anti sniper

Supposed photo of at least one “Armagh Sniper”, nicknamed either “Goldfinger” or “Terminator”, armed with one of the dreaded Barrett M82 .50 caliber rifles that were smuggled into Ireland in 1986.

“What’s special about the Barrett is the huge kinetic energy… The bullet can just walk through a flak jacket. South Armagh was the prime place to use such weapon because of the availability of Brits. They came to dread it and that was part of its effectiveness.”  —Unidentified member of the South Armagh Brigade sniper teams

Λουντιμία Παυλιτσένκο. Υπολοχαγός και η κορυφαία ελεύθερη σκοπευτής του Κόκκινου Στράτου που σκότωσε 309 ναζιστικά σκουπίδια. • αυτό για όσους λένε “και οι φασίστες άνθρωποι ειναι” ή “μορφώστε τους ναζί”.

Stop! VAC Hammer Time!

We all know cheaters, hackers or script kiddies were able to use the hackery program to ruin people’s fun, but Valve stops them with the anti-cheat system that VAC bans players by a single account instead of the IP in general.

I decided to make this to discourage people from using cheats.