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I am not your confessional.

Ever since my autism story “Dream Job: Silent Voice” gained popularity, I began getting a few… odd messages. At first one or two, then more and more.

Non-autistic people would come into my inbox, eager to tell me about all the everyday ableism they identified. The questions came in two major types:

  • “Wow, I used to believe that autistic people were horrible monstrous burdens who didn’t deserve to live! I thought it was so awful that you existed at all. But now I read your story and I realized that you’re actually human.”
  • “Let me tell you, in detail, about how an autistic person was mocked and abused at my school, while everyone else, including me, did nothing. I don’t have a point. I just wanted to tell you all about it.”

Yeah… I really don’t like answering this type of mail.

Do you think I enjoy hearing about ableism? That after I have to face it at school and home, the best treat for me would be to read about even more of it? What, exactly, do you think I will gain from listening to your awful story?

I suspect these people aren’t thinking about me at all.

My feelings don’t even occur to them. They’re thinking of themselves, and their guilt. Like, because I have a Shiny Autism Card, I have the authority to listen to them and absolve them of their sins.

But… I didn’t ask for this job.

I don’t like hearing in-depth stories of how people like me are treated like dirt. I didn’t ask for this. And I’m getting paid $0 for an exhausting job I never applied for.

What I’m saying, is “think before you speak.”

  • Did my conversation partner say they were interested in discussing oppression, abuse, prejudice, et cetera?
  • How might my words make them feel?
  • While they might like to know they have an ally… could it be that maybe, right now, they need to not be reminded of how cruel the world can be?
  • Am I making this a 2-way conversation, or am I just performing allyship so that the other person will think better of me?
  • Is this just about my privileged guilt?

Please, ask before dragging people into conversations about human awfulness. Because awfulness is exhausting and stressful, and people don’t always want to have more of that dumped onto them.

It can be as simple as:

  • “Fatima, the president did another awful anti-Muslim thing that stinks, and I have feelings about it. Do you want to talk about it?”
  • “Not today, Josh. I’m exhausted. Do you want to talk about Star Wars?”
  • “Yeah! Which movie is your favorite?”

And if you need to talk about prejudice, either in yourself or in something that you witnessed…

  • Only talk to a minority person about it if they say they’re okay with that.
  • Or talk to an ally. (Like, seriously, this is a great job for allies. They can help people deal with privileged feelings and guilt so the minorities can take a break.)

And if you’re on the receiving end of a discrimination dump:

  • “I really don’t want to talk about this. So how is your cat?”
  • “I get enough ableism in my everyday life. While I know you mean more, I’d really prefer not to listen to even more.”

Because sometimes, people are too quick to tell people “hey, someone said the n-word!” and not quick enough to say “black is beautiful” or “want to get out our sketchbooks and draw together?”

We need to support each other, not just produce a laundry list of offenses.

In a world full of discrimination, the last thing some of us need is to hear about even more of it.

LP diecting an ep of Once upon a Disaster is bad enough but that the episode is called “Chosen"is just completely offensive. Grrrr. Step down little show; you can only dream of being in the same league as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I know I’m a little late, but I still want to add my two cents.

What’s this stink about Antis saying that Daisy might be a Lesbian and therefore she cannot possibly play a heterosexual character?

Okay first of all:

  1. LGTB Actors and Actresses play heterosexual roles every single day, even if we don’t know if they’re LGTB - some do it for money, some do it to hide. The point is, this is hardly new, that’s why it’s called acting. 
  2. Regardless if Daisy is gay or not, it is in really fucking poor taste to speculate on this subject on the basis of a fictional ship in Star Wars. 
  3. And I mean really - have these people not heard of acting?! Gay people can play straight people - straight people can play gay people. I could dress up as a fucking Klingon, speak Klingonese, and act like a fucking Klingon and you know what - that still doesn’t make me a Klingon. 

anonymous asked:

I'm not judging or anything, but I get the distinct impression that a lot of the Kylo/reader self insert shippers are anti Reylo because they're jealous of Rey. I mean, imagine being jealous because a fictional character you stan is falling in love with another fictional character :/....

Well, I would caution that it probably seems that way because the most infamous examples of Kylo/Reader inserts have been by antis that then gained notoriety for some dumb shit that they did, not actually because most of them are that way. I think there’s no reliable way to know. I won’t lie and say I’m not leery of them because of the anti Reylo stink of some of them (not that it’s my cup of tea anyway), and I think in the case of at least a few individuals it definitely points in that direction, e.g. nuthadgee.

Poofume, a name that gets less and less clever every time you hear it, is a spray you use before laying out a deuce. You take this stuff into the bathroom and you spray it in your toilet so it coats the top of the water. It just lays there on your turd-bowl meniscus, vaguely citrusy and oily, and waits for a dook to crest the horizon. Your dook. Your dook that smells so bad that you preplanned a way to make it smell better. Because apparently Poofume creates some kind of impenetrable force field of anti-stink that keeps turd gasses from escaping the bowl, for however many seconds or minutes you plan on leaving that turd to stew.

The Single Most Useless ‘As Seen On TV’ Product Ever

Emma DID Sacrifice Herself For Regina!

At the end of Season 2, Regina was going to sacrifice herself for the entire town and Emma was going to let her, with the trigger.  Emma was going to do what she could to save the whole town and NOT Regina.  Her parents were going to be spared, her son and Hook, well Hook was a selfish bastard who only thought of himself and was ready to let everyone die, including Emma and Henry.  And let’s not forget that even though he had a change of heart and came back it still would have been a little too late had Emma not tried to help Regina and combine their magic.  Everyone would be dead, Asshole Hook.

While it is probably true that Emma might have saved anyone in Season 4, Regina told her, ORDERED her not to come any closer.  "NO!“  She said firmly.  She did not want Emma harmed.  Regina was prepared to suffer the consequences, give up a chance at happiness and maybe even life so Emma Swan would not be harmed.  She told Emma, "No!”

Emma made the choice to proceed to sacrifice herself for Regina.  She told Regina that she had come too far for her happy ending to be destroyed.  Emma did not say, “I’m doing this because I love Hook and I can’t bare to see him harmed.”  She was not thinking of Hook.  In that moment, she was thinking about Regina.  Emma did not have to do it.  She traded places with Regina.  Like in Season 2, she could have let whatever happen to Regina Mills happen.  Why did she do it?  Because she has feelings for the woman, loves her. 

Now some can say, "Well, Emma had promised Regina that she would give her a happy ending.”  Okay.  So let’s talk about this.  Emma gave up her life as well as Hook’s “happy ending” for Regina.  How does that feel C$ers?  She ultimately had a choice between Regina (giving Regina a happy ending) and Hook (giving Hook a happy ending).  Which one did she choose again?  That’s RIGHT!

SO please do not diminish the feelings that these women have for one another.  Whether you choose to be blind to it or not, the writers are showing us how important these women are to each other.

It is canon, that Emma has told Regina that she thinks they are unique and that no one understands Emma like Regina can.  Not her parents and not Hook.

It is canon that after Emma gave Hook his heart back, she went to check on Regina.  The writers wrote it that way for a reason.  Captain Swan was not as important as Swan Queen.  They chose to show the ever developing bond between these two women.

It is also canon that Regina is protective of Emma; cares for what happens to Emma.  And when given the choice to deceive the savior and trick her to fullfill gold’s plan or save Robin Hood, she made the decision to be honest with Emma and not break her loyalty to her.  Of course she would try and save Robin Hood but no one can convince me that Robin held a higher priority than being truthful with Emma and continuing to build a relationship based on honesty and dedication.

So in that split moment that Emma Swan decided to envelope herself in the swirling darkness and sacrifice herself, she did it for Regina and NOT the town.  That split moment… because Regina told her NO, but she did it anyway.

And if one really wants to get all “word technical” about it.  Anti-SQ are upset because the official Twitter page said that Emma sacrificed herself for Regina.  Nothing that they said wasn’t true!  Who was in the midst of all that black cruddy stuff?  Regina.  Who got her out of it?  Emma.  Emma saved Regina.  Pure and simple.

But some C$ers and 0Qers can’t stand the thought of the words “Emma” and “Regina” appearing in the same sentence together!  I mean heaven forbid the two lead characters, who also share a son, actually be mentioned together in any way.  What a fucking nightmare!  You idiots are asshats!  The whole lot of you who can’t see that Emma did sacrifice herself to save Regina.

I am tired of the age old argument of, “My ship is canon and yours is not!”  I think that the stink the anti-SQ make in not letting us enjoy our ship is because they feel threatened that Swan Queen is going to KNOCK their ships out of the canon spot.  It could happen!

And if/when it does, can you remember that A&E said they have had things planned all along?  That the “savior was to always meet the evil queen” where as both Hook and Hood were unplanned cast additions.

I am not being smug.  I am being logical.

*jump off soap box, rant over*

anonymous asked:

Just curious, when are you people going to accept that canon is the way it is, Killian is Emma’s happy end, and JMo is simply being kind to you by NOT giving you false hope. So when are you going to stop watching and hating and harassing actors? Because your persistent delusions aren’t Jen’s responsibility. Let the rest of us enjoy what we enjoy, will ya?

Sooo…you’re one of those “JMo is awesome ‘cuz she shuts down SQ by looking uncomfortable and stands two miles apart from her female co-star cuz she insisted on less screentime with Regina in favour of more screentime of CS, and Cauliflower (Caulifer? Collifer?) is cool cuz hetero–and he’s hot” aaaand… “we loathe Lana cuz she’s a threat to my ship as much as her character bcs she supports even those annoying queerfans cuz she’s an attention ho, and she even caters them by quoting Swan Queen smutfics” canonzealot C$er?

Lol. Should I even bother pointing out who is harassing and hatting, here now? Or is your addle-brained self-righteousness making you too ‘derrr’ to grasp the irony?

But yes, suuuuure. We do agree on some things. The plug’s been pulled on the intensity of SQ onscreen ‘intimacy’ so much that when they’re spilling their guts to each other (which, honesty and openness and trust are a thing that your lying self-serving pirate will NEVER be capable of having with Emma, not even after she dragged her entire extended family to Underworld to save his undeserving sorry carcass–while at the same time she BELIEVES in a woman who “stole her childhood” and has been atoning for it ever since) they now have to stand a pink fucking elephant apart, because–gaypanic?

So, how bout you let us know when Emma finally looks at that undead zombie (for which we’ll need an effin’ stake and holy-water at some point) the way she ONLY ever looked at Regina:

While of course you should feel free to enjoy Emma’s ‘happy end’. Because it IS just that–an END of Emma Swan as we (who watched the show before you tuned in for the ‘roguishly handsome’ dude) knew and loved. Because of course…