anti smash

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

The exhaustion felt in our minds after breaking the brainwashing – all that we’ve been told about how we’re supposed to think and feel about our race.

This is a necessary step in the life of every White person. However, it shouldn’t have to be this way, should it?

Why must we suffer ourselves so many years of mental anguish? – the forced “guilt” about our own skin, the forced identity of “villainous oppressor” over the others.

There is no wonder why so many otherwise good, strong White men and women have fallen into the well of subjugation – forever slaves to the anti-white Marxist machine.

But, if it hasn’t already, this does not have to happen to your most deeply-cherished loved ones around you.

Since you have found a way to step out of the long line of hypnotized drones marching to their death, you are able to pull out your loved-ones and march them back toward the truth, toward justice, and toward the spiritual rebirth of a person uncovering their repressed racial pride at long last.

This is all it takes to be a modern hero of our race. And you can start right now.

Be brave. Be a hero. Be a revolutionary.

Be proud to be White.