anti sterek

If you don’t ship it, that’s okay.

If you hate it, that’s also okay.

If you go around telling other people who like it or ship it that it’s a bad thing or how disgusting you find it, that is so not okay. 


Teen wolf writers/producers made arden cho think she would come back for season 6 and didn’t tell her she wasn’t needed till she found out they were filming without her. They pulled her character away in a season where she was needed and her powers and arc were useful.

Then they asked meagan tandy (actress of braedon) to come back for their last season then got her hopes up before shutting it down and basically not making room for her in a season which her mercenary and weaponry skills are needed and useful.

Yet had plenty of room for a white nazi man, peter fucking hale, jackson fucking whittmore, and a bunch of other white men. Huh, teen wolf is really something ey?

Do you ever have those NOTP’s where you don’t really mind seeing them on your dash you just don’t ship it but it doesn’t really affect you? And then you have that one NOTP that causes a visceral reaction in you like your eye kinda twitches and you can feel the rage flowing in your veins and a rant on the tip of your tongue?

“If stiles was a girl sterek would already be canon” if stiles was a girl and sterek was canon everyone would be outraged and would probably get teen wolf cancelled over the fact that derek pushed her against a wall and slammed her head against a steering wheel instead of romantizing their scenes together and shipping them, you dipshit.