anti sterek

  • ship: *exists*
  • me: okay, it's okay i guess---
  • shippers: *are full of nasty veil hateful people, who will bully anyone who doesn't ship said ship, forces the ship down other peoples throats, acts like they run the fandom, erases and shits on other characters bc of their ship and are all around toxic to a fandom*
  • me: ya know what? nvm i hate that ship, that ship is awful.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: I really don’t understand how Kira, a female Asian lead, had her powers revealed and develop in the last season and was literally fucking BOOTED off of Teen Wolf while Peter, a piece of shit character that should be rotting in hell right now (and who literally does NOTHING and DOES NOT contribute anything to solve ANYONE’S problems) was brought back. It’s literally like throwing a diamond away for an ugly ass, deformed rock with dog shit on it.

  • Anti-Sterek's: </b> Sterek is racist! It's just another ship between 2 WHITE men! It erases Braden, a black woman, being in love with Derek!<p/><b>Me, a Sterek shipper:</b> I've never seen anyone in the Sterek fandom bash Braeden or actress Meagan Tandy. Personally, I love Braeden. I love her as a badass independent female character. There isn't even an anti-Braeden/Draeden/Meagan Tandy tag. Unlike the Stydiot fandom who all thru anti-Shelly Hennig/Malia Tate & anti-Ryan Kelly/Jordan Parris tags. And also make death threats to the actors. Have you seen the Sterek fandom ever do that? No. Our fandom ISN'T toxic just because we have to defend our ship in this fake caring/homophobic TW fandom.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Do you ever have those NOTP’s where you don’t really mind seeing them on your dash you just don’t ship it but it doesn’t really affect you? And then you have that one NOTP that causes a visceral reaction in you like your eye kinda twitches and you can feel the rage flowing in your veins and a rant on the tip of your tongue?

“If stiles was a girl sterek would already be canon” if stiles was a girl and sterek was canon everyone would be outraged and would probably get teen wolf cancelled over the fact that derek pushed her against a wall and slammed her head against a steering wheel instead of romantizing their scenes together and shipping them, you dipshit.

  • Friend: Why don't you like Teen Wolf anymore?
  • Me: inconsistent writing, multiple new characters with zero characterization added every season, underutilization of characters who actually have a backstory, seemingly important story lines that are all of sudden forgotten, poor or no plot building, unexplained story developments, the baiting of relationships that are never going to happen, lack of emotional connection to characters, overuse of slo-mo for scenes that aren't even dramatic, forced relationships, beloved characters disappearing (some without any reason given), the use of the writing philosophy 'It's okay if it doesn't make sense - we'll just say it's because it's supernatural.'

If you don’t ship it, that’s okay.

If you hate it, that’s also okay.

If you go around telling other people who like it or ship it that it’s a bad thing or how disgusting you find it, that is so not okay.