anti sexism

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Can we just take a moment to realise how unsexist Shingeki no Kyojin is. I mean, /everybody/ wears the same uniform, no matter what their gender is. There is no infatuation with boobs every 30 seconds and it’s actually quite equal on the powerful woman thing. I mean, have you seen an anime with so much equal rights like this one before? I certainly haven’t.

Am I the only woman who doesn't mind being cat called?

I actually like it. One day after I finally lost a significant amount of weight I wore an actual outfit (meaning it wasn’t just a giant t shirt) and I was like freaking out from the anxiety and someone cat called me and I felt like a million times better.

Despite popular belief, feminism is not anti-masculism. Feminism is about making men AND women equal. Sexism affects all genders, so the people who attack masculism are NOT feminists. So please, stop accusing feminism of being a hate movement.

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Gold: I'm lying to my wife, I know about the Snow Queen but I refuse to help, I'm still very much a villain who doesn't care about anyone but myself. The Fandom: aww he's just misunderstood, white males are always the heroes. Regina: I'm trying to be good, I'm helping the heroes, I tried to save Marian. The Fandom: what a bitch! She needs to be killed off