anti native american racism

School dress codes aren’t only sexists, but there’s also racist and islamophobic.

I (First Nations, Mohawk) used to have hair past my chest but my middle school forced me to cut my hair because “boys couldn’t have hair past the tips of the ear” (I’m not a boy either, but they assigned me ‘boy’ as a gender) but even when I begged them to let me keep my hair because of spiritual beliefs, they forced me to cut it. A classic move of the white school system against native children. I got a referral everyday for the 65 days I refused to cut my hair. I cried for two weeks after the principal took scissors to my hair. I’m still growing it back.

My best friend (who is an aboriginal Egyptian) was once told to remove her hijab (also a gift I had given her) because “hats weren’t allowed” (a mixture of racism and islamophobia), she reluctantly took it off.

In middle school again, my friend Nemo ( First Nations, Navajo) was told she couldn’t wear her traditional clothing on her 13 birthday, celebrating her reaching puberty. She was sent home and forced to spend her birthday alone while her parents worked.

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday, an important life event in Mohawk culture (becoming an adult) and I want to wear my traditional clothes to school, especially because I’ll have to celebrate all alone this year since I live far away from my nation. Even though my school doesn’t have uniforms or a strict dress code, I’m afraid they’ll tell me that my clothes or very light face paint are “distracting” and tell me to take off my traditional jewellery (headband, choker, bracelets) or wash off the face paint.

I’m sure these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to racism in the school dress code, and general school systems. White culture is enforced in everything from the dress code to the curriculum.


Something to keep in mind. The Women’s March in Washington DC from an Indigenous Woman’s perspective.

This is especially humbling because my sister, who is also very white passing, also attending a Women’s March with signs that addressed MMIW and NoDAPL and didn’t face any of the same racialized tension as these women. Meanwhile, “feminist spaces” and Womens Marches are less than welcoming places for Native women who aren’t white passing. 

It really hurt to read all of these tweets but it’s important to share it all the same. The feminist movement has a LOT that could be improved upon.


Because my dashboard is taking fancy to discussing racist sports teams, I may as well defend my pride and joy.

“Your favorite team is the Blackhawks”

Yes, yes it is.


Nah Fam. That organization is the furthest from racist. There’s a reason nobody bitches about them.

First off, what’s in a name?

The Chicago Blackhawks, formally styled as Black Hawks, weren’t named directly after Chief Black Hawk. Rather, the original owner of the franchise, Frederic McLaughlin, was a commander in the 333rd Machine Gun Battalion of the 86th Infantry during WW1, which was nicknamed the Blackhawk Battalion. This was nicknamed off the Chief for mentioned above, however, not directly. Yet, it was still styled as Black Hawk, until documentation showed that the Battalion spelling of the nickname was one word.

“It’s still racist. Look at the logo!”

Okay. Let’s look at the logo. Actually, why not an evolution of the logo? The wife of the owner, Irene, drew out the logo in black and white, in 1927, styling how the Saux tribe chiefs, where Chief Black Hawk was from, would have it. No exaggerated features, nothing mocking. Just a strong drawing. Now, 1936-1937, was absolutely racist. However, as seen, that logo lasted a year at most, and even for the time, where that kind of depiction was seen as okay, it was still removed, out of respect for the tribe and the namesake.

So, in the next generation of logo, we start seeing a more modern feel of the logo we know and love. The skin was given a more realistic color, as well as the hair and feather stylization. From there, extra additions were removed, the style was cleaned up a bit, bolded, and by 1965, the logo we are quite familiar with, was born.

No red skin, no goofy face, nothing obnoxious. Just a respectable and serious logo.


At many sports games, when there is a Native American named team, you often hear drums beating, a warrior cry, perhaps a native mascot dancing around with a tomahawk, maybe fighting against the other mascot.

Go to a Hawks game. We play Chelsea Dagger. We have our signature air horn. Our players even have signature goal songs. There is nothing remotely taken from any Native American culture in our games.


-is treated with the utmost respect. On the floor of the locker room, our lovely logo lays on the floor. If you step on it, you pay a fine of $10,000, donated directly to Native American charities. Try us. Not even Bieber was immune to this. Speaking of charities, the Wirtz family, the current owners of the franchise, is the largest donor to the American Indian Center of Chicago, which helps those of native and aboriginal decent in the state. That’s just one charity. Plus, as a bonus, for every game in the regular season and every round of the playoffs, there will always be a native veteran in watching, often standing for the national anthem on ice. It is because of everything mentioned above, the Blackhawks have nothing but respect in the eyes of those who grant them the moniker.

So, now that this was taken care of, when one of you guys inevitably tries to hop on a bandwagon to shit on the Chicago Blackhawks, you cannot claim ignorance in claiming that you don’t know the history of this logo and team. Take down teams that regularly diminish culture and history. Leave this team out of it.

Courtesy of Ruth Cankudutawin Hopkins, The Truth Behind Pocahontas.

Image description: a picture of Disney’s version of Pocahontas with the following words:
“Pocahontas was a nickname (meaning The Naughty One). Her real name was Matoaka. If we believe John Smith’s account of events, she would have been 10 or 11 when she met him. That’s hardly a romantic scenario, unless you’re a pedophile.

Pocahontas was kidnapped by the English. She was imprisoned at the Jamestown colony for over a year, where she was assaulted. While still a teenager, our young heroine married John Rolfe. Marrying the Englishman was a condition of her release.

Pocahontas was then taken to England, as a sort of living specimen and advertisement for colonization. She died at the tender age of 21, unaware that the English would create the Pocahontas Myth; one where she was the good Indian who rescued the whiteman from her brutish, savage Tribesmen.

This myth birthed many colonial stereotypes of Native people and was used as justification to make war against us.”


 There are endless costume ideas to choose from, so why would you choose costumes that enforce racist stereotypes? (Part 1) 

 For example, instead of dressing up in costumes that enforce stereotypes, can be neo-colonialistic, and fetishize racial/ethnic groups, dress up as something not racist, like Yoshi, a lava lamp, the Black Angry Bird, or a steel blue crayon.

 Dressing up as other ethnicities enforces harmful stereotypes. More so, sexualized racial costumes result in racial fetishization, which helps lead to higher rates of rape and human trafficking. Dressing up as other ethnicities is racist. Using the culture of others as a costume is racist. Let’s #endracistcostumes

Getting really sick of white people like Bill Maher telling their white friends and fans shit like “Real Indians aren’t even offended by mascots!” 

First of all, who the fuck are you? 

Second of all, this just REEKS of manipulative bullshit. Like I hear things like this and it just translates to, “You don’t want to be one of THOSE Indians that are offended, right? YOU’RE not angry or overly sensitive or PC, are you? You’re one of the cool ones, right?” 

White people need to learn to step the fuck off.

Why are Reylos™ like this. Native men are not here for your gross fetishization and how dare you fancast a white Nazi character as a Native American man. How. Dare. You. Fuck you.

And native/captured settler trope? Awful. Let it die, don’t perpetuate it. My ancestors were slaughtered by the millions by your white ass ancestors. Reylo is gross and abusive, and this fic needs to die.

I am not Indian. I am Native American. I am Muskogee. Indians are from India (shocker). You probably don’t know or respect any actual tribes, so fuck you for making one up.

Fuck this bitch and Reylo, my people and I are not here for this.


“ On November 30th, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple and Col. Michael Gerhart said the use of freezing water toward unarmed water protectors in below-freezing temperatures on November 20th was to put out fires started by water protectors.

In this video, TYT Politics reporter Jordan Chariton narrates to definitely prove these are lies perpetrated by the Governor and his police force–and spread by mainstream media outlets who were not on the ground covering the horrific scene first-hand. “

If your “anti-racism” argument only deals with black and white people, you aren’t any better than who you are arguing. The world isn’t black and white, ya knobs.

Type Asian in the tags. Literally straight fetishism. Native Americans get shit on by all American elementary schools and reduced to corn and feathers. Latinos? If not fetishized, they are made out to be lazy, over-bred, “intruders”, or have their accent mocked. Any complaint about henna being appropriating shows how little people know about their willingness to emerge others in their culture. Middle Easterns are either seen as terrorists or have to deal with people trying to trip over themselves with acceptance. 

If anything, black people are the least oppressed POC in America. At least we get talked about.

“You want to help Native people? Start by calling out your own people. Don’t post things "in solidarity” if you’re going to be quiet when your racist friends and family members chime in.

And they will. They always will. Every single time.

It isn’t fair to your Native friends when you do this. They’re the ones who are going to see it. They’re the ones who will be hurt. You brought the matter to your page. You know who you’re friends with and what gross shit they’ll say. YOU do something about it.

When you don’t, that tells me you just like to post things for the sake of stirring up drama because “LOL my friend’s gonna trash them!”

Anti-Native racism and the emotional toll it takes on Natives shouldn’t be your source of entertainment. Your friend’s anger at anti-Native racism and the emotional toll it takes on them shouldn’t be this amusing thing to you.

I’m sick to death of people who are not Native patting themselves on the back for STANDING WITH STANDING ROCK!!!!! but staying quiet when their friends and family members comment with their shitty racist comments. 

You want to be an ally? You want to help? Shut that shit down.“

pros & cons of all netflix original
  • Pro: Daredevil's Rosario Dawson,Bojack Horseman,OITNB
  • Con: Netflix defended Adam Sandler's racist movie The Ridiculous Six, even though the cultural advisor and several actors walked off set. This movie was so terrible that it was rejected by Warner Bros,only Netflix accepted to make it. There's which isn't promoting anti-Native racism.