anti nbc

I Pledge

Under ANY circumstances, that I will NOT watch NBC Redemption.
No matter who is in it, or if the story is a direct continuation of A TBL episode.

I will not watch it. I will instead watch a james spader episode or just better TV.


“hey if you watch, you will get Tom off” is not true.

It’s an absolutely false narrative to believe in.

No fan should believe that.

Whether the show is successful or not, Tom will still be around for both shows. The Jons have hope for this, as its there ultimate wet dream come true.


In my humble opinion, the best way to get rid of Tom is NOT TO WATCH. No recording, no downloading, no having it in the background nothing.


Think about it, if we watch the show, record or download, even if we don’t really watch it. It will just show the Jons what they think they know - that Tom is a valuable character and deserves time on screen and a show dedicated to him, by way of the numbers it will generate.

However, if we don’t watch (not even record the sucker) - the numbers will be in the toilet. It will prove to NBC and The Jons what we already know. That Tom is not worth a moment of screen time, advertisement revenue or any amount of value, unless that value is the equivalent to dirt.

I rather send a message of what we all think, then give false TV viewing numbers only for him to show up on 2 shows.

Take the Pledge!!! Don’t watch!!!

  • Hannibal: a beautiful and unique take on a beloved book series which depicts sex and gore tastefully and also race-swapped and gender-swapped some of its characters.
  • NBC: cancelled
  • Sense8: a thought-provoking viewing masterpiece with one of the most diverse casts on television, including race, social background, culture, sexuality and gender.
  • Netflix: we might not renew this
  • Game of Thrones: a poor and nonsensical adaptation of a book series which uses sexual objectification for the sake of it and the rape/abuse of women as a casual plot device.
  • HBO: lol we're not going anywhere
So riddle me this:

Hannigram is by far the most popular ship in the Hannibal fandom. Basically, EVERYONE ships it. For me, it’s my ultimate OTP. That being said, I feel guilty because, for all intents and purposes, it is an abusive ship. And before all the shippers attack me, I would like to point out that Hannibal:

1. Sawed open Will’s head
2. Gutted Will like a deer or a fish
3. Killed many people who Will cared deeply about
4. Framed Will for murders that HE HIMSELF committed
6. Sent a psychotic serial killer after Will’s family
7. Attempted to train Will to be a serial killer himself

AND THE LIST GOES ON (but I think I’ve made my point). Sure, Hannibal loves Will in his own twisted way (check out the series finale if you don’t believe me), but that’s the case in many abusive relationships.

But believe it or not, shitting on Hannigram isn’t the point of this post. I still ship it, as does almost the entire fandom. So how does such a fucked up, abusive, sadistic, violent ship generate so much popularity and so little criticism, while another ship in the Star Wars fandom is violently opposed by hundreds, if not thousands, of tumblr users?

That’s right. I’m talking about Reylo. Now, I personally don’t ship Reylo, but I’m not 100% against it. To clarify, if Kylo Ren stays on the Dark Side and continues to torment and terrify Rey, I will never ship it. However, if he has a redemption arc and turns to the Light Side to help the new trio of heroes (Rey, Finn, and Poe), I could see the possibility of an okay ship emerging.

I’ve seen so many tumblr users bashing Reylo by calling it abusive, and it might be. In TFA, Kylo Ren intimidates Rey to the point that she fears for her life. That’s not sexual tension between them. It’s raw, unadulterated fear. But it’s nowhere near the level of Hannigram. Not once in the film does Ren physically or mentally injure Rey to the point that she would go through severe physical and psychological scarring. In NBC’s Hannibal, the good psychiatrist/cannibal does this to Will ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS.

So here’s my question: how does Hannigram, a horribly sadistic ship, get virtually no criticism from fans, while Reylo gets so much hate to the point that Reylo shippers are actually accosted through messages and anons? I’m at a loss. Is it because Hannigram is an LGBTQ+ ship while Reylo is het? Is it that Hannibal fans are just more hardened? I’m actually legitimately confused. If someone could explain this to me, PLEASE REBLOG OR MESSAGE ME because this question has been bothering me ever since I started seeing the anti-Reylo posts.

Last 10mins

Only saw the last 10mins (maybe that was enough?)

But here is what I gathered:

  1. James Spader is amazing

  2. Janet is far more interesting than Tom. I rather see her redemption story.

  3. Keen2 Drama, aka. Longest launch into a series no one wants, aka, TPTB wet dream, aka a drama being sold on the back of a struggling series. Is boring as hell. I don’t know how many times I rolled my eyes or yawned in 2mins. But it was a lot.

  4. Harold!! Seriously?!? After all the shit Red did for Liz? Your going to pull this shit?? I’m actually very disgusted. I know all characters suffer heavily from amnesia - but are you fucking serious?!?

This is getting far to hard to watch and be any bit satisfying.

What do you think Red is doing?!?

In response to all the comments on Facebook due to the most recent NBC blacklist post (why oh why did I look!!?!?)

Every other comment is (beside we have to keep Tom) is “Tom needs to save Lizzie!!”

Which got me wondering… “What the hell do you think Red is doing?!?!?” He ain’t having a picnic here!

Do these people truly believe that what Tom is doing is more of a higher caliber then what Red is doing? Does it even matter to anyone what Red does?

Then again, can we truly have two men save Lizzie at the end of the day?

What’s the end game if both “save” her? We’re back to where we started??
Everyone fire up your Twitter!!

First off please read @irish-buzzsaw AMAZING take on abuse and the blacklist. One of the Brandon’s has seen it. Once is not enough - please get on the horn and ensure that its not just one voice that is concerned about abuse - it’s all of us!! All ships!!

I’ve tweeted it to the Brandon’s and JB and David and Katy.

We need to get on the horn and show these guys how important this is. One person tweeting this out is not enough!! Let’s show them we are serious!!!

That abuse is unacceptable. I can not stress how important this is everyone! Tweet this link out to the writers! If we want changes - NOW is the time, before they start writing the new season!!!

Also please reblog the crap out of either this post or the original post!!