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Anarchists and Libertarian Socialists who don’t recognize the state/anti-state division between socialists as the most important political issue facing the Left (far more important than revolutionary/reformist, or anarchist/marxist, or violent/non-violent) and co-operates over this line will repeat the same errors that every anarchist movement has done in the revolution thus far, and will (if a revolution happens) lead us all into the torture chambers, prison cells and firing squads of the Neo-Bolsheviks, just you fucking wait.

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The funniest thing about tumblr's america fixation is the fact that not even 50% of tumblr is American. They only make out 47% but still act as if everyone here is American. I have a statistic about that

Oh, interesting. Does that also relate to usage or just number of accounts? I think the more meaningful statistic would be the percentage breakdown of posts by country of origin. For example, it may be that 47% of Tumblr is American, but they account for 60% of the posts, meaning that a given piece of content on Tumblr would be more likely to be American.

Conduct Disorder Criterion and Sub-types

These are pages taken straight from the DSM-5′s section dedicated to Conduct Disorder. Contrary to popular belief, Antisocial Personality Disorder doesn’t have the same list of criterion that has to be met in order to diagnose someone with Conduct Disorder. In fact, Conduct Disorder is a much broader territory in comparison to Antisocial Personality Disorder.

I’ve taken the liberty to post these pages from the DSM-5 so others don’t have to go search for it and can have a general understanding of the disorder; in other words, it’s being posted here as a intellectual tool.

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Is it just me that Anti-SJW's have gone a little overboard with the stats? They treat stats on social behaviour as if they are stats in physics or science, which I find to be a complete misfire. Due to the complexity of the human mind and opinions there are always going to be important variables that will never be accounted for unlike science where near everything can be controlled. Stats in terms of social behaviours are not facts, they are estimations and are not unequivocal proven facts.

Anti-sjws have gone overboard in many ways. This “Stats are the gospel!” thing isn’t even the worst of it. A lot of them automatically write of legit instances of sexism or police brutality and there are others who unapologetically follow and reblog from white supremacist trash, such as oleanderwasp or fash-metal. Yeah, call me intolerant, but how the hell am I supposed to feel when people who reblog my posts or even follow me have no qualms about having friendly banter with somebody who says things like “Jews are only worth being slaves or fertilizer” (

Sorry, I went off on a tangent there. You are absolutely correct about stats.

It’s a shame more people don’t know who Jack White is. He was born to an Irish Protestant military family but became disillusioned with the British Empire during his service and joined the burgeoning Home Rule movement in Ireland, later becoming good friends with James Connolly and becoming involved in the socialist backed labour movement.

It was actually White who suggested to Connolly the formation of the Irish Citizens Army to protect striking workers from the police. When Connolly was sentenced to death for his role in the Easter Rising, Jack tried to instigate a miners strike in Wales in order to pressure the British government. Post 1916 he helped found the Republican Congress, a far left Irish Republican organization, in 1934.

He then travelled to Spain during the Spanish Civil War as a medic with the Red Cross, and while in Barcelona was impressed with the CNT-FAI’s revolution and was drawn into the anarchist cause, partially due to his own growing anti-Stalinist and anti-statist views which made him a misfit among the orthodox socialists in Ireland. Upon his return he wrote a great first hand account of the ‘37 May Days and campaigned in Britain and Ireland for the cause of anarchist Spain. He remained involved with the anarchist cause for the remainder of his life, dying in 1946.

you shouldnt even engage anti gun people with statistics because that implies that if the statistics were unfavorable you would capitulate. the statistics are already the way they are and they don’t care. you shouldn’t pretend to either.

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I have a question about Argentinean pastries and anarchist revolutionaries.

I’m sure you do. Let me paint a picture

It’s 1886. It’s not really a good time to be a radical leftist, but there aren’t that many good times to be an anti-statist, really. You got the idea in Italy but heard the money was better here, so along with hundreds of thousands of other desperate southern Europeans, you find yourself in the port of Buenos Aires. The pastries you made back home sell even better here—maybe it’s the nostalgia, or just the hunger. You don’t see your friends as often as you used to. The hours got longer. There’s talk of unionizing. Well, they’re already unionized, a lot of them, but at this point that has to mean something. The whole city is clamoring for better pay. Fewer factory deaths. An ounce of attention paid to the machine making the country’s money. Miguel Juárez Celman, who stole the presidential election, is not particularly well-equipped to deal with this. Easy target. Let’s go.

Errico Malatesta gets the credit, mainly because he had a way with words, and edited the anarchist newspapers, and wrote the pamphlets, and created the impression of a movement to join. And then there was one. The typographers had done it, why not the bakers? Ettore Mattei didn’t have much convincing to do: you’re ready to strike, enough of you that even the establishment papers will notice. You bide your time—two years, in fact—before making a go of it, but when you do, it’s perfect. It’s not just the Italian exiles anymore, the union’s gotten bigger, and it’s gotten braver, and funnier, too. You don’t just refuse to work, shutter the shops, and shout for better wages. You don’t just fight the police. You win, and your wages go up thirty percent.

And you open the shops again but you don’t stay quiet. If these people want your labor, they won’t be able to demand it with dignity. They won’t be able to forget, and neither will you. Because now all the facturas (that’s a bill, an invoice, anywhere else—but here it means pastry) have new names, radical ones, cheeky ones, even blasphemous at times, since the Church is on the other side. Here, have a bomba with your breakfast, a vigilante in the afternoon. A policeman comes into your shop and asks for a couple of cañones, please. Why, certainly.

Suddenly everyone has a union, and then it’s a political party, and then it’s Celman being forced to resign in 1890, and then it’s an endless parade of every politician trying to seem the most working-class, the most business-minded, the most of the people, and that’s Argentine politics. (It’s not, of course, but that’s the story.)

That’s the escenario, now what’s your question?


Students Own SJW Teacher Over The ‘Gender Wage Gap’ 

This is so awesome, and gives me more hope for the future than just about anything I’ve ever seen on the internet.

It takes amazing courage as a 15 year old to stand up against not only the system, your peers, the class you’re in but also the teacher who’s going to grade you, but they pull it off with amazing grace. These boys are my heroes. Salut!

the myth that racism is in any way a “natural” human reaction to physical differences is a myth intentionally crafted, perpetuated, and taught by the bourgeoisie of generation after generation as a way to keep the citizenship from forming regular human bonds with one another that would be strong enough to lead us to overthrow the rich and powerful; this applies to the US today as well. both rich conservatives AND rich liberals benefit from the 99% being too busy hating each other for arbitrary reasons to be able to rise up against the ruling class that keeps us all -but ESPECIALLY non-white people- poor and helpless and as ignorant as possible. the concept of "tolerance” for racism of any degree (whether it’s to be ‘polite’ or because you ‘don’t care about political correctness’) being acceptable behavior was intentionally taught to us; over the decades since our first civil rights movement, america’s racism has been allowed and even ENCOURAGED to fester by the powers that be so that we would be caught up in a race war instead of focusing on how the one percent has been steadily grabbing more and more power from the rest of us. TL;DR: you aren’t being “rebellious” by flying the confederate flag or doing the Nazi salute or any of that dumb shit, you’re playing right into the hands of the elite

ask me for sources and i will provide them.

I love how Germans are still considered Anti-Semites while statistically, the biggest hate/threat/violence nowadays towards Jews comes from the Islamic families that found their “refuge” here.
I absolutely WISH that this would be a “lie to fuel an agenda” but sadly, it’s not.

You can’t make this shit up.

Look. There are things that Israel does that are uniquely bad. Then there are bad things that happen in Israel that happen in countries around the world that Israel gets called out on when others don’t. There are dozens of countries detaining and deporting African refugees. I abhor detention and expulsion of refugees. My grandparents were forced to live in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany for four years after the Holocaust, so this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart and that I treat with utmost seriousness.

At the same time, acting like it is worse for Israel to be doing the same awful crap that other countries do is holding it to a double standard, which is a path that all too quickly can lead to blanket demonization of Israelis and anti-semitism. These are attitudes that get people killed.

I have the same issue with non-Jewish or Palestinian anti-statists who for whatever reason also declare themselves anti-zionists and focus all their energy on Israel. If you’re trying to dismantle a global system of states, saying “I want to dismantle all states, but especially the Jewish one” is kind of difficult to see as anything but anti-semitic. This is doubly ridiculous if you support the existence of no states except for Palestine.

Honestly, if people really want Israel to be dismantled and an open society with room for Jews, Palestinians and other ethnicities to be created, the idea of Israelis being evil by default needs to be abandoned. Otherwise your ideal solution will end in acrimony and ethnic conflict. 

We can’t have Israeli Jews thinking that this is what a Palestinian looks like.

And we can’t have Palestinians thinking this is what an Israeli Jew looks like.

But this is what the nature of our discourse filled with blanket demonization is inspiring. And people who have no stake in what’s happening are helping to exacerbate the issue by spreading anti-semitic and anti-Palestinian propaganda abroad. 

Israel/Palestine isn’t some sports competition meant for you to root for your side and boo the other. It’s an issue with existential implications for two peoples. No matter what bullshit you might have heard, the vast majority of Israeli Jews don’t have somewhere to go back to. I understand that Israel has the upper hand in the scenario. That doesn’t mean that Palestinians are incapable of doing things that are unjustified. That doesn’t mean people who aren’t Jewish or Palestinian are immune to hateful, destructive actions in their activism that do far more harm than good because they believe they’ve picked the right side and need to blind themselves from the humanity of the other in order to act decisively. Pressuring Israel to give equal rights and/or autonomy to the Palestinians does not require excessive demonization of Israeli Jews. The Israeli Right is fueled by the hatred of others. They see it as inevitable and unchangeable. Stop helping them win elections. 

More On The Mis-Definition of "Zionism" and when being "Anti-Zionist" is being "Anti-Semitic"

If you believe in a two-state solution with an independent Israel and Palestine living next to each other, you are a Zionist. 

If you believe in the one land, two peoples solution, you are a Zionist.

If you believe that Jews should be able to have a safe homeland in a patch of land donated by Germany from its own territory as reparation for the Holocaust, you are a Zionist (Germany should give the Roma a patch, too while they’re at it).

Zionism is the belief that there should be a safe Jewish homeland. Stop using that word if you don’t know what it means. If you are not an anti-statist generally, and you are against Zionism in principal and not just against Israel as an entity, then your anti-zionism is anti-semitic due to its specificity. If you are anti-statist, why are you singling out Jewish nationalism for criticism if you motive isn’t hatred of the Jews?

Cultural Zionism is a belief that Jewish history, culture and religion have a right to exist and to be preserved and practiced freely. If you are against cultural Zionism, then you are an anti-semite. Period. Being against cultural Zionism is nothing less than the desire to extinguish Judaism and the Jews as a people.