anti sterek

  • ship: *exists*
  • me: okay, it's okay i guess---
  • shippers: *are full of nasty veil hateful people, who will bully anyone who doesn't ship said ship, forces the ship down other peoples throats, acts like they run the fandom, erases and shits on other characters bc of their ship and are all around toxic to a fandom*
  • me: ya know what? nvm i hate that ship, that ship is awful.

Do you ever have those NOTP’s where you don’t really mind seeing them on your dash you just don’t ship it but it doesn’t really affect you? And then you have that one NOTP that causes a visceral reaction in you like your eye kinda twitches and you can feel the rage flowing in your veins and a rant on the tip of your tongue?

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: I really don’t understand how Kira, a female Asian lead, had her powers revealed and develop in the last season and was literally fucking BOOTED off of Teen Wolf while Peter, a piece of shit character that should be rotting in hell right now (and who literally does NOTHING and DOES NOT contribute anything to solve ANYONE’S problems) was brought back. It’s literally like throwing a diamond away for an ugly ass, deformed rock with dog shit on it.

If you don’t ship it, that’s okay.

If you hate it, that’s also okay.

If you go around telling other people who like it or ship it that it’s a bad thing or how disgusting you find it, that is so not okay. 


How the characters are being treated by the fandom (and the writers)

First, the ones that don’t get treated badly: Stiles Stilinski, Jackson Whittemore, Peter Hale

Now the ones that do and how they do:

Derek Hale : not getting treated that badly except the fandom objectifying him

Liam Dunba: not really the character as much as the actor, but gets objectified and sexualized even tho he is underage (this has happened from age 15-now)

Lydia Martin: Doesn’t really get treated that badly except the fandom reducing her only to a love interest and some even slut shaming her, the writers always writing her in situations where the villains hurt her (physically and emotionally) example: Peter manipulating her, Jackson abusing her (he’s not a villain kinda but still), the nogitsune kidnapping her, Jennifer Blake aka the darach kidnapping and almost killing her, the kalaveras (idk if that’s how u spell it) and now theo and the dread doctors.

Jordan Parrish: The fandom hating him and even Ryan Kelley (I admit, Ryan is problematic) but the fandom sends him death threats (he has confirmed this)

Allison Argent: getting slut shamed by the fandom, fandom hating on Crystal Reed, fandom being misogynistic toward her, the fandom even made killallison trend but when she died they all suddenly loved her etc. etc.

Malia Tate: Gets a lot of hate from the fandom only because she’s dating Stiles ex. Slut shaming her, saying she’s only a love interest etc. Fandom being misogynistic toward her They hate Malia so much that some have even gone as far as sending death threats to Shelley Hennig and Malia/Stalia Stans, the only way how the writers are treating her badly is giving her little screen time/lines (she had only like 3 lines in lost frequencies) the fandom constantly pitting her against other females of the show.

Kira Yukimura: (oh boy, this is gonna be a long list), the fandom hating/being racist towards her and Arden Cho even some cast mates (*cough* Ian Bohen *cough*), people slut shaming her, calling her “Allison’s replacement” always pitting her against Allison/Crystal, fandom being misogynistic toward her, the writers giving her little screen time (she wasn’t in 2 episodes of s4 AND s5A even tho she’s a main) the writers throwing away her plotlines ex. the fox aura thing this season, they just wrote it like she left to figure it out and didn’t even show us anything about that, the writers and the fandom basically ignoring her existant all together, the fandom whitewashing Arden/Kira in icons, gifset/other edits all the time, Teen Wolf didn’t give any promotion for Kira in s5 at all (before it started).

Scott McCall: the fandom being racist towards Scott/Tyler, the fandom constantly saying that Stiles is the lead and the most important character even though Scott is the lead, people (including the writers) giving Stiles/Dylan more attention for being on the show and saying that teen wolf wouldn’t be teen wolf without Stiles etc basically ignoring that Tyler/Scott is the lead. The writers have given Stiles more backstory than Scott the shows lead!!! The fandom whitewashing him in gifts/icons/other edits, people (sterek shippers) hating on Tyler for not shipping sterek & BC he said that the show doesn’t revolve around ships, the fandom giving him hate and calling him fake after he confirmed having depression (especially after his moms death) and telling him that he doesn’t know anything about pain/depression etc!!

I’ll add to the list when i remeber more or when u guys tell me more and I only did this for the mains, there are other secondary characters they treat badly ex. Braeden, Jennifer etc.

“If stiles was a girl sterek would already be canon” if stiles was a girl and sterek was canon everyone would be outraged and would probably get teen wolf cancelled over the fact that derek pushed her against a wall and slammed her head against a steering wheel instead of romantizing their scenes together and shipping them, you dipshit.

  • fandom: malia is so gross omf, look she punched stiles once !!!!
  • derek: physically abuses stiles for two seasons
  • fandom: oMGGG!!!! T HEY R SO CANON!!!!!
  • lydia: ignores him for two seasons and chooses not to date stiles because she doesn't want to
Hating a ship just makes you look like a jerk, and makes other people feel bad

I just needed to get this off my chest…

So being on tumblr, you see a lot of hate, even when you’re clearly not on any anti-ship tags, you’re bound to see something bad about ur otp and maybe you ignore it or maybe you fight back.

I think that its ok to hate something, we’re all different, and we don’t all like the same things, but there’s this fine line between expressing your opinion, and just being plain rude.

For example, you can say, “i dont like the color red” and thats ok cuz not everyone does.

you could even go as far as saying why you dont like it, “it reminds me of blood and murder, and it makes me sick.”

But then theres people who’ll be like, “people who like the color red are disgusting and should go to hell” and that’s not ok.

Technically, its kinda discrimination.

You’re basically telling an entire population of people who don’t like the color red that they’re terrible. Now i’m not saying that we’re all innocent, and maybe some of us are terrible, but that doesn’t give you the right to just hurt us with your words. It just means that you’re no better than the people you’re judging.

If a shipper is being “delusional”, you should probably tell them what you think about the ship and not try to attack them, or maybe just accept the fact that some people will ship it.

If you’re a shipper being attacked, please don’t fight back. Either ignore them, or tell them that you don’t appreciate the bullying….

…Sorry about the rant.

Teen Wolf ship rundown.
  • Stydia: *has been developing romantically since 1x01 and was quite clearly the original planned endgame*
  • Stalia: *happened in 0.01 of a second without any build up or genuine connection*
  • Marrish: *pure creepy hallucinations*
  • Sterek: *romantically non-fucking-existent*
  • Stalia/Marrish/Sterek fandom: "Stydia is fan service!1!!2!"...
  • Me: Yeah, okay. Go ahead. Attack the only logical endgame on the show. That makes sense. Call the only well developed and genuine ship left on the show "fan service". Mmmmm. I can taste the salt from here.
I think problematic ships are okay as long as you realize it’s problematic

As long as you don’t denied or down played the problematic aspect of it, it’s okay to ship it.

As long as you don’t try to sugar coated the problematic aspect of it, it’s okay to ship it.

As long as you try to addressed the problematic aspect of it in a healthy way, it’s okay to ship it.

Because not all aspect of problematic ships are bad, the same way that not all aspect of non-problematic ships are all good (ex: I know some non problematic ship that was portray in unhealthy and abusive way by its fandom but still played it as cute, personally for me THAT is even more problematic)

Interpretation are after all, what makes all of it matter in the end.