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The fact that women’s rights are still being debated is a joke, especially when the majority of those debating them are men. Gender equality is important, there’s no reason why in 2012 a woman shouldn’t be entitled to the same pay as a man. And contraception being made a big deal, I’m sorry do you want a bunch of kids running around that people can’t support? Do you want Social Services to have even more kids on their hands? Do you want to have to give more hand outs thereby upping the rate of people unemployed because they can’t afford the suitable childcare to enable them to work?

Mitt Romney seems to think women are beneath him, that sex is purely for reproduction and he among various others have tried to redefine rape. This is the same man that stated that he doesn’t care about the ‘poor’, promises to create jobs he himself admitted he doesn’t have the power to make and wants to rid gay people of all their rights as he does women.

I know I’m not American but this is something that eats me up inside. When you own a vagina and a uterus THEN you can have an opinion on the rights of those that own them. The right to healthcare and marriage and financial stability is first and foremost a HUMAN RIGHT. No one should have that taken from them based on their gender or sexual identity. I hope with all my heart that Americans make the right decision else I see a future of even younger parents, financial crisis and rapists going free. /endrant.

A Republican for Planned Parenthood Weighs in on the First GOP Debates

By Kim Smith, Republican Outreach Manager for Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Last night’s debates reconfirmed that the Republican presidential candidates are not friends to women’s health. Over and over again, we witnessed candidates who oppose abortion (even in the case of rape and incest), support personhood legislation (which could outlaw certain forms of birth control), and support defunding Planned Parenthood (which would, of course, cut millions of women off from basic, reproductive health care).

What is so frustrating is that I am a Republican. I am a Republican who believes in my party’s founding principles of smaller and smarter government. Many Republicans like me have seen our party co-opted by an extreme minority and turned into something we no longer recognize. Unfortunately, it has evolved into an intolerant group of politicians who have no qualms using the power of government to deny women the ability to attain comprehensive health care and reproductive freedom.

Despite three national polls in two weeks that show the majority of American voters stand with Planned Parenthood — as well as veto threats by President Obama and a Senate vote to defund Planned Parenthood that failed — the GOP candidates continue to battle over who can be the most extreme when it comes to restricting women’s access to reproductive health care.  

Unfortunately, last night’s attacks against women’s health are not new. In 2012, Mitt Romney’s anti-women’s health views and calls to defund Planned Parenthood drove the biggest gender gap in recorded history.

Romney’s loss is a lesson for candidates in 2016: Dismiss and demean women at your peril. You cannot win a national election by restricting access to birth control, defunding Planned Parenthood and ending access to safe and legal abortion.  

Bottom line: Promising to restrict women’s health issues are not the way for Republicans to win elections and build the big tent our party was so famous for in the past.