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On This Day: May 28

Downfall of the Derg Day (Ehtiopia)

  • 1830: Anarchist Louise Michel was born in Vroncourt-la-Côte, France. She was a school teacher, medical worker, and important figure in the Paris Commune.
  • 1835: Ladies Shoe binders Society formed in New York.
  • 1864: Anti-militarist Alphonse Gallaud de la Pérouse, aka Zo d'Axa, was born in Paris. He was founder of the magazines L'EnDehors and La Feuille.
  • 1871: French socialist and syndicalist, Eugène Varlin, is executed for his leading role in the Paris Commune .
  • 1871: The end of the Paris Commune as last hold-out in Père-Lachaise cemetery captured and defenders massacred.
  • 1879: First US law prohibiting women’s employment passed to keep them from working in Illinois coal mines.
  • 1897: Henry Bauer and Carl Nold were released from prison after having been convicted of aiding and abetting Alexander Berkman’s attempted assassination of Henry Clay Frick.
  • 1897: Camillo Berneri was born in Lodi, Italy.
  • 1909: A lecture by Emma Goldman was ordered canceled by the Brooklyn Chief of Police.
  • 1912: Fifteen women sacked at Curtis Publishing Co, Philadelphia, for dancing the Turkey Trot on lunch break. Management thought it too racy.
  • 1937: The headquarters of the Friends of Durruti Group in Barcelona were shut down by the government.
  • 1937: Petroleum workers strike in Mexico.
  • 1942: In revenge for the the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazis in Czechoslovakia kill over 1,800 people.
  • 1946: General strike shuts down Rochester, New York, in support of municipal workers who had been fired for forming a union.
  • 1956: The Tallahassee, Florida bus boycott begins.
  • 1958: Fidel Castro’s 26 July movement captures an army post in El Uvero during the Cuban Revolution.
  • 1958: Christian anarchist Ammon Hennacy ended a 40-day fast against nuclear weapons.
  • 1961: Peter Benenson’s article The Forgotten Prisoners published in several newspapers - led to founding of Amnesty International.
  • 1963: Black and white civil rights activists attacked at a Woolworth’s lunch counter sit in, Jackson, Mississippi.
  • 1994: An Anti-Nazi League Carnival “Rocks Against Racism” in Brockwell Park, London.
  • 2004: The Guadalajara Riots: A series of public protests in Guadalajara’s city centre while the city hosted the Third Summit of Heads of State and Governments from Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union.