Why do I lose followers or get angry messages whenever I make Nazi jokes?? Nazis are bad and I am making fun of the fact that they are bad. That is what Nazi jokes are literally meant to do: make fun of the bad people because if they had won we (my fellow Jews and the rest of the world) wouldn’t be allowed/able to make fun of them. Hitler HATED it when people poked fun at Nazis, so doing the exact thing he hated is like rubbing it in his face that he lost, ya know? Anyway, cracking jokes that make fun of how bad Nazis were doesn’t equate to supporting or sympathizing with Nazis. That makes absolutely no sense.

Statements that shouldn't be controversial but are because tumblr is fucked up:

“Pedophillia is bad”

“Skin color largely doesn’t determine how someone is as a person”

“Violence against people for political reasons is messed up”

“Terrorism, in any form, is never justified”

“Shoplifting is bad”

“Men and women deserve to be treated equally under the law”

“Abuse, no matter who the perpetrator is or who the victim is, is never justified”

“Racism is bad, no matter what race it’s against”

“You can be friends with someone of differing political views”


Pro-Trump Nazi graffiti was spray-painted on a window in Philadelphia

According to the Philly Voice, two swastikas were scrawled in black paint along with the message “Sieg Heil 2016.” Sieg Heil is, of course, a Nazi victory salute. One of the swastikas appeared to make up the “T” in the word Trump. Tragically, the graffiti comes on the 78th anniversary of a tipping point in the Holocaust.