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people who don't think that the western far right (trump and co) and the middle eastern far right (assad and co) are the same exact breed of fascism are the most pathetic. assad has repeatedly said he would welcome american support of his extermination—sorry, counterterrorism effort—against innocent syrians—sorry, imperial terrorists. trump always repeated during his campaign that assad was a great guy who was killing terrorists; if the US joined, then would syrians finally be worthy victims?

right? exactly. here’s a quote from an article i was reading that says everything i want to say regarding this and the Left’s ignorance and hypocritical so called support:

Consider the dilemma: how is it that the Left is more or less opposed to the bigotry led by the Right against Syrian and Muslim refugees, but some sections of the Left are in agreement with the Right that all, or most, of the opposition to supposedly anti-Western regimes like Bashar Al-Assad’s or Muammar al-Qaddafi’s regime is led by proxy groups and/or fanatical jihadists? Why is it that it’s ubiquitous to see Leftists warn of instability if Assad is deposed, but no warnings are ever pronounced of a withdrawal of Israel occupation from the West Bank?

A close inspection of the mainstream armed Syrian opposition would demonstrate that they are more or less just as fundamentalist as Hamas and Hezbollah. Leaving the fact that there are democratic and anti-sectarian elements opposed to Assad, it appears that the Syrian opposition’s curse is that they aren’t fighting Western imperialism, but Russian imperialism. Which at any rate hardly qualifies as imperialism at all in certain Left quarters. Of course, it’s hard to find an example of a Leftist voicing concern about the populations that are living under the boot fundamentalist groups like Hamas or Hezbollah. Let alone those groups’ exploitation of workers. But once the fairytale of a fanatical Syrian opposition controlled by the West has been established, the victims of those groups are recognized because they are “our victims.” Their goal is not to challenge those who are committing and justifying the largest perpetrators of crimes—of which there are plenty of on both Left and Right—but to challenge the “Western” narrative.

Minimalism for anti-Western groups and regimes, maximalism for those whose direct target is anti-Western regimes. Remaining trapped in the dreams of the Left.

Such is the false and deadly dualism that sees Muslims as either victims or suspects, leaving no room for complexity. Such is the politics of score-settling that invokes the Other as a tool to hammer home a point, at home. Ensconced in a solipsistic ontology, they see the victims not because they recognize them in themselves, but only when they can recognize the perpetrators, who often look and speak like them. It’s the perpetrators that are relatable, not the victims. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that the most creative anti-war slogan that one can hear in London, New York and Paris is “not in our name.” Just not in our name, we are better than this.

– Minimalism At Home, Maximalism abroad: The Curious Case of Islamophobic Anti-Islamophobia

Lmbo I’m not annoyed by that post for National Pride reasons but because I think it’s important to understand the way Mexico operates in Latin America and its role in supporting right wing regimes and anti migrant efforts and the way it acts as a proxy or conduit for US imperialism

And in that sense, Mexico is a big part of Latin America

Albanian soldiers performing the Zogist salute 

The Zogist salute, or the nationalist Albanian salute, is a military salute of Albania since used by civilians in other countries. The salute is a gesture whereby the right hand is placed over the heart, with the palm facing downwards. The salute is still popular with modern supporters of Zogu and Albanian monarchists in general, and the Albanian nationalists of the Balli Kombëtar. Under the post-war communist government of Enver Hoxha, the Zogist salute was used by dissidents as an anti-regime statement.

Russia’s state propaganda network has been pushing her since 2012, when they gave up on Ron Paul. Also:

She was at said propaganda network’s tenth anniversary dinner, sitting at Putin’s table. So was Trump’s military advisor, Gen. Mike Flynn. She’s also been saying Hillary’s more dangerous than Trump and will start a nuclear war with Russia.

And I don’t see how she can present herself as the best candidate for LGBT issues when she’s palling around with the dictator of a brutal anti-LGBT regime and the military advisor of a candidate whose list of potential SCOTUS nominees is, aside from one gay man, dedicated to overturning Obergefell v. Hodges and whose running mate is one of the most virulently anti-LGBT politicians in the country.

Jill Stein is a joke.

#8 People’s Republic of Poland

Photo: Priest splits beating of Solidarity protesters by paramilitary police, Warsaw, People’s Republic of Poland, 1982

■ World War II devastated Poland. 5 million inhabitants of pre-war Poland were killed, many of these casualties were the result of the deliberate extermination of the Jewish and Polish elite. Warsaw – the capital of the Second Republic – was virtually burned to ground. As a result of post-war peace conferences, Poland lost the majority of its eastern territories but was compensated with some industrial regions of pre-war Germany on the west – it literally moved around 100-150 kilometres westwards, which brought on the necessity of resettling 2 million people!

■ Poland was to be rebuilt yet again, this time under a severely anti-democratic communist regime with an inefficient economic system. This, accompanied by robust political and cultural isolation, made Poland’s reconstruction much slower than those of Western European countries.

■ Constant economic stagnation, shortages in the supplies of basic goods, and a lack of political freedom and free media, as well as the frequent abuses of power of the political elites, marked the communist period with great social unrest and protests, always brutally suppressed by the establishment.