

Hey there friends! It’s that wondrous time of year again: Lesbian Day of Visibility! And I know there’s a lot of you out there lookin for that Good Gay Content to celebrate and unfortunately that can be hard to find in the world of anime. So like last year, I’ll be compiling a list of some of my recommendations to help y’all out. These are all yuri/shoujo ai series with kickass female leads that do not feature gross fetish material. You can also check out the list I made last year right here for more and there’s also this nice post with some yuri manga. Once again, Happy Lesbian Day of Visibility and let’s get to the list!

Princess Principal

In early 20th century London, every night is girl’s night out as a team of five talented spies use their unique skills to crash parties, take names, and navigate the mysterious underworld of espionage.

Steampunk Spy Lesbians. Not sure how much else I have to say after that. Princess Principal is amazing on so many levels. Stellar characters who all have great chemistry, epic soundtrack, plot twists for days, and of course, a lot of gay under/overtones. Where is season 2.


When two small-time journalists end up uncovering a huge terrorist plot, it’s up to them and a mysterious super-powered mercenary named Canaan to shut it all down.

Alright, I have to admit, this show is… a bit of a hot mess. But it’s a really fun, low-key gay kind of hot mess. While there are some confusing story elements and one or two kinda bad side characters, that’s all made up for with some kickass action scenes and a really compelling rivalry between Canaan and her arch-nemesis Alphard. Canaan certainly has its flaws, but overall it’s still a very enjoyable experience.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

After a tough day in the office, a computer programmer gets drunk off her ass, hikes into the mountains, and brings home a dragon. Don’t act like you haven’t.

We all know the “magical girlfriend from another world comes to save the day” trope by now, but Dragon Maid really brings a lot of freshness to this overdone plot, and it’s not just because of the gay. Dragon Maid excels at crafting very genuine characters with equally genuine relationships, which makes all the emotional moments really shine. And yes, the 20% of the show that falls into the “oh god why Japan” category can be hard to ignore for some, but at its core, Dragon Maid is a very heartwarming anime that shows there’s all kinds of families out there.

Izetta: The Last Witch

It’s World War II and Austria Eylstadt has a new secret weapon to fight back against the German Germanian army: a 15-year-old girl flying on an anti-tank rifle. get rekt hitler

The main thing that stands out to me in Izetta is the story, which in my opinion is almost completely flawless. Combine that with two pretty awesome female leads who have excellent chemistry and you’ve got yourself a great work of historical fiction. Izetta is a great ride from start to finish.


Yamada is a shy girl who loves gardening. Kase is an outgoing high school track star. Just like the morning glories Kase watches Yamada tend to, their relationship is sure to blossom.

Kase-san is your typical high school lesbian romance fluff. It’s just as beautiful and adorable as you’d expect and I loved it. (read the whole thing in one sitting instead of writing an essay because nothing about me is straight not even my priorities) An OVA adaptation of this series is set for release this June, but in the meantime there’s the completed manga and this super cute animated short that came out last year.

And that’s my list! Once again, if you wanna check out last year’s list for more titles, that’s right here. More recommendations are always welcome, so add them if you so desire. Happy viewing!