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People need to realize that there are differences between men and women and that is okay.

A job that is male-dominated is okay.
That does not stop a female from working there.

A job that is female-dominated is okay.
That does not stop a male from working there.

If a character trait is more common in men, that is okay. That does not mean a woman can’t have that trait.

If a character trait is more common in women, that is okay. That does not mean a man can’t have that trait.

You know I’m sick and tired of this dumb trope that female characters are only strong if they’re badasses who don’t take shit from anyone. And this idea is not only perpetuated by men but by women as well so don’t get on your feminist high horse and try to blame this all on the male demographic.

Don’t get me wrong - I love a good female badass as much as the next person, but why is that type the only one that seems to get the widest recognition as being “strong”? Strength isn’t just measured by how well you can hold up in a fight or how tough you can be when going toe to toe with the boys. There’s a lot more to it than that - I know. I’ve gone through a fair amount of crap in my life that tested my strength and none of it pertained to what is conventionally thought of as being strong.

Little girls deserve better than to just be told that the only way to be strong is to be a fighter. They need to be shown that what matters is inner strength, and that strength looks different in every woman. Sure, maybe the outgoing tomboy who loves karate is going to grow up to be a kickass like Black Widow, but what about the shy girl who waits her whole childhood to see another quiet girl like her become as much of a heroine as the badass girl? What about the girly girl who wants to be independent and educated without letting go of her love for dresses and pretty things?

NOT ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME. It’s time to stop lying to our girls and encourage them to develop their own inner strengths, however varied they might be.

Sky’s Anti-Negativity Shower Spell

Alright, y’all, I keep seeing all these bath spells floating around, and they’re fabulous- unless you’re in a hurry, or don’t have a full bathtub. So I wanted to share a simple spell I like to use in the shower to shed negativity and draw positivity and good energy. 

What you need:

  • Your favourite scent of Shampoo and/or bodywash, or both
  • Your favourite scent of Lotion

If you don’t have your favourite onhand, a smell you still like or really like will do in a pinch. It doesn’t matter what the smell is as long as you like it! I have found that bar soap doesn’t work quite as well as shower gel, since it’s a little harder to get a good lather with.

Run your water at a comfortable temperature(I like mine quite hot so it’s like burning the bad energy away, but always make sure it is still comfortable for you!) and let yourself take a minute to think about the negative things that are bothering you- process them, and why they’re bothering you. Imagine those negative things as dirt clinging to your skin.

Now grab your washcloth(or loofa or whatever you use) and start lathering it. Think about all the positive things in your life, and all the things that make you happy, and put all that positivity towards your soap(sometimes using a little more than the recommended amount helps, I find.).

Lather up, and imagine you’re scrubbing all your negativity away, picture all the negativity-dirt running off your skin.

(Optional): Sing or think this chant as you rinse off:

Away, away
Slide off my back and down the drain,
Never to be seen again!

Once you’re out, gently dry yourself off, and continue thinking about things you like- focus that good energy into your lotion of choice, and apply it to your skin- picture it sliding on like armour, and fortifying your skin to protect it and prevent the the negativity from sticking as the day goes on.

cultural appropriation is when one culture adopts elements from another culture. if I get cornrows because I think they look pretty, that is not cultural appropriation. I’m not trying to steal cornrows and I’m not saying that it belongs to my culture now. I’m being completely harmless.

so come on take this chance now (make it count)

So have a little Midwife!Emma/Captain Swan/Captain Book/Book Swan?? (What’s the name for the Emma/Belle brotp, cause I am drawing a blank here friends) This is inspired by 6x09 but it’s an au and has nothing to do with the episode really except for the part where Emma helps Belle give birth. Enjoy! And let me know what you think, please!

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I’m singing oh, you’ve got no 
You’ve got no excuses left

Emma Swan is good at what she does. Then again, it helps to have some skin in the game, helps to really know your job, and the people that you help. She knows what it’s like to be young, alone, and most importantly: pregnant. So yeah, as the head midwife at Boston’s Home for Women, she knows what she’s doing, and she sure as hell knows what her patients are going through.

Over the years at BHW Emma’s helped many women give birth. Some stories were more tragic than others, but none of them were as horrifying as Belle French’s.

Belle had come to the home in the beginning of her first trimester, running away from her abusive ass of a husband, who promised to take the baby from her, so far away that she’d never see her child again. It wasn’t just that though, apparently, he’d been verbally abusing Belle for years, treating her like a possession to control rather than his wife. Belle had always thought there was some good in him, but the moment he threatened her son, well, she just couldn’t see any way to justify his actions anymore.

Luckily for her, no matter how powerful or rich her husband claimed to be, he couldn’t reach her so long as she stayed at BHW, and Emma was happy to help.

Belle was given her own room, and the freedom to come and go as she pleased, but she mostly enjoyed reading in the small library that the home offered. She was a sweet girl, and Emma found herself looking forward to their weekly sessions, always inquiring as to which book Belle was reading next, or what names she’d been considering for her baby.

It was an odd friendship that they had, but since Emma was Belle’s midwife, they couldn’t really expand upon that friendship, leaving it to the weekly conversations during her appointments and nothing else.

So Emma guesses that’s why she never heard anything about Killian Jones. And why she got off to such a horrible start with him.

She met him, coincidentally, the day that Belle gave birth.

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Unpopular opinion

Some anti feminists are quite hypocritical. I just saw a post that said that men who are feminists are only feminists to kiss women’s asses and to get laid.

Not only did that post imply that men can’t associate with a certain group because of their gender, it also implied that they only do so to get laid.

The majority of anti feminists (including myself) hate it when people say “if you believe in equality, then you’re a feminist.” That’s why we’re anti feminists, after all. We have our own opinions and we shouldn’t be belittled for not associating with a certain group.

That goes for everyone.

Everyone has their own opinions. Men can be feminists without being ass-kissers, and women can be anti-feminists without having “internalized misogyny.”

Anti feminists are anti feminists because they believe that feminists are hypocritical. Let’s not be hypocritical as well.

This is a member of the anti-communist militia of EASAD, a movement organized in Central Greece in the spring of 1944.

The name in greek:
“Ethnikos Andartikos Sinaspismos Andikommunistikis Draseos.”
Which translate to:
“National Agricultural Federation of Anti-Communist Action.”

The EASAD had 300-400 members. They followed the 4th SS Polizei Panzergrenadier Division out of Greece and served with them until the  surrender in Danzig april 1945.

Anti-Nightmare Pouch

Warning: this will not help cure illnesses such as PTSD, this isn’t a replacement for therapy. However for typical nightmares, it’s intent that makes a spell work. Try not to doubt yourself! If you do, I recommend grounding yourself first before every spell you do!


Pouch or Jar (I put my pouch in a jar bc the ashes came through my pouch so make sure your bag isn’t permeable!)                                                               Metal bowl or cauldron (to burn safely)                                                       Ashes (possibly of sigil or just charcoal, add more paper to the sigil u burned so there’s more ash to work w)                                                                Rosemary (improves health & love)                                                                  Pink Himalayan Salt (purification, Self-love, promotes healthy lifestyle)              Bloodstone (healer)                                                                                          Lighter or match (to light candle)                                                                        5 or more drops of black candle wax (protection)

Optional:                                                                                                               Dried or fresh lavender (promotes tranquillity, incense works too!)             Nails (preferably iron but any are okay, these are for more protection)


1) Add the ash, salt and herbs                                                                                 2) Add in your cleansed bloodstone                                                                       3) Drip in your black candle


Leave it in your bedroom while you sleep. Preferably on a windowsill, under the moonlight. Then bury the pouch somewhere far, where you don’t go too often and let go of it. Let the negativity go. You may get rid of the bloodstone or cleanse it with the rest of your gems. Good Luck! And get rid of your nightmares, repeat if needed

(Optional: find a cleansing bath you like to help rid more negative energy/ intrusive thoughts if you feel the need to)

I've noticed a pattern.

I’m against modern feminism. It’s clear. I speak about how I disagree with feminism, but I have NEVER belittled a feminist for being one. I might get into debates with them, but I have never and will never say “you’re stupid if you’re a feminist”, or anything along the lines of insulting their intellectual abilities.

However, I’ve received many rude remarks from feminists, including things like: “I hope you get raped”, “have fun getting your rights stripped away from you”, “anti-feminists are sexists who don’t do research”, “man-pleasers”, and so on.

If I’m not a feminist, I’m immediately deemed as sexist and stupid.

That is not the way to promote your movement, which claims to be accepting of everyone. (And do not hit me with the “those aren’t real feminists!” There is no real or fake feminist, there are no lawmakers of feminism.)

If you want people to stop thinking your movement is all about achieving female superiority, then STOP TREATING EVERYONE WHO IS NOT A FEMINIST LIKE THEY ARE STUPID. That, right there, is called having a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX.

I’m aware there are anti-feminists who go over the top and do insult the intelligence of feminists, which is morally wrong, obviously. Opinions do not determine your intelligence. Your words and actions do.