anti sniper

Λουντιμία Παυλιτσένκο. Υπολοχαγός και η κορυφαία ελεύθερη σκοπευτής του Κόκκινου Στράτου που σκότωσε 309 ναζιστικά σκουπίδια. • αυτό για όσους λένε “και οι φασίστες άνθρωποι ειναι” ή “μορφώστε τους ναζί”.

Supposed photo of at least one “Armagh Sniper”, nicknamed either “Goldfinger” or “Terminator”, armed with one of the dreaded Barrett M82 .50 caliber rifles that were smuggled into Ireland in 1986.

“What’s special about the Barrett is the huge kinetic energy… The bullet can just walk through a flak jacket. South Armagh was the prime place to use such weapon because of the availability of Brits. They came to dread it and that was part of its effectiveness.”  —Unidentified member of the South Armagh Brigade sniper teams


Preparing for the unforeseen future.

Ukrainian soldiers during a simulated engagement using the iconic MILES gear, prior to the Russian invasion. From what I’ve gathered, a team of soldiers clad in snow camouflage acted as a scouting team, while a rifle squad patrolled the area in search for them. This (in theory) trained the riflemen in anti-sniper warfare and the scouts in evasion and detection skills. The outcome of the engagement was never posted, but I’d be interested in seeing how the tables had turned multiple times in terms of who was the hunter, and the hunted.

Marksman unit based on random palette generator. 

A human Spotter and alien anti-materiel sniper, a part of the forced conscription program run by the local military Garrison in conjunction with the planets stationed police. Mandatory conscription of capable races by human militaries is a common sight. It is usually a mutually beneficial exchange of soldiers and technology for a stable capitalist planetary government and capable law enforcement. However rare resistance may be some intelligent races either wish for no involvement with human governments or overtly oppose any partnership and are ready to engage in planetary skirmish. These displays are usually cut down through displays of the gross amount of nuclear prowess human governments posses. 

Currently this race of cold blooded amphibians serve as marksmen of all kinds due to their excellent eyesight and steady aim. Being cold blooded they are hard to spot through thermal optics, further giving them an edge in first strike combat. While they had developed ballistic firearms of their own the human government was able to provide much more advanced options such as automatic ranging, Thermal and NVG combi-sets. The most common is an anti materiel magnetic accelerator that uses nuclear power packs to power magnetic rails that propel an 8mm slug up to mach 7. These packs act as both the magazine and power source, each only having enough power to fire the 6 slugs in said magazine. Weapon remains inert unless powered, even if the proper ammunition is used. unless the enemy is capable of manufacturing their own power cells it will be useless. 

The human spotters are members of the stationed police force who are selected based on their ability or team work skills. It is a non negotiable position that must be taken and conditions are often poor. This leads to many harboring a deep dislike for the conscripted races. In face many spotters harbor a specific disdain for the Amphibian marksmen, as their attitude is often “passive and hesitant” . The spotters take issue with their cold blooded nature as well. While most of the planet is humid and forested this is only during the day, nights are cold and wet. Housing is not always available so the snipers will seek out to warm themselves with the nearest heat-source, more often than not this happens to be the spotter in his temperature controlled suit. This invasion of privacy not appreciated and further fragments relations between local conscripts and the assigned officer. The assigned officers usually return to the force with only disdain for the entire operation and a new found dislike for the local populous.

the worst part about calling American Sniper anti-war is its stance is “war is bad cause it takes our husbands and sons away from us to kill the enemy” and not “we are killing people we deem as unarguably evil and then end up killing the civilians too which also leads to intense racism in our nation as well”

The 66mm M72 LAW was adopted in 1963, first seeing combat in Vietnam. While such weapons are last-resort measures for defence against tanks, they
have other uses. The M72, for example, was employed against  defended buildings, field fortifications, soft-skin vehicles, troops in the open (for which
shaped charges are of limited effectiveness) and even as an anti-sniper weapon. Barrage-fired into dense vegetation concealing enemy troops, they proved to be an effective means of suppressive fire.