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I just want Sansa or Arya to repeat Sansa’s quote but rephrase it in s8 just for Dany when she rolls up to Winterfell with her ‘bend the knee or die’ mentality: “I’m sure burning people alive is very satisfying, but that’s not the way you get them to work together.”

What DNA reveals about St Helena’s freed slaves

In 1849, Anglican bishop Robert Gray described a slave ship being unloaded on the island of St Helena. “I never beheld a more piteous sight,” he observed of the people on board. Some were dead; many more were close to it. “They had a worn look and wasted appearance, and were moved into the boats like bales of goods, apparently without any will of their own.”

These men and women were refugees of the British Navy’s campaign against the slave trade. The United Kingdom had outlawed the trade in 1807, and anti-slaver patrols were intercepting boats along the Middle Passage — the trade route from Africa to the Americas — even venturing into the harbour of Rio de Janeiro. Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, St Helena became a favoured drop-off point for people freed from the ships. From 1840 to the late 1860s, scores of ships carrying some 27,000 slaves were captured and brought to the island. The slaves who survived were granted freedom and most were eventually relocated, but for nearly 10,000, many of them children, a rocky valley on St Helena became their final resting place. Read more.

The age old argument of “Why don’t Christians spark violence when they are mocked while Muslims get offended?” has got to end. 

Christianity is not denoted by its followers, it’s denoted by its message. There have been Crusades, Imperialism, Colonization, and multiple land masses absorbed by “Christian” fighters and yet the entirety of the world still has the level of respect and insight to not demonize an entire religion for the actions of its adherents. There are thousands of Christian Militias worldwide, and hundreds of laws drawn up that have been justified by the “Bible” including the Transatlantic trade and dozens of Genocides all throughout the Renaissance and the Middle Ages that have justified the murder of non-Christian minorities but we all have the intellectual capacity to give Jesus’ message the benefit of the doubt.

Christianity or Christians are not threatened as a concept or a group when someone mocks Christianity, and this form of Anti-Christian propaganda groups largely exist in countries with a large Christian influence. 

With the exception of Secularists that have dismissed the message of Christ and have largely removed the influence of the Church on the Kingdoms of Europe, Christianity has largely never been on the defensive, and if it has, it has been other Christian kingdoms destroying and absorbing small Churches worldwide that have had a leading legacy that connects to Christ(See the Crusades).

Islam, on the other hand, is on the defensive, especially after seeing the carnage of the Afghanistan, Iraq and other several Drone wars that has taken the lives of thousands and orphaned millions. There is a large swath of people that profit off of the death and exploitation of countries that have Muslim majority populations, and seeing that these countries lie in the countries of Asia and Africa, they are doubly seen as hubs of resources and areas that need nations’ best effort to expand and support their markets in; that’s the basis of Capitalism. 

So don’t tell me why Muslims are outraged at the desecration of their Prophet’s image or the level of disrespect that they are targeted with. Free speech is merely a mirage like other Imperialist namesakes meant to parade and spread racism and Xenophobia. Freedom of speech has existed much before the existence of the Western world and is not a novelty, it is only in this day and age where it is used as a cover for racism. Under no circumstance is taking the lives of innocent ever justified, however, there largely never seems to be an attached stigma with any type of crime the same way Islam is targeted at with its adherents. 

The Crusades were Christian influenced, the entire invasion of the new World was based on “Christian concepts”, and the consistent existence of White Supremacist groups that have fueled Nazis, Slavers, and Anti-Immigrant groups are fueled by Christians, and yet we will consistently see the message of Christ as contradictory to the actions of these criminals.

That’s why Christians are never “outraged” at mocking them, they don’t need to be.