anti sterek

Do you ever have those NOTP’s where you don’t really mind seeing them on your dash you just don’t ship it but it doesn’t really affect you? And then you have that one NOTP that causes a visceral reaction in you like your eye kinda twitches and you can feel the rage flowing in your veins and a rant on the tip of your tongue?

If you don’t ship it, that’s okay.

If you hate it, that’s also okay.

If you go around telling other people who like it or ship it that it’s a bad thing or how disgusting you find it, that is so not okay. 


  • ship: *exists*
  • me: okay, it's okay i guess---
  • shippers: *are full of nasty veil hateful people, who will bully anyone who doesn't ship said ship, forces the ship down other peoples throats, acts like they run the fandom, erases and shits on other characters bc of their ship and are all around toxic to a fandom*
  • me: ya know what? nvm i hate that ship, that ship is awful.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: I really don’t understand how Kira, a female Asian lead, had her powers revealed and develop in the last season and was literally fucking BOOTED off of Teen Wolf while Peter, a piece of shit character that should be rotting in hell right now (and who literally does NOTHING and DOES NOT contribute anything to solve ANYONE’S problems) was brought back. It’s literally like throwing a diamond away for an ugly ass, deformed rock with dog shit on it.

  • Friend: Why don't you like Teen Wolf anymore?
  • Me: inconsistent writing, multiple new characters with zero characterization added every season, underutilization of characters who actually have a backstory, seemingly important story lines that are all of sudden forgotten, poor or no plot building, unexplained story developments, the baiting of relationships that are never going to happen, lack of emotional connection to characters, overuse of slo-mo for scenes that aren't even dramatic, forced relationships, beloved characters disappearing (some without any reason given), the use of the writing philosophy 'It's okay if it doesn't make sense - we'll just say it's because it's supernatural.'

The fact that fandom is more concerned about Posey calling a fictional ship with fictional characters bizarre and twisted than they are about the inherent racism in the show and fandom, and the jokes Holland makes about rape and transgender people says a lot about the state of this fandom.

The fact that fandom thinks it’s okay to refer to people of color as colored, that they think it’s okay to claim to live in a color blind society, that it’s okay to misconstrue and shit on a character because they’re watching this to see two white boys touch dick, and they deserve a pass for that, and get outraged when an actor sees through that bullshit? That they want to bring up their hurt feelings while they hurt the feelings of others, because they deserve some pass for being tricked into the show by a ship that does not exist, and hasn’t shared a single scene all season? It says a lot.

Nobody gives a shit about your hurt feelings. It is a crack ship. The actors are not obligated to soften the blow of their utter disinterest (just like you said they weren’t obligated to give us the kind of representation we want). The show has a lot of crack ships, but not a single one of those crack shippers are threatening to quit watching, because apparently they’re watching for the wrong reasons. You are entitled, and selfish, and a bunch of fucking cry babies, and you are watching for the wrong reason. And Jeff Davis has taken that very reason away from you, for the last how many? Eight episodes? And you still somehow make every single development about sterek, even when there is no sterek in the equation. You are watching it for the wrong reason. And I don’t have a single fuck to give about how that impacts your fandom experience, because you guys are dicks. You guys have been telling us that we’re watching the show wrong if we don’t ship sterek since the first season.

And now you’re telling us we’re bullies because we don’t see how sterek factors into a single thing happening on screen, and you’re taking to twitter and shitting on Posey, and calling other people the bullies. Fuck you guys, seriously. I hope you quit watching (because tumblr and the fans over seas doesn’t actually help ratings in the least, surprisingly), because it means we won’t have to deal with your bullshit meta, and your bullshit erasure in fandom anymore.

Thank God for Tyler Posey, seriously.

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