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I watched the entirety of 13 Reasons Why, starting out of pure curiosity, but completing the series due to a glimmer of a hope that the message would somehow become more positive and comforting, for victims especially. I have concluded that this show isn’t healthy for victims to watch. It perpetuates age old stereotypes of mental illness, portraying suicide as something selfish, just a cry for attention. It’s core message is a reminder that actions have consequences, but that knowledge is already ingrained in us all. It doesn’t seem to offer anything new to the discussion. The scenes of popular discussion were nauseatingly graphic. In my opinion, this show is dangerous and encourages martyrdom, and its been showcased and marketed to those who are most vulnerable. It feels like a dagger in my heart to see so many people posting about it on social media, speaking of how “13 Reasons Why helped them to understand depression”, preaching about how to help others when I recognize them as some of my bullies, some of  they have most likely never actually experienced clinical depression and suicidal idealizations. It puts a rosy lens on suicide. They focus on the romantic aspects: the star-crossed lovers, the relationship that could never be.

I think it spreads the opposite message it should be spreading. If the creators truly cared about their audience, they would not provide such a hopeless outlook on recovery and such unneeded, graphic scenes.

Hi, I’m really sorry to bother but I’m extremely worried about Bri (voltron-and-chill67). The anti-shipper that has been harassing her just posted this a little while ago. Is there a way we can contact Tumblr staff about their suicidal thoughts?

There is. I’m sure you’re familiar with the report function, and you can report a Tumblr user as a danger to themselves. This will alert the staff and resources can be sent their way.

But beyond just doing that, and don’t get me wrong I’m not singling you out here because you haven’t done anything wrong, you know what we can do? Not tell people to kill themselves. Not trivialize it when they say they’ve tried or will try. Or how about we just don’t take fandom and made up characters SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY? Look, I don’t give a single fuck what your thoughts on otayuri are. I don’t care if you’re an anti or one of the biggest shippers on this website. This, what’s happening? This is toxic. I almost lost a friend last night to this toxicity. I almost relapsed myself because of it. In fact, several of our mutual friends were in a similar headspace as me. In other words, much as I love her and was beyond worried about her, and as glad as I am that she’s okay, Brianna wasn’t the only one that could have been a victim here.

Because of one asshole who thought that trivializing suicide because of two made up characters was a good idea.

I’ve been lucky enough not to get antis on my blog, and I’m sure that after posting this, I’ll be getting some, but my point still stands. Otayuri, or any other ship for that matter, is not worth someone’s life.

Have your opinion about Thirteen Reasons Why, but just let me say this:
So the creators say the target audience wasn’t suicidal people? As if suicidal people magically won’t watch it, even though it’s only a click away?

That’s basically like handing a gun to a suicidal person and saying, “Even though you have access to this and can technically use it at any point - even though you want to use it because you’re in pain - it’s not intended for you.”

You know what Thirteen Reasons Why is for suicidal people? It’s a way to self harm. Maybe we know it’s bad. Maybe we know it will hurt us, so we avoid it most of the time. But when those thoughts come and we just want to give in to that darkness, do you know what Thirteen Reasons Why is? It’s a way to hurt ourselves. I saw it pop up on Netflix the other night as I was struggling and thought that maybe I should just watch it, because right then I didn’t care. For a minute, I wanted it to trigger me.

So don’t you dare ever say that it’s harmless. Don’t you dare say it’s not hurting people who deal with self harm and suicide, because it is. I’m even in a much healthier place than I was a couple months ago, and it’s still hurting me.


Dark knew. He always knew.

He could detect it from the day they met. Anti was a horribly troubled soul. It pained him to talk, to eat, to even move. Because Anti felt like no cared for him. No one at all. He felt alone. And because of Dark’s standards, he really was.

One night, when Anti went for a long walk away from the cabin, he cried softly to himself. People feared him. People thought he was something different then what he truly was, or hoped to be.

So he sat on the edge of a cliff, and waited.

Waited for a sign that things would change.

Dark knocked on the wooden door of the small cabin, waiting to ask Anti if he had any metal for a project, because he knew Anti collected knives. When the door didn’t open, he rolled his eyes, and bumbled off to find him.

A cool breeze blew past Anti’s face and he saw a baby bird on the edge of another nearby cliff, too far out of his reach. Too young to fly, the bird simply fell, being enveloped by the water below.

Anti took that as a sign.

He stood.

And he was fallin-It stopped.

He looked up, to see Dark looking over, holding both his wrists.

In a cold, emotionless voice, he simply whispered to Anti- “No.”

“Suicide Squad is just bad. It’s ugly and boring…” -Richard Lawson

Wait a minute. Richard Lawson? You mean the Richard Lawson?!? The same Richard Lawson that displays a deep understanding of comic book characters and their history in his famous write-ups such as:

Lolz. This is why none of this matters. Suicide Squad is not for you Richard Lawson, it’s for me. Go home, please. In the mean time, I’m gearing up for the time of my life! If you were excited for this movie yesterday, you should still be excited today. If you were Richard Lawson yesterday, you should just go home.