anti stalia

If you don’t ship it, that’s okay.

If you hate it, that’s also okay.

If you go around telling other people who like it or ship it that it’s a bad thing or how disgusting you find it, that is so not okay. 


teen wolf: *includes a totally random “he still likes her doesn’t he” “yeah. but it’s different now” scene with the hashtag #StilesStillLikesHer

teen wolf: *official social media accounts constantly post about getting emotional about stiles and lydia*

teen wolf: *executive producer says “we love couples that are meant to be together” when asked about stiles and lydia*

teen wolf: *has an episode completely stydia af*

teen wolf: *includes a scene where stiles literally begs lydia to wake up and is on the verge of getting distraught at the possibility of her dying* in a parallel of scallison, layden and daige all canon couples

teen wolf: *features episode where stydia are in each others arms, hold each other up, hold hands, look in to each others eyes, and have multiple near-kisses*

teen wolf: *music builds up* “stiles saved me” *music climaxes*

teen wolf: *plays ♫“it always was, it always was” over stiles and lydia looking into each other’s eyes*

people: they’re just FRienDS !!!!! they will never happENN !!!! stydia shippers are delusional !!!

they say ‘stydia is fanservice’

y’all believe it’s true but let’s clear something up ladies and gentlemen

That’s what teen wolf gave us
from the start Stiles was in love(he still is) with Lydia

Lydia, I’ve had a crush on you since the third grade’ - Stiles Stilinski 1x11

I’m in lоve with a nut job’ - Stiles Stilinski

and then other charactes mentioned it for several times as well

’He likes you a lot, doesnt he?’ - Aiden

’He’s had a crush on her since, like, third grade, so’- Allison

’He still likes her, doesnt he?’- Kira

’And Lydia would never run and hide’ - ‘Because of Stiles?”- Derek and Aiden

And those two theyre pretty good together’- Scott

‘It need to be someone who can pull you back, someone who has a strong connection to you, a kind of emotional tether. Lydia, you go with Stiles’ - Deaton

The stydia development is breathtaking. We went from Lydia ignoring Stiles to Lydia refusing to leave Stiles one. Lydia grew up and realised her feelings for Stiles. She won’t ignor him anymore, she won’t forget him.

What’s more, we have a lot of confirmations that stydia has been developing for years from Dylan, Holland and Jeff Davis as well, Let’s see. darlings.

‘He’s comfortable having Lydia in his heart’ -
Dylan O'Brien 

‘He’s taken with Lydia, he loves Lydia’ -  Dylan  O'Brien

‘He will always love Lydia. I mean she’s, she’s like his love’ -  Dylan  O'Brien

The moment with Lydia and him is very sweet and everyone is gonna love that moment. I loved it so much when I read it and shooting it too’ -  Dylan  O'Brien about Stydia kiss.

Even if he does move on, he will always love her. Not matter what. He will always take care for her in that way’ - Dylan  O'Brien

‘It will happen, one day’ -  Dylan  O'Brien

I think Stiles and Lydia are soulmates’ - Holland Roden

Lydia went from not knowing Stiles to them having a close relationship’ - Holland Roden

‘It’s like looking through a time lapse of any relationship between two people, where it can drastically change, based on their years in high school. She went from not knowing who he is to having this connection,some of it unspoken, but also there’s this energy between them. I’ve always said they’re two side of the same coin. One comes off maybe slightly more elegant in her speech and the other one is slightly more spastic but equally intelligent. So I think they make a great team. In what capacity, I don’t know. I cannot say’ - Holland Roden.

They have something special. We decided that this is the place to show that they’ve gone from a simple crush to friends to something deeper’ - Jeff Davis,September 7, 2016

I love Stiles and Lydia’s relationship particularly for the fact that we’re trying to tell a story of boyhood crush turning into possibly adult love. Stiles must see Lydia as more than just a beautiful girl before he could actually love her. And Lydia has to see Stiles as more than just a dumb kid chasing after her. It’s interesting to try to craft growing, maturing relationships’ -  Jeff Davis,July 28, 2013

‘We’re building the romances we’ve been concentrating on in Season 5 and throughout the seasons’ -  Jeff Davis

This episode starts two characters down a path that’s been building for years’ -  Jeff Davis about 5x16

‘But also, they’re great together. Stiles and Lydia are Maddie and David, they’re the Mulder and Scully of our show - they’re always just good together. So it’ll be fun’ -  Jeff Davis

‘I always imagined the very last scene very specifically. It would be Scott, Allison, Stiles and Lydia. The original four, and it would show them many years later, they would think back to the battes they fought, the friends they lost, and the journey they won. And Stiles and Lydia would watch their children as the play with Scott and Allison’s children in a peaceful place, where everyone can just take on big breathe’ -  Jeff Davis on Allison’s death.

That’s all we have, but yeah, keep saying Stydia is fanservice, you are absolutely right

“There’s two different ways about it which is they’ve become friends or they’re beyond it. Or are they meant for each other. And we love stories where they’re meant for each other, so yeah.”—

“So there are some people in the writers room that find themselves saying “Stiles and Lydia : yes” and other people saying no never. And then people “no never” people suddenly change their minds.” 

Jeff Davis talking about Stydia’s future at SDCC 2015

Stydia fandom: