anti native racism is real

Ridiculous 6

Adam Sandler’s newest film, “Ridiculous 6,” just hit streaming devices everywhere this week, and I image it’s going to stir up some shit based on a) my generations obsession with Netflix and b) the current sjw trend that is at least found abundantly on tumblr.

I just got done watching the film, and I really enjoyed it. Is it some great philosophical film that will win all the awards at the Oscars? No, but it was an enjoyable 2 hours watching it, at least to me. The cinematography was pretty awesome though.

The film satires Native American stereotypes, but what western doesn’t, and one of the themes of the film was pointing out and making fun of western film cliches. There was a scandal about native Americans walking off the set during filming, but it was only like 4 people out of hundreds, and they ended up coming back to finish shooting.

I think the film actually portrays race and disability in a positive light. None of the Ridiculous 6 bat an eye at the fact that one is half black, and another half Mexican. They treat Little Pete, who quite obviously has some sort of mental or developmental disability with kindness, and never call him stupid, and idiot, or retarded. They also not only accept “Herm” with his muteness, but actively attempt to include his thoughts and ideas into their conversations, when he can’t actually speak real words.

In the 1800s, it would have been unheard of for a bunch of white brothers to accept two mixed race siblings into the group.

Sandler’s performance in the film wasn’t the greatest, but even though he was the “main” character, he didn’t really hog the screen time.

If you have access to Netflix, I’d say watch it if you’ve got the time. It’s not a half bad movie, and any flack it has gotten, and will get, for whatever racial/sjw cause, is undeserved.