anti opera

Things that shouldn't be thought of as #relationship goals:

Romeo and Juliet
The Phantom and Christine
The Great Gatsby
50 Shades of Grey
Jasper and Lapis(you people are sick)
Very platonic friend relationships between a male and a female just bc they’re male and female(if you have a genuine reason other than gender, that’s cool) Dipper and Mabel


Excerpts of the opera Neither by Morton Feldman and Samuel Beckett.


Black Musicians Throughout History

This week on TLG, we are supporting Black History Month with a video that will hopefully get more discussion about an oft-overlooked group of classical musicians.

Thank you all for your support so far, and please do keep this conversation going!

Dude Sonny’s not going to kill Ava no matter how much she begs him to. He’s gonna be like “No because now you want it!! Why would I kill you when that’s what you want? It’s better to have you live and watch you suffer.”

And she deserves it FIGHT ME

I saw the trailer and rolled my eyes. More westallen drama and I still never see Iris at or doing her job. Terrible character, I hope she gets written off so we won’t have to worry about “saving” her. Is that all she’s good for? A damsel in distress? No one has fun anymore, the show is turning into a sad mess. Isn’t the Flash supposed to be light and hopeful? What’s with all the depression this season? When did it become a soap opera?
—  Anonymous

Something that really pisses me off is when people say Olicity turned Arrow into a Soap Opera, if you want to call it a Soap Opera, fine, but acknowledge that it has been the whole time, and it started before Felicity was even on the show. Here are just some of the examples:

-Oliver was dating Laurel, but sleeping with her sister, and every other female in the city. He took her sister on a yacht with him and that yacht sank and they were separated and Oliver was stranded for 5 years.

-Before he left Oliver got a girl pregnant, while he was with Laurel, but his mother paid her to tell him she lost the baby so Oliver had a kid he didn’t know about.

-While he was gone Laurel started sleeping with his best friend.

-Oliver was rexcued after 5 years and is now a vigilante.

-The whole Tommy/Laurel/Oliver love triangle mess.

-Thea having a crush on Tommy, who we find out later is actually her half-brother.

-Oliver’s mother shoots him.

-Oliver’s mother having a part in the big bad’s plan.

-Thea falling in love with the guy who stole her purse.

-Lance has 2 daughters and between them they have died 3 times. And one of them has come back from the dead more than once.

-Tommy sees Oliver and Laurel having sex.

-Tommy rescues Laurel but ends up dying, and it was all because his dad was psycho and created an earthquake to destroy the city because he couldn’t deal with his wife’s death like a decade ago.

-Oliver sleeps with Isabel and then later finds out she was his dad’s mistress, and she was working with the bad guy the whole time.

-The whole lie about Thea’s paternity and her finding out the truth about it from the villain and then hating Oliver and her mom for lying about it.

-Lyla and Diggle were married but then they got divorced but then they got back together and had a kid and then they got married.

-Oliver joining an evil organization so he can stick his sister in a pit so that she doesn’t die.

-Oliver kidnaps Diggle’s kid while pretending to be evil and then when they find out he was faking it Diggle gets mad at Oliver for putting his daughter in danger and loses faith in him and he is mad at Oliver and doesn’t trust him for months.

-Diggle’s brother isn’t actually dead, he’s really working for mister evil, Damien Darhk.

-But then everyone thinks he is reformed except he is still working with the villain and has a part in Laurel’s death. And all that ultimately leads to Diggle killing his own brother and then he initially lies to his wife and tells her it was self defense even though he was unarmed.

There is plenty more and feel free to add, but I think I got my point across.

Like idk this is gonna be pretty rambly but what’s really fucking annoying for me about those “lol Wagner was a Nazi” / “Wagner was Problematic he was an anti-Semite” / reblogging that shitty quote about getting the urge to invade Poland after listening to too much Wagner is that it’s like patting yourself on the back for Calling Wagner Out and the level of engagement stops there, I pretty much never see any discussion of Wagner’s anti-Semitic writing and its effect on anti-Semitism in Germany or anti-Semitism in operas or Nazi policies regarding music or any of that, I reblog posts fairly frequently about anti-Semitism and Nazi crimes and there’s rarely ever a like or two for those yet when I write about how Götterdämmerung is kinda feminist I get fifty notes so I guess what I’m saying is none of you really give a shit about this At All

So it’s universally agreed Felicity is the worst character on arrow right?

I mean just when you think her character couldn’t get any worse.

Everything has to be about her you can’t even watch the Flash without hearing about Felicity.Never forget 1 of the reasons everyone died in the crossover episode was because of Felicity making everything about her.

Then to top it off they make her walk again.Because she’s such a strong and powerful woman right? Don’t make me laugh.Felicity has gone through nothing compared to main woman on the show.

This is what happens when writers pander to shippers.Good show turns into a needless soap opera.