anti royalist

- My Dad and I are watching BBC 1 as “breaking news” happens and we are told that some rich bitch’s baby is, in fact, a boy -

Dad: “Where the FUCK are the republicans?”

Next time I see or hear someone say “you have to find this important, this baby could be KING one day!” I will actually boot them in the face. 

What the hell has the Queen ever done to our country to ever make it any better for any of us? 

We are just paying for her entire family, including this sodding baby to live a life full of luxuries, hassle free.

And the fucking media soak it all up, practically brain washing the British public into thinking that this is actually anything of importance. They state that it is important that, as “British people” we must feel “proud” that poor old Kate has squeezed a tiny human out of her vadge.

…. Sorry, but have you not seen Jeremy Kyle? Any idiot with a vagina can have a baby, why the fuck should I feel proud and happy for someone I don’t even know?!

The world is going mad.