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Just saw someone say that trying to reason with “shaladins” was like trying to reason with transmisogynists and white supremacists…

So basically, because this person dislikes shipping Shiro with his peers for valid-to-them (but not actually canon) reasons, trying to talk sense into anyone that ships those Shiro ships would be as pointless as trying to talk sense into bigots.

Like really awful bigots.

I’m trying to resist the urge to engage with this person because they’re probably thirteen and I am TIRED, but where do they get off making such a comparison?

For multiple reasons (like the fact that the problematic aspects of Shiro ships aren’t freaking canon/real or how the post acts like transmisogynists and racists couldn’t possibly be in their anti communities) that post rubs me the wrong way and I can’t believe someone thought it was appropriate to say.

Even if those totes nasty Shaladin ships were actually awful (and I mean… They’re not actually awful as they’re all teenagers as per official material and there’s no power imbalance), shipping them would not even be remotely comparable to anything white supremacists or terfs have done and continue to do.

In case you were wondering, I still really hate the voltron fandom and it’s still determined to be garbage.

When You Have Too Many Kids Headcannon (Jikook)
  • jimin and jungkook have 9 kids (aka exo members)
  • jimin is the mom and jungkook is the dad
  • minseok, kyungsoo, and baekhyun are from jimin’s past marriage
  • chanyeol, chen, and jongin are adopted by jungkook before jimin and him got together
  • suho and yixing are foster children that they adopted after they got married
  • sehun is born from a surrogate mother
  • you would always see a child (or two) be in jimin or jungkook’s arms 
  • there is no such thing as alone time
  • every christmas trip back to busan is “Home Alone”
  • they go through babysitters faster than they can chew because no one can handle the nine brats
  • baekhyun, chanyeol and jongdae pulls pranks that drives the two fathers mad
  • kyungsoo has the tendency to hit people when he is annoyed and jimin blames it on jungkook (“HE HAS YOUR BLOOD NOT MINE!!” - jungkook)
  • suho, yixing, and minseok are the angels of the bunch who gets extra lollipops for being so good
  • jongin gets himself hurt a lot so jungkook would usually keep an eye out for him. the father becomes a pro in disinfecting little cuts and kissing booboos away.
  • jimin likes to stuff minseok with lots of food so that he can be cute and chubby
  • the other eight kids gets jealous when sehun gets away with things like drawing on the wall or stuffing his face with cake (because when jongdae does that he gets a time out.)
  • night routine drags out because everyone needs their goodnight kisses and some comes back for more; each kid takes about ten minutes of kisses and cuddling 
  • the neighbors are always complaining but jikook doesn’t give a damn and the children gets their own revenge 
  • movie nights are a disaster because popcorn flies everywhere and no one can choose a movie to watch. even when they do choose a movie, no one can stay still and quiet long enough to watch it.
  • eating out is like going on a field trip. everybody gets a buddy except for sehun, the baby, who will be strapped to either jimin or jungkook’s chest.
  • when one person gets sick, EVERYBODY gets sick
  • the kids have aunts and uncles who spoils them to death. whenever they come over, jikook takes the chance to go on a date.
  • jungkook can cook two huge potful of food and it will be gone the next morning.
  • sending any of them off to pre-school is hard on jimin and jungkook because it doesn’t feel right if there’s not the nine of them together
  • when the kids get their own phones, they usually have messages like:
  • “I love you.” - jungkook
    “Oops, sorry. Wrong kid.” - jungkook
  • “Who’s this again? Chanyeol changed all the contact names.” - jimin
    “It’s Kyungsoo.” - kyungsoo
    “What did he save me as?” - kyungsoo
    “Satan…” - jimin
    “He’s dead.” - kyungsoo
    “Baby no…” - jimin
  • “H1 M0MMY, H0W R U?” - baekhyun
    “Baekhyun why?” - jimin
    “1M GR8 THX.” - baekhyung
  • “I punched someone.” - minseok
    “What?! Why?! Are you hurt? Where are you? You are in so much trouble young man!” - jimin
  • “I punched someone.” - minseok
    “Why?” - jungkook
    “He made fun of Sehun’s lisp.” - minseok
    “Was there blood?” - jungkook
    “Yes.” - minseok
    “Good.” - jungkook
  • “Mom, why is the sky green?” - yixing
    “It..isn’t….” - jimin
    “Oh.” - yixing
  • “Dad I’m hungry.” - jongin
    “There’s some leftover chicken.” - jungkook
    “No there isn’t.” - jongin
    “Oh yeah I ate it lol.” - jungkook
  • and their family group chat is just chaotic
  • high school was definitely an….interesting time
  • jimin’s certain suho and kyungsoo already lost their virginity
  • both parents are speechless when jongdae comes home crying over a break up
  • baekhyun had the hardest time out of all understanding his sexuality
  • jungkook doesn’t know if it’s the trend or whatever but chanyeol and sehun’s hair changes color every week and he wants it to stop
  • yixing dates the school’s bad boy and as much as jungkook trust yixing, he doesn’t trust the boy.
  • minseok gets insecure about himself and jimin going through deep measure to reassure his son that he is perfect the way he is
  • jongin falls in love with two people, and neither jimin and jungkook are prepared to handle the shitstorm that came with that
  • they still share rooms because no house is big enough for the eleven of them
  • jimin sulks when some of the kids grew taller than him
  • jimin and jungkook are the embarrassing parents
  • soccer practice, dance lessons, theaters….wherever they are, they mortify their children and humilate them
  • but it’s okay because jikook doesn’t give a damn
  • lots of crying and shouting on game nights. it is team mommy and team daddy plus the scorekeeper. the neighbors usually call the cops around 2 in the morning
  • the kids try to throw a party when jimin and jungkook are out and they get caught 
  • jikook can be cruel when it comes to punishments
  • camping trips are filled with complaining and anti-social teenagers. but night time usually ends with yixing and chanyeol playing the guitar and the family singing around the campfire so it’s not that bad.
  • it’s difficult to send each child off to college. some going to the city, other’s going out of the country. 
  • it gets quiet and lonely around the house, but jimin and jungkook learns to appreciate the family time they have when all nine of them come back for school breaks and holidays.
  • plus, there’s always grandchildren. lots and lots of grandchildren.

here’s a small dose of fluff and crack for today’s negativity.

i apologize if you’re not an exo fan and this was a bit hard to keep up with haha 


Word Count: 5,027 words I got carried away

Genre: Fluff (Rated M for mentions of sex and coarse language)

Summary: A budding romance started with similar interests in a bookstore

A little quiet, more observant than not, and perhaps, a bit of a bibliophile in your own sense - that was what defined you.

The days of your teenage years were spent huddled up in the most comfortable crook of the public library, surrounded by shelves of the seemingly endless supply of paperbacks or hardcovers you so enthusiastically devoured. Unlike some girls your age who were obsessing over the in vogue Gucci line of the season or not-so-subtly batting their eyelashes fervently at the school’s hunks, you showed little to no interest in anything except your beloved books.

Which was why meeting the love of your life with tousled bangs and the most sparkling eyes that crinkled ever so wildly in the young adult fiction section of the bookstore just down your street was far from a mere coincidence. Like a carefully and deviously plotted novel, twists weaving in and out of pages, this story was a roaring tempest in the darkest of nights and a warm fireplace on a wintry morning with a cup of cocoa and melted marshmallows.

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Why I love working with teenagers

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I’ve been blessed to witness abrasive, rude, anti-social, and aggressive teenagers (male and female) support, bond with, and relate to their vulnerable peers in the most unique and surprising ways. Peer relationships are powerful and watching teenagers support one another is one of the greatest and most wonderful things I get to witness as a therapist

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Mayucva I'm so sorry but I thought your username was "Mayucvs" like the cvs store and so my grandma waltzed in while I was on my device and also thought that so she said: "Why are you on a 'new trendy cvs site?' And to make matters worse, she thought that Dr. Flug was an really anti-social teenager that:" always stays on Facebook 24/7."


HAHA! Oh man that’s amazing :’) 

I now need to claim ownership of the CVS stores >8)