anti rascism

If you’re white

Don’t be ashamed over the fact that you’re white. Our forefathers have done horrible things yes but they also have done wonderous, magnificant and beautiful things. Just like other ethniceties we have good and bad things in our history, but we who are alive today aren’t responsible for things that happened long before we were born. 

So don’t flog yourself with selfhate, you don’t need to atone for anything other than YOUR OWN actions because if we start pulling up sins of the past commited by others and apply it to people alive today then all wuold be guilty of something and most likely to the same degree aswell meaning our society would be too busy handing out punishments to actually move forward to a brighter future. And if someone calls you racist for not kowtowing to their racist dogma then they are the lesser.

This photo is truly amazing, despite the fact that this man hated black people, despised them, humiliated them, practices rituals burning crosses and hating all other races……..It was the people whom he hated and wanted all to die because they aparently serve no purpose to him ….are THE ONE’S WHO SAVED HIS LIFE.

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Dear EDL,

Your cars are German, your vodka is Russian, your pizza is Italian, your kebab is Turkish, your democracy is Greek, your coffee is Brazilian, your movies are American, your tea is Tamil,your currys are indian, your clothing is Subcontinental, your oil is Arabian, your electronics are Chinese, your letters are Latin and your numbers, Arabic… So what right do you have to be racist?

Yours sincerely,
The World


Just because, you’re a black boy.
Just because, you’re a white.
It doesn’t mean, you’ve got to hate him.
It doesn’t mean, you’ve got to fight.
It doesn’t make it alright.
It doesn’t make it alright.
Its the worst excuse in the world.
And it, it doesn’t make it alright.
Just because, you’re nobody!

Saw the Specials on Saturday night. It was epic, and they played all the old hits, really fucking well. 

But this one. There was something kind beautiful about standing in a room with over 500 skinheads of all genders, races and religions, all belting this out at the tops of their voices.

Faith in humanity was restored for a little while.