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Why do all these stupid anti blogs always have Pokemon as their avatars/ pseudonyms ? Like, please, dont disrespect Pokemon by dragging them down to your level of disrespect and pointless hate. Pokemon wouldn’t kinkshame and they definitely wouldn’t act as bitchy as y'all fuckasses



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I think, of the two of them, it would be Dark, simply because app games are new to him. He’d be the friend that gets obsessed with a game for a week and then never touches it again.

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the baby boomer who made this probably:  Those damn millennials and their Pokemon Go giving them another excuse to stare at their phone all day!! How can I capitalize on this craze and show how bitter i am towards millennials at the time? *draws this with the bitterness in their soul* 

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How would gladion, lillie, and guzma react if Guzma's usually kind and peaceful s/o sucker punched lusemine in the face for everything she put gladion and lillie through

a/n: lmao she deserve it tho


  • she’d be the most shocked. like, she loves her mom so she thought that the punch was unjustified, but there’s a small part of her that’s satisfied by it.
  • lillie would probably yell at them for what they did because she doesn’t like seeing people hurt no matter what, but is more interested in seeing if her mother is okay or not.


  • definitely thinks it’s justified, it just catches him off guard.
  • is kind of excited that someone would care enough about him to do something so uncharacteristic in order to get a point across. of course, he does worry if his mom’s okay. no matter what she did to him, he doesn’t like seeing her hurt. lusamine doesn’t deserve these kids jfc


  • he realizes he’s in love when he sees them do that. like gladion, he’s not used to have people taking up for him like that. and seeing his s/o just straight up sucker punch someone who used him, he can’t comprehend.
  • will probably high five them after they do it to be honest. if he doesn’t kiss them on the spot, but there are kids around so he’ll probably not do that.

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Shelly decides to egg you on with more eggcelent puns, and deems you to be quite shellfish not to be enjoying these like the rest of us BBBB))))

Vert: I’m enjoying your puns, Shelly. It’s just those two idiots over there who don’t

Vert: How are ya two doing over there?