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things tumblr needs to stop thinking are good, cool or constructive

- looking for things to be offended by
- glorifying certain demographics
- vilifying other demographics
- throwing around words such as ableist, sexist, transphobic, etc like confetti to the point where they are becoming meaningless (much to the harm of victims of actual hatred)
- self victimization
- censorship
- policing people’s language
- throwing tantrums over fictional characters not representing demographics you like
- pretty much reducing people to small aspects of their identity
- doxxing and bullying people who disagree with you
- conflating gender with personality traits or clothing style
- pretending that obesity is not a bad thing
- prioritizing hurt feelings over everything else
- pretending that you strive for equality when really you strive for special treatment

Yelling ‘I hate white people’ and punching one isn’t a hate crime, Canadian judge rules
The judge said there was no evidence to determine what the indigenous woman meant by her words during the attack.

She went up to a random white person, struck her as she called out she hates white people, and as she was arrested she claimed she did it because ‘the white man is out to get her’.

“There is no evidence either way about what the offender meant or whether … she holds or promotes an ideology which would explain why this assault was aimed at this victim. I am not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that this offense was, even in part, motivated by racial bias.”

Clearly, nothing in the attack and what the thug said indicated a motive or ideology.

Translation: Hate crimes against white people are okay.

Oh, Canada…

“Kylo Ren needs a redemption story! Showing that somebody can be working with a group of absolutely horrible people that slaughter innocents all the time but then become a better person and fight back against those horrible people! And then showing that they can also find love with an amazing person, of course!”

  • Anarchists: *some of the most passionate and consistent advocates for power to the people, historically supporting strikes, unions, movements for gender and racial justice, mutual aid to struggling communities through food drives and direct action, and broader protests against concentrated power*
  • "Anarcho-capitalists": *shout at working-class folks on the internet, calling them entitled snowflakes and telling them that animals practice capitalism so therefore it's natural*

I’m so tired of this bullshit. Individual capitalists maximize their own self-gain through the accumulation of profits, while the state as an institution enacts policies that look out for the longevity of capital as a whole, specifically when the choices of disparate capitalists cause crises or civil unrest. Some Keynesianism here, some worker concessions there. That isn’t socialism – those policies are created to prolong capitalism and prevent socialism (i.e. prolong capital accumulation and top-down ownership over the means of production, and prevent worker self-management and broader economic democracy). The state, through its structural functions, maintains the status quo and keeps capital accumulation going into the long-term. You can call this “corporatism” or “cronyism” or whatever the hell else, but it will never change the fact that the preconditions of “pure capitalism” will always give rise to a legitimizing apparatus with a monopoly on violence to maintain the class stratification of “pure capitalism”, and after probably two days you’d end up with “cronyism” (read: capitalism as it has always existed) all over again.


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negotiations - do it the raven reyes style

[caption: six gifs of two scenes from the 100, where luna only can save the day and she’s reluctant to do so.

on the left in black and white - clarke and luna are talking on luna’s oil rig. clarke says: “luna, the flame is your birthright. take it. please.” while luna looks unimpressed. / clarke shows her the flame and while luna stares at it, transfixed, clarke grabs her and tries to force the flame into her. / luna immediately fights back and flips clarke over her shoulder to the ground.

on the right in color - raven and luna are having a standoff on the beach of alie’s island. raven puts down the gun she was pointing at luna to stop her from leaving. / “you’re not a prisoner, luna. you have a choice”, raven tells her. / luna complies to her pleas soon after and asks: “what do i need to do?” and raven smiles in relief.]

  • "No steppy" right-winger: lol how can someone support communism and anarchism at the same time? lol communism is full left-wing and anarchism is full right-wing -- total state control vs no state.
  • Communists and anarchists: *offer detailed analysis of the state, demonstrating that the state exists as a legal apparatus to enforce the class interests of those with power in society; draw conclusions based on this historically-verified piece of information and advocate for the abolition of capitalism so that class relationships can dissolve and in turn the state won't need to exist as a violent apparatus apart from the people, acting in the interests of capital; understand that "libertarian" as a term consistently had this left-wing connotation until establishment-supporting hacks twisted the term for their own material benefit; in turn recognize the left-wing character of both communism and anarchism, as movements that seek the abolition of concentrated power and the free flourishing of each and all*
  • "No steppy" right-winger: animals practice capitalism =) capitalism is literally just anything that doesn't involve the state =) me putting my bow tie on in the morning is capitalism =)

Very important video. I had to cut it this way for time and had cut out some things I didnt want to. So click here for the full uncut lecture of Jordan B Peterson explaining how ideas have people rather than the other way around, how ideas have people rather than the other way around, and a rundown on collectivism, identity politics, neo-marxism, and post modernism. He also explains post structuralism which is nested in post modernism, but he only calls it post modernism. I just call it all ‘social justice ideology’ or ‘marxian philosophy’. He actually gives a very short short explanation of marxian conflict theories, but calls it post modernism too.

“when push comes to shove, you see how much concern there is among the radical feminists for the rights of women… If pushing those rights forward doesnt undermine the ‘western patriarchy’, we’ll take the undermining and leave the damn rights behind”

“I’ve always been of the idea, especially reading Jung, people dont have ideas, ideas have people… It’s not like every social justice warrior is a… post modernist, but the ideas are distributed among them like they’re distributed among a mob, and when you put the whole mob together, you get the whole post modernism thing happening at the same time”

Being central in politics right now Is like playing two games of tug of war at the same time.

“what no you can’t punch anybody you don’t like because you called them a nazi”

“ jesus christ no don’t start "preparing” for the next civil war"

Everyone keeps getting more extreme in response to people being more extreme.

Whilst I hold the far left accountable for the rise in the far right I don’t find either extreme less appalling.