anti kevedd

Some words for Anti Shippers/Haters

Sometimes I got some questions: “Do you scare of haters if you ship [name of the ship]?”. The answer is… I don’t scare of them, I don’t even hate them, because I belive haters/anti shippers also a person like me and they have their taste, like I have my taste. Why don’t we just let both of us enjoy the fun we have in peace instead of argument to hard to change eachother’s mind?

It’s good to speak out your opinion sometimes, but don’t be too serious over something that’s not even real.

It’s supposed to make you feel comfortable, and pleased, not make you feel mad.

Block the tag which you don’t like to see, ignore it, and you’re good my dear~

Ofcourse this is just my opinion so… It’s okay to say something back, I’ll listen to you all. Sorry for my English if it bad~

So what if people don't like this ship? It's still not the end of my world. You can call me immature but you don't really know that because we're still strangers.

KevEdd fans are humans with feelings. Anti-KevEdds are humans with feelings. EddyxEdd are humans with feelings. Basically, the whole EEnE fandom are comprised of humans who are all differently unique.

Some like this, some like that but at the end of the day, who gives a fuck about what you like? As long as you’re happy– without offending anybody/ stepping on anyone– do what you want to fucking do.

About anti kevedd 2

I hate how this is going, if you don’t like kevedd, whatever! But do not mess with artists fans cosplayers etc. Just get a life and let us alone. Is not that you are going to stop kevedd.

I also hate many things but it is not my business. I just live with my own life (full of gay stuff btw) .