anti privatisation

I don’t really know how to put this, but one of the really heartening things about this election and Corbyn is that it doesn’t feel like it’s just me or all the other card carrying lefties that want to put a stop to austerity anymore. Loads of people from my old school many of whom weren’t particularly political, many of whom were downright Tory back then are sharing Corbyn’s speeches or anti-NHS privatisation articles or articles on low pay etc etc etc. I know that doesn’t mean they’re all revolutionary socialists but it’s nice to know loads of other people care about all this stuff too.

Democratic vs. Republican

Democratic Party: 

  • Promotes community and social responsibility 
  • Believe there should be tax cuts, but only for lower to middle class. 
  • Taxes should be increased on the wealthy as well as corporations
  • Not against raising taxes to fund the government 
  • Pro-choice (abortion) 
  • Pro gay marriage 
  • Aims to limit gun ownership and enforce stricter laws For increasing the minimum wage 
  • Pro trade restriction (to protect jobs for Americans) 
  • Believe in a lot of government oversight in health care, want medical care affordable to everyone. 
  • Believes that governments should help those in need with things such as food stamps and Medicaid 
  • In military; less manpower, more targeted/analytical strikes 
  • Overall, decreased funding for the military 
  • Anti fossil fuels, wants government funding/taxed to help stop drilling etc. 
  • Anti privatisation of federal land Wants to progress in education. For example: implementing Common Core system 
  • Believe taxes can be used to decrease class size and hire new teachers 
  • Wants to increase funding for NCLB (No Child Left Behind Act) 
  • Anti school vouchers 
  • Loans and grants for college should be governmentally funded 
  • Anti gender and race quotas in college 
  • Believe that crimes that do not involve violence should be given less harsh punishments 
  • Anti capital punishment under any and all circumstances 
  •  Aims to be politically correct. In some circumstances anti free speech (meaning you can (lightly) punished for slander, for example) 
  • Want to restrict some freedoms that are believed to be extremely detrimental to citizens. 
  • For example, some foods/how foods are made 
  • Government regulation is needed to protect consumers Greater support for undocumented immigrants. For example, pathways to citizenship provided and they will not be deported if there is no criminal record and/or they have lived in America for at least 5 years 
  • Pro separation of the church and the state 

 Republican Party: 

  • Promotes individual rights and justice
  • Want to cut taxes for all citizens 
  • Don’t believe in raising taxes 
  • Pro gun 
  • Anti abortion - sometimes not depending on the candidate 
  • Anti gay marriage - sometimes not depending on the candidate 
  • Pro guns 
  • Believe that minimum wage should not be increased so all Americans can have access to products and businesses can keep costs low 
  • Pro free trade, to keep costs lows and revenue growing 
  • Believe that too much government involvement in healthcare will decrease the quality of service Oppose the Affordable Care Act for that reason, believing it will be ultimately detrimental in the long run 
  • Acknowledges the fact that those in need should have help (food stamps, Medicaid for example), but believe it should be privately funded and minimal government funding should be used. 
  • Also aims to implement tighter control/stricter rules 
  • Believes military effort should be used rather than targeted regimes 
  • Overall pro increased spending for military 
  • Wants to expand drilling for oil to keep costs low for all Americans 
  • Pro privatisation of federal land Aims to have public input and wants citizens to decided how to approach most environmental issues. 
  • Believe progress can be made in education by implementing longer hours and electing programs that require students to be focused 
  • Pro school vouchers and homeschooling 
  • Loans for college should be privately funded 
  • Believe in harsher punishments for crimes, including non violent crimes (ex. selling drugs) 
  • Believe complex systems should be implemented to make sure everyone who commits a crime faces an adequate punishment For this reason, most republican candidates are pro capital punishment. 
  • Believe that American citizens should have freedom in their choices. For example, free speech, food can be made however a company desires etc. 
  • Believe that government regulation hinders the free market Harsher on undocumented immigrants 
  • Aims to protect U.S borders with stronger enforcement to prevent this from happening in the first place 
  • Anti separation of the church and the state


the SNP getting 56 out of 59 seats in scotland with just over a million votes is not democracy, you are all correct.

the greens had about the same and got 1 seat no that is not democracy I totally agree

but if you are a left wing person who is passionate about the importance of the NHS and caring for vulnerable individuals and creating a better society from this shit heap in which we currently reside

DO NOT fight back against the SNP. do not hate the SNP. hate our voting system. fight back against first past the post.

the SNP are anti-austerity, anti-privatisation, and stand for all the things the Tories want to destroy - they are not the enemy here.

join a political party, get involved, read up on proportional representation and other voting systems and campaign for change. the SNP will be doing the same thing while acting as an enormous part of the very, very small left wing presence in Westminster. they are on our side and together with parties like the greens and plaid cymru we can make a difference.

the Tories want us isolated and scared; let’s be together and terrifying.