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Hair oils and their benefits

Argan oil - derived from the kernels of the argan tree, this  helps to tame frizzy hair and improve the texture of the hair.This oil can be used to treat hair damaged by heat or dyes. It has also been proven to be promote hair growth in thinning hair.

Coconut oil - abe to actually penetrate the hair shaft and nourish the hair when used as a conditioner. May be used as a natural sunscreen in the summer to prevent thermal damage by the sun.

Amla oil - very popular in indian hair care for numerous problems such as dandruff, shine and to promote hair growth, accompanying scalp massages,

Avocado oil - rich in vitamins E, D and A. This oil can be absorbed into hair and therefore may be incorporated into deep conditioning treatments.

Castor oil - very thick oil with anti-fungal properties and therefore is an ideal remedy for dandruff and itchiness. Its thick, heavy consistency also make it a good natural hair conditioner when used as a hot oil treatment.

Black castor oil - rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. It is  also thick and heavy which makes it ideal as a conditioner. Many women testify thickening of hair, lashes and brows after  using this oil consistently.

Jojoba oil - very similar to the molecular structure of sebum.Helps to add shine, elasticity and softness to hair. Massaging into the scalp can help to relieve itchiness and scalp psioriasis

Olive oil - rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & E. This oil is great at sealing in moisture and preventing split ends. Can alos be used as a hot oil treatment for conditioning effects.

Essential oils (these should be diluted with a carrier oil)

Rosemary oil - this essential oil has been proven to stimulate hair growth when applied topically by imoroving circulation to the scalp. It also has anti-bacterial properties that help to improve scalp health

Tea tree oil -  has many anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antifungal properties. Therefore, helping to prevent many ailments of the scalp that may cause hair loss or hair thinning.

Pepppermint oil - effective treatment for dandruff and dry scalp issues. MAy also improve circulation to the scalp, improving hair health.

Anti-anxiety Herbs

A list of herbs that help reduce stress & anxiety & how to use them. 

Chamomile: Top of the list because it’s my personal favourite. Chamomile is very calming, & also helps calm the nervous system, reducing physical & emotional tensions & helping to soothe, & calm the mind. Chamomile tea is very effective in relieving anxiety, & can also be used in combination with other herbs as an edible oil to take internally for an instant relief. The smell of Chamomile alone is very calming & for these reasons it can also be used in aromatherapy remedies as incense or facial mists. 

Lavender: Lavender is also very soothing & has a slight sedative effect. Use Lavender alone, or in combination with other herbs to place inside a pillow to aid in a restful sleep. Lavender can also be drunk as a tea to provide relief from emotional tensions & anxieties, & aid in soothing the nervous system, relieving physical stress as well. 

Green Tea: Helps by relieving heart rate, & blood pressure, & cleans & detoxifies the blood at the same time. Provides mental clarity & reduces anxiety whilst improving focus, preventing one from becoming lethargic. Note that green tea does contain small amounts of caffeine so it may not work for everyone in the same way. 

Hops: Used in sleep pillows, & edible anti-anxiety oils & tinctures. Hops has mild sedative effects.

Valerian: Valerian is a strong sedative herb & can help promote a deep, restful sleep. It produces an unpleasant smell, so is usually taken as a supplement or tincture, but can also be used in combination with other fragrant herbs to drink as tea.Valerian has such strong sedative effects that it is advised only taking this herb in the evening, before bed. A good aid for insomniacs. 

Lemon Balm: Lemon Balm has been used since the middle ages to help reduce stress & anxiety. It is useful in promoting both a calm, & more alert state of mind. Commonly taken as a tea, tincture, or capsule supplement. 

Passionflower: Passionflower has mild sedative properties & helps soothe & calm the nervous system & relieve anxiety. It is also a great aid for insomnia. 

Licorice Root: Helps by stimulating relaxing chemicals in the brain, it helps one in dealing with general stress. Soothes & calms the nervous system. Most commonly drunk in combination with other herbs as a tea, & used in sleep pillows. 

Note: All of these herbs can be used in herbal sachets & other magickal charms to relieve stress & anxiety. 

Remember these are only herbal suggestions, NOT prescribed medicine, if you are already on medication, ask your doctor if it’s ok to use some of these herbs internally as some come can react with medication. Do not take too many sedative supplements at once & consult your doctor before internal use of any herbal supplements if you are pregnant. 

Softy’s Guide to Facial Oils

Different oils and how to use them

Common Oils

Argan Oil – good for everyone; high in Vit E, great for helping heal scars, eczema, and dry scalp. Oleic acid helps regulate sebum production, and linoleic acid promotes healthy skin turnover, which can be good for acne control.

Avocado Oil – intense hydration; lots of fats and fatty acids; may be too hydrating for certain skin types

Castor Oil – promotes hair growth

Chamomile Oil – Sensitive skin; soothes redness and irritation

Coconut Oil – very moisturizing; however it’s comedogenic so it works well for the body, but may not be good for the face (but if it works for you, go for it!)

Jojoba Oil – all skin types; mimics natural sebum so it’s a good balancer for all sin types

Rosehip Oil – skin discolouration & scarring; also good for helping combat environmental stressors like dry air and wind; improve skin elasticity, boost skin cell regeneration,

Tea Tree Oil – acne (but NEEDS to be diluted if you have 100% tea tree oil)

Grapeseed Oil – oily skin & acne; help regulate oil production while keeping skin moisturized; also has anti-aging & skin-brightening Vit C

Maracuja Oil – anti-inflammatory; brightening (has lots of Vit C); sun damage, discoloration, spots, and fine lines; also said to help with anxiety, insomnia and stress?

Marula Oil – irritated skin; v. soothing & hydrating; high in oleic acid; high in anti-oxidants;

Sweet Almond Oil – great for sensitive & dry skin

Less Common

Dilo Oil (found by Kate Sommerville); good for firming

Black Currant Oil – skin that needs repair; anti-inflammatory; even good for eczema

Camellia Oil – Lightweight hydration; absorbs quickly; great for sensitive skin

Pomegranate Oil ­– anti-inflammatory; reduces redness; brightens skin; packed with Vit A, D, E, & K; goof for combination skin

Hemp Seed – light moisture; good for dry, aging skin

Pumpkin Seed Oil – blemish prone skin

Evening Primrose Oil – soothing & anti-inflammatory; great for sensitive skin


Here we gooooo

  1. Slather a thick layer of Vaseline with a drop of tea tree oil over your skincare products in the night for a DIY sleeping mask!
  2. Turn anything into a face mask with this silicone cover thing.
  3. DIFFERENTIATE YOUR SKIN CONCERNS. I know it can be super tempting to just declare that you have “bad skin” and never really look at the root of the problem. I thought I had pimples and acne on oily skin, but it turned out I had closed comodones with dehydrated skin. So it’s suuuuper important to figure out what you’re dealing with.
  4. Change your routine one at a time. Don’t put a pile of new products on your face, because this will shock your skin and make you break out. If you’re getting into a new routine, please take a month to transition into it.
  5. WEAR SUNSCREEN. Idk who you are or what you’re trying to accomplish. Wear fucking sunscreen. Here are a few sunscreens that are tested on their ‘ashiness’. Now you have no excuse. 
  6. Layer your skincare thin to thick. Basically, if you have multiple essences, ampoules, serums, etc, always layer them on such that the one that has the most liquid consistency goes on first, and the thickest one last.
  7. DON’T TRY YOUTUBE SKINCARE HACKS without thoroughly researching about them. Don’t put lemon and baking soda on your face because some beauty guru did. Please actually research these things before irritating/potentially scarring your skin.
  8. Coconut oil can clog pores. If you suffer from this, try eliminating it to see how your skin reacts.
  9. If you pop a particularly nasty pimple, slap a bandaid over it. Yes, people are going to ask if you walked into a door, but your skin will heal faster (without that unwanted pimple comeback) and with minimal scarring.

Alright, please comment and let me know if there’s anything specific you want me to address in the following posts of the series.

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🌊Mermaid Magic Spray🐚

Originally posted by tdlm122

Use to attract mermaids, spray on a mermaid altar to give it mermaid vibes and protection, on yourself as a perfume to smell like a mermaid and to give off mermaid vibes, and as an air freshener during mermaid meditation and magic. (It smells absolutely divine, like a sweet, citrus, ocean smell.)

This also makes a great addition to a bath (just make sure to add a carrier oil)

*You can use the plant version of any ingredient instead of the essential oil, if you do this, I recommend making a tea and then straining it so you don’t clog your bottle. Also you don’t have to use every ingredient, if you only have 1 or 2 it’ll still work


-moon water (or just regular water whatever you want)

-a pinch of sea salt

-opalite/opal, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, or ocean/clear quartz to charge

-a teaspoon of lemon juice (cleansing, lunar energies, healing)

-a teaspoon of vanilla extract (inner peace, meditation, anti-anxiety)

  • Lavender essential oil (cleansing, relaxation, love, beauty)
  • Orange essential oil (happiness, healing confidence, energy boost)
  • Rosemary essential oil (sea magic, mermaid magic, protection, wisdom, concentration)
  • Ylang-ylang essential oil (mermaid magic, anti-anxiety, happiness, creativity)

🐚Place the ingredients in the spray bottle and charge with the crystal you chose (if you chose lapis lazuli be careful, it’s not water proof)

🐚charge once a month under the full moon if you feel like it needs a boost (this is completely optional)

*if you use just the oil blend please dilute with a carrier oil before you put it on your skin

Thanks to @naomi121406 for help with this post!🌊

Powerful Rosemary

A powerful healer that brings clarity! 

According to folklore Rosemary originally had white flowers; until however, they turned red after the Virgin Mary laid her cloak on the brush. Since the time of ancient Greece (1000 B.C.) Rosemary was burned as incense. Later cultures believed it warded off Devils, a practice that eventually became adopted by the sick, who then burned Rosemary to protect against infection. Rosemary may also be added to smudge sticks. 

Medicinal properties of Rosemary:

  • Liver-protecting
  • Antitumoral
  • anti-fungal
  • antibacterial
  • antiseptic
  • anti-parasitic
  • enhances mental clarity/concentration

Studies have found that Rosemary increases memory by 75%, when inhaled. Try “Young Living” Rosemary essential oil daily to help increase mental clarity, memory, and concentration. 

Rosemary also aids in recovery from long term stress and chronic illness. It is thought to stimulate the adrenal glands and used specifically for debility

Rosemary is an invaluable herb that raises the spirits! 

anonymous asked:

Does rose water have any benefits or do people use it cause it smells great?

Rose water is like the Arab world’s not-so-secret secret! (Don’t worry friends, I am Arab) It has MANY benefits!

  • Helps maintain your skin’s pH balance and controls excess oil 
  • Anti-aging: helps to keep fine lines and wrinkles away 
  • The antioxidants help strengthen the skin’s cells and regenerates skin tissue
  • Cleans your pores and evens out your skin (apply after you steam your face to help tighten your capillaries as well as reduce redness and blotchiness)
  • Helps to clean cuts, scars and wounds.
  • It even helps your hair! It treats mild scalp inflammations and get rid of dandruff.
  • Gets rid of under eye bags (soak cotton balls in rose water and then leave them under your eyes for 10 minutes)
  • Can be used as a makeup remover

- Summer

Some uses of coconut oil ✨✨✨

In case you weren’t aware of how magical it is

- Use as a makeup remover
- Use as a facial moisturizer (use wisely as if you use too much it can clog your pores so be sure to test out what amount is best for your skin type)
- Nourishing oil for your hair: hot oil treatment, hair mask or simply just apply it as a spray or leave in conditioner💆🏽
- Body moisturizer (helps with extremely dry skin, eczema, and fungal infections)
- Natural highlighter (apply to areas you’d like a little more glo💫💫)
- Great to use instead of shaving cream - EVERYWHERE (leaves ya legs and coochie feelin baby soft)
- Can be used as aftershave too
- Take a spoonful to help with digestion
- Coconut oil is the second greatest source of Lauric acid after breast milk. This means it has a super high amount of HEALTHY FATS
- Coconut oil has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Consuming coconut oil can aid in digestion issues due to inflammation or presence of “bad” bacteria. Applying coconut oil can help relieve fungus and bacterial infections on the skin
- Healthier alternative to butter in cooking and baking
- Can help improve your body’s absorption of magnesium and calcium
- Can be used as a lube during masturbation (does not upset vaginas natural flora), handjobs and blowjobs – however do NOT use with a condom because the oil will corrode the condom
- Natural mouthwash: “oil pulling” with coconut oil is extremely beneficial to oral health. Wish around one spoonful of coconut oil with a few drops of your fave essential oil in your mouth for 5 min. Spit out in the garbage (coconut oil will solidify at room temp so may clog your drains). Then brush your teeth. This can whiten and strengthen your teeth without the use of harsh bleach in whitening strips and will help with bad breath
- Can help with weight loss
- Make a natural deodorant with coconut oil, essential oil and arrowroot powder / cornstarch and baking soda
- Can be used as a sunscreen (low SPF)
- Mix with sugar and make a sexyy body scrub
- Can help relieve bug bites and post ivy/poison oak rashes
- Use with apple cider vinegar for natural lice treatment
- Balances body’s hormones
- Coconut oil with a few drops of peppermint oil can work as an insect repellent

These aren’t even all of the uses for wonderful coconut oil. If you think anymore feel free to add on or message me

"Don't Touch My Hair" hair growth oil

So, beauty magic is awesome. I also love being natural and going back to my roots. I wanted to come up with a magical hair oil that I could use to seal, pre-poo, or use in my protective styling that would promote hair growth while also having magical properties. I was listening to Solange’s “Don’t Touch My Hair” while making this recipe, so I decided to name it as such, because those vibes really inspired me and this work. So this is the result!

Below, I list the ingredients used and the properties that made me choose them for this work. If you choose to do this, feel free to play around with ratios or what oils you use! Every hair type is different and you gotta do what’s best for your curls.

• bottle to hold the oil (I reused a bottle from a previous store bought hair growth oil)

• castor oil- promotes hair growth and thickening, associated with healing and protection against evil forces

• coconut oil- nourishes scalp and hair, associated with femininity, the moon, healing, and luck

• olive oil- nourishes the hair, associated with wisdom, peace, and protection

• rosemary essential oil- thickening hair, associated with protection against evil, wisdom

• thyme essential oil- stimulates circulation, promotes hair growth, helps reverse certain types of alopecia. associated with healing, love, and purification

• Peppermint essential oil- stimulates circulation, cleanliness, healing, and promoting positivity

• lavender essential oil- moisturizes scalp, regulates sebum, peace, love (in this case, self love), calming, protection

• tea tree essential oil- anti septic, removes dandruff, promotes hair growth, associated with strength, protection, purification, and clarity

Mix your carrier oils together into the bottle of your choice. Add 2-5 drops of each essential oil (play with it, decide what smells best and works best for you) to the mixture. Once all are combined, shake together.

If you want it to be charged, I would charge this under the moon, from new to full (to symbolize the hair growth). However, this is fine without charging it!

If you don’t have the essential oils, you can add the herbs to the oils and infuse over a period of time, or heat it on the stove top, but I find that it isn’t as effective, due to it not being as concentrated. However, do what works best for you!

I use this as my go-to all purpose hair oil. If I want to seal my hair, I take a small amount and use it. It works great as an overnight pre-poo. And I often use it to nourish my hair during a protective style.

I hope y'all enjoy and get some use out of this recipe! Have fun, curlfriends ✨🌿

Essential Oil Benefits: Peppermint

Health Benefits: Clinically speaking, peppermint oil is recommended for its anti-nausea benefits and soothing effects on the gastric lining and colon because of its ability to reduce muscle spasms. It reduces stomach aches, soothe digestive issues, freshens bad breath, relieves headaches, Improves mental focus, clears respiratory tract, boosts energy, releases tight muscles, and cures and treats migraines and headaches. It also relieves sunburn.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Related: Antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-itch,  a ‘cephalic’ oil, known to stimulate the brain and aid in clear thinking, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, carminative, and antispasmodic.

Beauty Benefits: Boosts hair health, encourages hair growth, clears skin, cleans away bacteria and debris, treats acne, approves eczema and psoriasis when applied topically.

Magickal Uses: Use in spells for stimulation to yourself or the spell. Candles anointed with this own are especially powerful. It is protective of the home.

Interesting Facts: It’s mentioned in Greek mythology the nymph Mentha was transformed into an herb by Pluto who had fallen in love with her and wanted people to appreciate her for years to come.The health benefits of peppermint oil as well as peppermint oil uses have been documented back to 1,000 BC and have been found in several Egyptian pyramids.

J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851)
“The Slave Ship” (1840) (originally titled “Slavers Throwing overboard the Dead and Dying-Typhoon coming on”)
Oil on canvas
Located in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

J.M.W. Turner was inspired to paint “The Slave Ship” in 1840 after reading “The History and Abolition of the Slave Trade” by Thomas Clarkson. In 1781, the captain of the slave ship Zong had ordered 133 slaves to be thrown overboard so that insurance payments could be collected.
J.M.W. Turner was a member of the British Anti-Slavery Society and believed that slavery should be outlawed around the world.
Revealed: oil giants pay billions less tax in Canada than abroad
Martin Lukacs: Data shows companies made much higher payments to developing countries in 2016 than to Canadian, provincial governments
By Martin Lukacs

Canada taxes its oil and gas companies at a fraction of the rate they are taxed abroad, including by countries ranked among the world’s most corrupt, according to an analysis of public data by the Guardian.

The low rate that oil companies pay in Canada represents billions of dollars in potential revenue lost, which an industry expert who looked at the data says is a worrying sign that the country may be “a kind of tax haven for our own companies.”

The countries where oil companies paid higher rates of taxes, royalties and fees per barrel in 2016 include Nigeria, Indonesia, Ivory Coast and the UK.

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