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My grandparents left their home country as children when they heard the whispering of antisemitism starting in their home town. They got out and fled to America so I and future generations could be safe from persecution and mass murder. Only 2 generations ago.

And now America is becoming that country that they probably would have fled.

If you are not resisting, you are part of the problem.

And yes, I want non-Jews to reblog

PSA: the main reason that Britain never had a European-style mass fascist movement in the 1930s is because socialists, Jews, trade unionists, black folk and queer people physically dismantled the Blackshirt movement in its infancy by disrupting meetings, toppling stages and assaulting prominent fascists. This meant it never reached critical mass as a street gang capable of controlling public space and providing a pole of attraction for white, working-class youth - a fundamental precondition for the exercise of political power independent of the state by fascist Parties.

Antisemitism on the Left

Gentiles (AKA non-Jewish people) who talk about social justice seem to be confused or completely oblivious to what antisemitism is.

It’s not just calling for Jewish people to die or being a literal neo-nazi.

I regularly see Leftist/Liberal/Progressive/Social Justice gentiles that claim to be against antisemitism/nazis act incredibly antisemitic, so here’s a helpful list! 

And if you’re wondering WHY something on this list is antisemitic, Google is free!

  • Saying you hate X group of Jews (white Jews, Israeli Jews, etc)
  • Accusing a random Jew (ex: Gal Gadot) of killing children/being a war criminal with absolutely nothing to back up your claims.
  • Calling Jewish people murderers, child-killers, etc. in general
  • Calling Israel a white supremacist state.
  • Celebrating the deaths of Jewish people (yes EVEN if they’re Israeli!)
  • Holding all Jewish people (EVEN Israeli Jews) accountable for the actions of the Israeli government
  • Asking Jewish people their stance on Israel out of any context.
  • Dismissing any group of Jews as “white” (note: this does not include holding white-passing Jews accountable for their conditional white privilege/racism)
  • Ignoring the fact that Jewish people can be of any ethnicity
  • Dismissing the fact that Jewish people are an ethno-religious group
  • Dismissing our connection to Israel
  • Calling a Jewish person you don’t know a reptile/lizard person/goblin (example: The FineBros)
  • Comparing acts of racism/genocides to the Holocaust (there are certain situations in which this is appropriate, but that’s up to Jewish people to decide)
  • Acting like antisemitism isn’t only about discrimination against Jews and includes ALL semites.
  • Acting like Jewish people are privileged for being Jewish (even if they’re white-passing!)
  • Using anything involving Israelis/non-government related Israel events to Discourse about Israel.
  • Bringing up the actions of the Israeli government in response to antisemitism.
  • Acting as if antisemitism is deserved because of the actions of the Israeli government.
  • Giving antisemitic gentiles a pass because they do other kinds of activism.
  • “But Jews voted for Trump!”
  • Inserting yourself into Jewish-only discussions.

Non-Jews are absolutely encouraged to reblog! But this is not an invitation to argue these points!

Jewish people are encouraged to add on!

I get told sometimes that I seem very angry about religion. Yes, I am angry. I’m angry that I was lied to. I’m angry that I was brainwashed. I’m angry that I was taught to be religious before I could even do basic math. I’m angry because religion infects your brain, and it’s very hard to get away from the constant fear and guilt that is instilled in you before the age of reason.

I’ve been trying to take some time before writing this to compose myself but that doesn’t seem like it’ll happen anytime soon…

I directly faced some bullshit anti Semitism from a coworker last week. To make things brief, he made a joke about hitler and then did the heil hitler salute. And laughed.

Naturally I was EXTREMELY upset and flipped out on him. I told my boss, who said she would talk to HR about it. Today at work I asked her about it and she basically told me this:

“Boss: "I watched the video of coworker saying the joke. As you said, you blew up at him and the video doesn’t look good for you. Remember, he’s 18 and from the hood and this is normal for him. You guys need to play nice”

A number of things about this bother me. First, my reaction was and is completely justified. Had I made a joke about lynching I would’ve been out on my ass so quick it would’ve made my head spin. Second, being 18 makes no difference. He is a legal adult, and he needs to act like one. Being “from the hood” (which a SUCH a racist, fucked up thing to say) makes no difference. Third, how fucking condescending for her to tell us to “play nice”, as if we just had a simple disagreement. As if he didn’t blatantly show how much he doesn’t respect Jews or the suffering at our hands.

So basically, I quit today. She told me there was nothing she could do. So, there was nothing I could do except quit.

There’s a lot more I have to say but I am too emotionally charged to put it into words. But yeah.

The left rn
  • Nazi Marchers: Jews will not replace us!
  • Jews: Did you hear what they just said? Are you going to step up now and actually do something to fight anti-semitism?
  • The left: They aren't targeting Jews, how could they! They are Nazi's, sure, but Nazi's never targeted Jews.
  • Nazi Marchers: Heebs will not divide us!
  • Jews: For fucks sake, it's a racial slur. Are you going to say anything?
  • The left: It's just a fun word, not a racial slur! Stop over reacting, not everything is about you.
  • Nazi Marchers: Fuck the Kikes!
  • Jews: Seriously, they are shouting Kike. Is nothing going to motivate you?
  • The left: What's a Kike?
  • Jews: For the love of...
  • Nazi Marchers: NEXT STOP? AUSCHWITZ!
  • The Left: Why should we, you are privileged and rich.
  • Jews: .... got it. Fend for ourselves, like we always have.

anonymous asked:

That Ivanka Trump, powerful Jewish woman headline is making me so anxious right now. Every time I see something emphasizing her or Kushner's Jewishness I get so worried that, well, we all know what's going to happen. Like even if we miraculously get out of this whole Trump mess it's gonna end up being yeah, but look at those Jews that were responsible, you know? It'll be look, stereotype confirmed! I just feel like no matter what, we lose and it SUCKS.

Anon, I want so badly to reply to this with something reassuring, because that’s what I do.

Unfortunately, in this case, I got nothing.

My friend Navah had a great twitter thread on being someone’s “first Orthodox Jew” and the responsibility it carries, in terms of representing the identity to the greater populace. It is terrifying to realize that Ivanka and Jared are going to be a lot of people’s first Orthodox Jews- or first Jews, period. It is not exaggerating to say that Ivanka and Jared are going to color how people in the US view Jews for decades at least- and that’s talking about people who aren’t already the rabid antisemites who flood twitter with the gross caricatures of us.

This was scary even going in to the presidency, but it’s gotten worse as time has passed. Jared is under investigation, and I’ve found myself torn between my desire to see these horrible people get what they deserve, and being terrified that the people being called out are Jews. Being the first scapegoats when things go wrong is not a new thing for us.

I think that Bannon & Co. are DELIGHTING in the idea of being able to blame the problems on a Jew. Here’s my naivete: I thought that Kushner and Ivanka being there might force Trump to moderate at least the antisemitism in his cabinet, because he is a morally bankrupt fool but always projects family first. I recognize I was wrong.

And to be clear, Kushner 100% deserves jail time for being a shitty human being who, as best we understand at the moment, illegally colluded with Russia in the service of a president who doesn’t understand even the most basic levels of how this country works and just wants to boost his own businesses. But that doesn’t make the antisemitism that’s inevitably going to bloom out of it appropriate or acceptable, and that is what makes me concerned about what happens to Kushner even though he deserves to rot.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are the same religion with variations. They are all abrahamic, they have the same source and the same sicknesses. They believe in one all powerful fairy in the sky, they all believe in souls and hell and heaven. Their god is male, they are all patriarchal and seek to control women. Their books condone rape, infanticide, slavery, bigotry, chauvinism and fear. They are literally the same garbage which has held human progress for thousands of years.
"Why are you so upset by what happened at the Dyke March?"

I grew up surrounded by “Acceptable Anti-Semitism.” I’m not talking about having a rock thrown through my window or having my shul spray painted with the words “Jews Out.” Yes that is anti-semitic but I’m talking about other things: having people make fun of my name because it was hebrew, having to tuck in my magan david necklace when I walk through certain neighborhoods, the inability to understand how a goy could just go anywhere they wanted without risk of persecution. That was the type of anti-semitism I grew up with. The “acceptable” kind.

I also grew up in the Jewish LGBT community. I went to Eshel and Gay Gatherings. I was best friends with the Gay Mom of the community. I grew up with a grasp of LGBT history that most of my friends didn’t.

Why am I so upset, you ask. Why am I so upset?

Because while I never believed myself safe past “acceptable anti-semitism” in the LGBT communty, I know others did.

I know others believed that they were safe, that no one would hate them because of the fact that they were Jewish, and they were proven wrong.

And as much as I never trusted the LGBT community, I never thought that they wouldn’t be able to. I never thought that they would be kicked out of a Dyke March because of being Jewish.

This is about anti-semitism so ingrained in people they can’t comprehend that a Star of David isn’t a Zionist symbol so they kick anyone using it out of their community. This is about us, Jews, complaining about that and being told that we’re over reacting, that it is a zionist symbol, that we don’t belong, that how *dare* we complain about it to a community that has been just as historically oppressed as us, that we can’t blame the community because it was only a couple people who “felt unsafe” as it was. This is about the fact that we are jutted from yet another community. This is about the fact that we are no longer safe in that community. This is about the fact that people with *nothing* to do with Israel were kicked out. This is about the fact that even when we ask other communities for solidarity someone still says “well it *is* on the Israeli flag.”

Why am I so upset?

Take a fucking guess.

When Muslims & Jews lay claim to a non-believers based on the non-believer’s mother or father being a muslim or jew

When Mormons lay claim to non-believers by sprinkle-baptizing their graves

When christians say “this is a Christian nation” or want to establish mosaic law, muslims say they want sharia law, or atheists say they want a national ban on religion