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Anti starter pack checklist (feel free to add)

✅ “you’re disgusting if you like this”
✅ “sweetie :)”
✅ under 21
✅ doesn’t know how to use blacklist
✅ “this is wrong and obviously im smarter than u so i have to tell u why ur wrong, ugh”
✅ “i dont care that youre a survivor”
✅ “relive your traumatic experience by telling everyone online or you arent valid”
✅ “kill yourself”
✅ “get hit by a truck”
✅ everyone is a racist
✅ everyone is a pedophile
✅ fiction = reality
✅ :)
✅ ;)

im 100% certain y'all don’t give as much of a fuck abt the very real predatory relationships occurring to REAL people but that’s none of my business.

On Bias in Fandom

On a post of @thealextheshipper, someone brought up a matter that I actually agree with - fandom bias, and the fact that fans tend to justify the actions of their favorite character.

Amusingly, the poster was speaking out in favor of Wanda Maximoff. I find this incredibly laughable - since Wanda is the one who most benefits from fandom bias in the MCU. 

Regardless, the poster in question was not wrong about mentioning it.

Am I biased when I defend my favorite characters? Hell, yeah. Of course I am. Anything I post starts from a premise of it being biased - unless I explicitly state otherwise. 

The problem is that fandom bias isn’t always positive. On the contrary, when it comes to Tony Stark, it has always been overwhelmingly negative - and it has been set up in this way from the beginning, by the movies themselves.

We are told from the get go that it’s Tony’s fault those people died in Afghanistan. 

We are told that he is the “Merchant of Death” and that people within the MCU comment on him making profit off selling weapons.

There is an actual assessment of his psyche on-screen that describes him in less than glowing terms.

We are told that it’s Tony’s fault for Killian.

We are told, by several people, including Tony himself, that it’s Tony’s fault for Ultron.  Nobody ever argues against Wanda and Pietro when they blames Tony for their parents’ death.

Repeatedly, every single attack that is made against him, every insult and derogatory remark - from Stane’s attack, to Coulson “taze you into the carpet”, to Wanda’s mind attack in Ultron, to Thor’s choking - each and every one is waved off like it’s not there.

His PTSD is laughed off by his friends and loved ones.

The Avengers literally roll their eyes when he mentions the nuclear missile. This is incredibly serious, since it is the second event that caused a massive change in Tony’s life, post-Afghanistan.

Characters who don’t even know him well/at all repeatedly state that Tony is not to be trusted (see Hank Pym, Scott Lang and Sam Wilson).

This attitude has permeated the fandom. The MCU has automatically BIASED people against this character. It has made people believe that it’s okay to treat this man this way, because *insert laundry list of character defects and Tony-hate speech.

Meanwhile, other characters receive an entirely different treatment. Steve Rogers is repeatedly stated to be a good man, doing the right thing. Steve Rogers is a legend of nobility. 

The story of Captain America is one of honor, courage and sacrifice. That’s what the Smithsonian display says - and it’s exactly what the MCU transmits. Fair enough. He’s definitely brave and did make a sacrifice. But he’s still a guy, and he makes mistakes.

Wanda is repeatedly stated to be “just a kid”. She is portrayed as a victim, which again, is an attitude that sneaked into the fandom. She is not a victim. She is a villain who is supposed to be making amends for her mistakes, but who has never shown an ounce of regret.

So if you wish to remove your bias, if you’re in a situation in which you wonder if maybe your judgment isn’t the best, remove the character from the picture entirely, and transport the situation into the real world.


- Tony Stark is a war profiteer and is guilty of killing every single person that died because of a Stark missile

Replace Tony Stark with any real world weapons company. You wouldn’t blame them for the people who died in a war where their weapons were used, would you? No, you would not.  At the risk of repeating myself - remember Obama’s drones? I’ve mentioned it before. Pretty sure nobody even knows who made the damn drones, let alone blame them for that mess.

- Wanda Maximoff accidentally blows up people in a mission in Lagos

Replace Wanda Maximoff with any police officer chasing a terrorist. If a dozen people had died in the middle of a regular operation like that, you’d bet your ass that officer would be sanctioned, maybe even suspended.

- Wanda Maximoff mind-controlled people during Ultron and used the Hulk to kill people in Johannesburg

Replace Wanda Maximoff with a random terrorist who planted a bomb that ultimately killed a group of unsuspecting civilians. Or maybe some leader of a cult who convinces kamikaze bombers to attack churches etc. How is she different? Would you forgive that terrorist for the dead just because some random guy in a position of authority told you she was on your side now?

- Steve Rogers saying his little sometimes, people die speech

Replace Steve Rogers with a real life figure - like Obama or Trump. Do you still feel the same way you did about what he said? Do you still feel inclined to wave it off? Or is your acceptance just because Captain America said it?

Granted, characters often have personal circumstances that modify their judgment and affect their choices. Like Steve - and his soldier mentality, which I mentioned in the past. But this exercise can help regardless - even if you then apply his unique circumstances to the situation. 

These are only examples, but I’m sure you get my meaning. Strip the character of his/her comic identity, then see how you feel about them. If you can, strip them of their gender too - that influences you too. 

It’s only then that you can make an adequate judgment on the actions of a character you love/hate.

Bring your fiction into real life and judge it like that.

Does it work 100%? Probably not. But I have never been one to deny the mistakes of my favorite characters - so there’s that.

Being diagnosed with ASPD or classified as a psychopath doesn’t mean you’re emotionless. Though those with ASPD or classified as a psychopath tend to exhibit less empathy towards others and in most situations, they can still exhibit a wide range of emotion.

We are not robots, but we can be robot like.

antis: -claim to want to protect minors from abuse and pedophilia-

same antis: -bring and attack an actor’s REAL LIFE CHILDREN into the conversation over FICTIONAL characters and shipping-

Y'all are gross, pathetic hypocrites. A bunch of cyber bullies and nothing more.

ur still in defence of anthony stark, a rich business man that profitted off the weapons trade and war, that only seems to be rewarded whilst other people suffer as a result of his actions? in this political landscape? embarrassing.

Listen at the end of the day Star Wars has always been a super weird, wacky space opera, bigger than life, fantasy fairy tale where there are giant slugs and child murders can still be redeemed which means crazy shit is going to go down with the characters and story in the sequel trilogy so when it does just accept it and try to appreciate what the overall message it's trying to convey is, and since its Star Wars it will probably be something along the lines of compassion and love triumphs over all
Albus Dumbledore’s Choices: or Why “The Greater Good” is Not a Get Out of Jail Free Card

One pet peeve of mine with respect to the HP fandom and Albus Dumbledore is the apparent belief that Albus acted in the only way that was possible at the time. He “did his best”. He “acted as a leader” for “the greater good”.

I find this thinking so very flawed. And why is that? Because realistically, Albus Dumbledore is a horrible leader and his choices and plans are riddled with holes.

Warning for VERY LONG POST. I have a lot of feelings about this.

Situation in 1981: child of prophecy vanquishes madman

- parents are killed in the process, child needs new caretakers

- mother has left protection on child which is presumably tied to her bloodline

Possible people to raise child of prophecy:

- muggle family known to not like wizards very much

- Albus himself (unlikely, too much of a public figure)

- someone of Albus’s confidence (other members of the Orders of the Phoenix)

Possible secure locations:

- the Dursleys house, with the protection from Lily’s sacrifice

- Hogwarts

- other properties unattached to the Potter name, possibly under the Fidelius, possibly abroad

In this, I would have probably picked the latter option. If Albus had used a combination of a Fidelius and an Unbreakable Vow with a paranoid guy like Moody, for example, Harry would have been safe and sound. Remus would have helped, if not acted as a main caretaker. The idea that Harry stayed with the Dursleys could have been planted, as an additional layer of security. Thus, Harry would’ve had a proper custodian who didn’t abuse him, and who raised him to understand his position. It’s highly unlikely Death Eaters could have found him. They never appeared to even try. Hogwarts under a glamour was also a good choice. Honestly, going abroad was probably the safest bet. The shields on the Dursley house only protected the house itself – when he was everywhere else, Harry was unprotected.

Albus did not choose any of the alternate options. Presumably, Lily’s protection was too important. The Fidelius had been broken before, after all. He might not have known the Dursleys would be so problem. Maybe he thought Lily’s power would be needed further along the line and was somehow tied to Petunia. Okay, fair enough. Moving on.

Action taken – muggle family picked for custodians. Options:

- leave child on doorstep of muggles like bottle of milk

- discuss situation with muggles and make sure the child is treated well

Anyone who thinks that what Dumbledore chose is a reasonable action to take is insane. Anyone who thinks this is DOING HIS BEST or the RIGHT THING needs a reality check. Not only was it dangerous for Harry, but it showed a distinctive lack of care for Petunia herself.

The least Dumbledore owed Petunia was telling her to her face that her sister was dead. It’s common decency. But Dumbledore couldn’t even do that. He just forced the Dursleys to take Harry, and that would have only made Petunia’s resentment worse.

Classic case of a fairytale element that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny in light of later books. No need to go into it further, I think.

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Berkeley brawl protester punched by white supremacist shares her story

  • Louise Rosealma was punched in the face during a protest Saturday in Berkeley, California. It didn’t take long for the video to go viral — and for her inbox to become flooded with threats of rape and violence from the “alt-right.” “It was pretty immediate,” Rosealma said in a phone interview Monday. 
  • “It just caught like wildfire, it was being shared around like crazy."Rosealma, a 20-year-old self-described anarchist, was hit by a man later identified as white supremacist Nathan Damigo. While some outlets, Mic included, described the violent protests as a clash between pro and anti-Trump groups, the reality was more complicated. 
  • As Esquire reported, many of the altercations were actually between far-right, neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups and the black bloc anti-fascists and anarchists who showed up to counter them. Read more. (4/18/2017 10:03 AM)

anonymous asked:

But how do you feel about other ships involving yuri and otabek?

listen this may sound blunt but I literally do not give a fuck. if you like yuri & jj awesome. if you like otabek & mila that’s gr8 fam. if you literally cannot see otabek & yuri being together at all, I don’t caaaaaaaare. write fics, make fanart, be happy. i might not seek out ur type of content, but i respect ur choices.

see unlike some people, I do not have a superiority complex about what I ship and don’t ship.

Antisepticeye Theory

So I’ve been seeing lots of people saying “Oh it’s not Anti! It’s Jack trying to get back in control!”
But I think otherwise.
Jack has been in control this whole time. BUT not because he was able to get rid of Anti,
because Anti LET Jack get back in control. Anti never lost any power
he has always had the power to come back at ANY TIME he wanted
but he has such a bitterness towards Jack. He wants to see him suffer.
All of the things he’s been doing in the videos, they weren’t for us, Anti has already done things for us.
He’s been doing it to screw with Jack! In the recent Detention video, when Jack read off the text from the phone scene, he was smiling and his voice was different, and afterwards, Jack looked scared and confused. Like he didn’t know what just happened.
His lips have been looking blue like as if someone has tried to strangle him. His hands are bruised looking, as if he just was in a fist fight.
NOT TO MENTION, Jack’s face has been looking more pale then usual.
And it’s Jack’s birthday on Feb 7th. Anti’s been waiting for Jack’s birthday.
That’s what “Jack” meant when he said “He never left :D” in the comments
Jack thought Anti had left.
But in reality,
he was just W A I T I N G

( Hey @lum1natrix @anti-support-group )

i feel like having felicity as ghost fox killer in doomworld is the legends writers guggenheim being like “what’s good about arrow that we can bring over to be screwed up by the legion of doom” and the only answer they can think of is felicity. 

not like… she doesn’t really have that much personal history with any of the legion? bring in barry’s new miserable life at the hands of eobard instead of whitewashing another female comics character k thanks