anti stupid fans

Honest question -- are the disgruntled C$ fans tweeting IRONICALLY, or are they really this obtuse . . . .

Please note I’m stalking no specific accounts or anything – I obtained EVERY SINGLE ONE of these tweets simply by searching Adam’s Twitter feed. 

You know they like to complain and complain about how any of us who don’t like C$ just need to shut up and deal, stop bitching, stop complaining, stop saying how the show makes no sense and A&E are bad writers?  Please note these are REAL TWEETS … . 


So there’s THAT.  And then there’s this whole “Ermagod, Regina is SO TOXIC for Emma, why are you PROPPING HER, why are you RUINING EMMA for her?” theme going right here … 

Me after reading those tweets:

But the best – the BEST SHIT RIGHT HERE – has to be this little sequence.  Jennifer Morrison’s silence on this episode is PROOF that she hates it, and she doesn’t want CS fans to watch it … . . 

Yes, this episode was upsetting for JMo – so much so that she declared radio silence on social media.  NOT cause she has a life and was – I don’t know – doing other shit in her REAL LIFE and not flipping out over the lack of screen time for a ship that she’s a self-insert for and stuff … … . 

Feel free to add comments, appropriate gifs, and more hilarious tweet screen caps to this post.  

SS fans thinking that Karin is pro SasuSaku…like no…she’s pro Sasuke. Pro Sasuke being happy. Wherever and with whomever that happens to be.

Bye, bye, Naruto.

I passed my exams and returned. And I realized that in Naruto did not happen nothing good. And I feel that it will be only worse. I was not pleased Kishimoto attitude to women. I am disgusted by his attitude toward his characters.I don’t want to know the history of which he did not invent himself. He nasty, lying, spineless man.

I’m sad to say it, but I finished with this manga. Forever. I don’t want to see the arts on this, I do not want to read anything, I do not want to read these brainless fans who support all that these vultures spat in their throats.
No, I expect the whole series of Borut will fail. I hope Kishimoto will no longer draw manga, because I do not want that he messed up anything else.

I’m so sad. I started reading this manga when I was fifteen years old. It’s been nine years. I found amazing friends through this manga. I realized the importance of friendship through this manga.

You know, I almost believed in that chapter 699-700 is a lie, so I can live happily, knowing that Sasuke and his team came back with him, Naruto confessed Sakura in love and they will have a wonderful son, Sasuke marry Karin, and their child will be a strong blood, Sasuke marry Karin, and their child will be a strong blood, they will all be happy, their friends will be there, they will build a new world, where will take into account errors of the past.
I don’t care what Kishimoto, SP, and these “right fans” thinks . Suck away.

Well … as long as Naruto. Good luck fandom, those who do not agree with this ending. It will always be part of my life … Okay. it’s harder than I thought.

Why does everyone act like Lexa was the best thing to ever happen to the show? She wasn’t? You guys didn’t feel the same when Anya was there, why is the soggy white bread any different?
I will fight any clexugh shipper that acts like they’re entitled to the show and that it should cater to their every need. Like no, Alycia was never supposed to be a part of it for that long or to that extent, and everyone knew she would be killed off because she’s a fucking extra that is idolized for being bland af.
And about the whole queer baiting thing, lol. No, that’s not queer baiting. You guys got what you wanted, and it was foreshadowed and known that Lexa would be killed off. There’s a very big difference between queer baiting and what happened on the 100.
I just feel bad for the cast and their characters being belittled all because the new fans obsessed over clexugh. The show was never about ships, and now thanks to them I actually really hate this toxic fandom. Most clexugh shippers I’ve encountered are frankly, mean and ignorant and really don’t care about anyone or anything other than getting their precious ship. (Standing up for j rat when he bullied Ricky, but suddenly hating him when he kills of a fictional character). Giving a fake spoiler to disappoint bellarke fans. The fact that they trample over all the other characters like they’re not the main cast and their fav isn’t an extra. Trying to cancel and show and their efforts to do so actually hurt Bob so much he had to speak about it. Like wtf is wrong with you people?
This show used to be about the 100 and their survival and friendship and character growth. I haven’t seen any of that this season, at all. All I see is a total 180 of Bellamys character that even Bob and the cast think is absurd, Clarke falling head over heals for some chick that is literally not bunnies and rainbows like the clexugh fandom paint her out to be. Season 1+2 Clarke would never act like the lovesick puppy she is now, never mind the fact it took her ages just to admit she loved Finn who she knew longer than Lexa by a shit ton. I have so much more to say but my fingers are starting to cramp.

Can we just backtrack to season 2? Kay thanks.

So I was on Buzzfeed when I came up to this article,

being a Disney fan (And someone who falls for Buzzfeed articles all the damn time) I read it. It was great for the first seven things (how about reasons) and then I got up to eight and nine.



So I guess I’m not a Disney fan based off of Buzzfeed, and I guess all anti frozen people and people who are just done with Frozen aren’t either, sorry guys.

Honestly sasukarin fans are the most pathetic, deluded bunch ive ever seen

“Kraken is just as strong as sasuke”
What kind of crack are they smoking???
My dog’s shit has more potential than her. At least it can fertilize grass. The most we’ve see karin do is want to rape sauce and lick him in the middle of war. What was it that sasuke called her?
“ you’re nothing but a tool to me?” “If you’re WEAK enough to get captured i have no use for u?”

“Hahaha ss fans are the truely pathetic bunch. Karin is saradas mother”
They really don’t use what little brain they have eh? If kraken is saradas mother then answer me this. Why the fuck did sasuke take her child away from her and have sakura raise it when kraken is alive? Why did sasuke called sakura his wife? Why did orochimaru not recognize the children and let a true uchiha escape from him? Why did suigetsu even believe that sasuke won’t be that much of a scumbag to touch kraken? And Why did suigetsu believe that the only way karin can be the mother is if she raped sasuke?

So i guess to these sk fans they don’t even care if karin is seen as a rapist by suigetsu, dangerously obsessed by kishi, and useless by sasuke so much so that he took her child and had a sane female raise her. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

The more deluded these sasukarintards become the more i weep for humanity’s future. Think about the offsprings they’ll breed?!! Considering sktards already glamorize cheating as ‘fantastic’, rape as ‘hilarious’, and stupidity as 'amazing’

I always thought that redraw the fan art on your ship is stupid and rude. But today I was wildly indignant at this. I’m talking about the fans, who tries to “assign” Shinachiku as the son of NH.
NS and NH fans, stop rubbings arts from each other. This is stupid! This infringes copyrights! Each ship has its own excellent artists (yes, they NS steeper, but what can you do if this ship is so beautiful). Both sides are “good”.

Generally I don’t care what makes the ship of NH. I only ask NS fans not likening them. You know who’s the Hokage of het fandom